Crikvenica promotional film “Discover, Enjoy, Repeat” – video with a story

first_imgAnother valuable and well-deserved award has arrived on the Crikvenica Riviera these days, at the international level.After the promotional film of the Tourist Board of the City of Crikvenica “Discover, Enjoy, Repeat” won the award of the “US International Film & Video Festival” from Los Angeles in mid-August this year, in early September the Riviera received another reason to celebrate. Namely, the mentioned film also received the award “White Acacia” (“White Acacia”) for the best editing at the International Festival of Tourist and Environmental Film “SILAFEST 2017.”How to better present the destination in just 7 minutes and 90, 60 or just 30 seconds?  The answer is simple – the video must tell a story, interest the viewers and give them a motive for coming, all through emotions and experiences. And the promotional video of Crikvenica just arranged all the elements nicely and told a great story.The Tourist Board of the City of Crikvenica has done this very successfully through four tourist films, which were presented in 2016. “The first version is approximately 7 minutes long, showing the entire offer of the Riviera, and is called “Discover, enjoy, repeat”, as well as its shorter version of 90 seconds. The film “Relax, feel good, repeat” lasts 60 seconds, is dedicated to active vacation and health tourism, while the fourth and shortest version of the film in just 30 seconds brings the story of events, and its name is “Live, learn, repeat”. The majority of the film was shot during 2014 and 2015, and various motives and activities that make up the totality of the tourist offer were shot according to the ideas of the Tourist Board of the City of Crikvenica. Attractive shots of four places – Crikvenica, Dramlja, Jadranova and Selce are accompanied by music, and of course, it is partly a traditional musical expression, so, for example, the film also includes the women’s klapa “Sveta Jelena” and Trio “Crikvenica”  stand out from the Crikvenica Tourist Board.At the “SILAFEST 2017.” is the longest-running version of the film (below attached), which harmoniously intertwines local gastronomy, beautiful beaches, natural beauty, health, sports, recreation and entertainment, various events, traditions and cultural and historical heritage.“SILAFEST 2017.” has, in addition to a well-deserved place in the company of this year’s most successful tourist and environmental films, provided the Crikvenica Riviera with an additional opportunity for promotion on the world market. “Discover, enjoy, repeat” is undoubtedly one of the most impressive and original invitations to come to the destination, which next year, 2018, marks 130 years of tourism.Crikvenica Riviera – “Discover, enjoy, repeat” – a longer versionlast_img read more