Man on the run

first_imgA 36 year old male was arrested within the grounds of Mansfield College last Thursday afternoon.Police received reports at around 2.30pm that Andrew Cribbes, from Cowley Road, Oxford, allegedly stole merchandise from the HMV store on Cornmarket Street before being pursued by police for at least half a mile across town. He was eventually arrested after climbing into Mansfield grounds, via a path located behind the college.A butcher who works in the Covered Market witnessed the incident. She expressed her amazement that the police had managed to catch up with the man, commenting, “He flew by.”A third year Geography student who also witnessed the proceedings said, “It happened at about 2.45pm. I was in the library, heard a commotion from the far wall and then witnessed a police officer on foot ordering a man to stop running, as he clambered over the path behind college.”He continued, “Moments later several police cars arrived at the scene and at least ten officers were at hand to apprehend the suspect.” The suspect was subsequently arrested behind the Principal’s lodgings.Mansfield College was not available to comment on the arrest, but dispelled rumours that a porter had supposedly rugby tackled the suspect to the ground.Andrew Cribbes has been charged with one count of theft and released on bail until his appearance at the Oxford Magistrates’ Court on 9th March.A second year Mansfield student commented, “I thought the actual situation was handled really well – there was minimal disturbance to those in college. However, since then nobody has really known what has gone on. We haven’t really been told anything.”However another Mansfield student expressed disappointment that events were handled so calmly, commenting, “I really thought that for once something interesting was going to happen in the college. This could have been even more exciting than the time hats were banned from hall.”last_img

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