Fender Launches Brand-New Online Guitar Lesson Service

first_imgFender is already a well-known name in the music world, with their guitars, amps, and other instruments widely used at home and on stages around the world. However, Fender has just recently announced that it’s expanding its reach with a brand new online guitar lesson service dubbed Fender Play. The online subscription service launches today, with a monthly cost of $19.99 per month (luckily, interested parties can try out Fender Play for a free one-month trial before committing to the service). Fender Play lets its users pick a playing style, such as rock, pop, country, blues, or folk, and then uses its ever-expanding catalog of songs of that genre to teach the fundamental of guitars playing (or advance the skills of those who already know their way around an acoustic or electric guitar).Ableton Launches New Website That Teaches You The Ins And Outs Of Making BeatsFender Play is a win-win for the guitar company. With the well-recognized name of the company behind it, it’s likely to draw in a number of users. However, Fender acknowledges that the service is a good business move outside of the service as a standalone. After gathering some data, the company found that while many people pick up the guitar, not many stick with it — A recent article in Forbes notes, “Fender found that 45% of guitar sales are from brand-new players, 95% of people who start to play guitar drop it within the first year, if not the first 90 days.” Thus, Fender is addressing this abandonment rate, ideally helping these beginner players continue on with their guitar playing, and hopefully upgrade to new instruments as they progress. In the same article, Ethan Kaplan, the general manager of Fender Digital noted, “We’re nothing if people don’t play. There are a lot more guitars out there than there are people playing them, so we just want to get new guitarists playing quickly, and people sticking with the instrument.”[H/T Forbes]last_img

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