Sweep Discovers Home Cocaine Labs in Bolivia

first_imgBy Dialogo June 01, 2012 A police sweep in Bolivia revealed 37 home cocaine laboratories set up in private residences in the rural town of San Miguel, in the department of Santa Cruz, a high-ranking official responsible for the fight against drugs announced on May 30. During the police operation, at least 20 people were also arrested, four rudimentary landing strips were discovered, and at least eight vehicles adapted to transport drugs were seized. Each laboratory had the capacity to produce an average of 100 kilograms of cocaine a day, for a total of “around 3,700 kilos of drugs a month” in each residence, Colonel Gonzalo Quezada, the national director of the Police Anti-Drug Force (FELCN), said at a press conference. “Pits in the ground were also detected, where the drug traffickers camouflaged the drugs once produced, along with barrels of sulfuric acid, which is used in the production of cocaine,” Quezada added. An anti-drug prosecutor, Basilio Vilca, revealed that inhabitants of Yapacaní, an electoral stronghold of President Evo Morales, opposed a similar operation in response to the suspected presence of drugs on May 27. “A commission of prosecutors and FELCN personnel detected a house in Yapacaní where drugs were reportedly intended for transport within the country and abroad (…). When we tried to enter the residence, some individuals called more people from the surrounding area with mortars to ambush us,” Vilca told the official news agency ABI. Bolivia is the world’s third largest cocaine producer, after Peru and Colombia. Great, perfect job, evil should be struck on its root. Perfect, FELCN is very relevant for everybody.last_img

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