Plea to govt post election: crack down on alcohol

first_imgNZ Herald 5 June 2014 Church and health leaders are calling on all parties in the upcoming election to raise the price of alcohol and phase out alcohol advertising and sponsorship.A four-point “call for action on alcohol”, issued today, has been signed by the heads of general and specialist groups of doctors and nurses, academic researchers and the heads of the Anglican, Catholic, Methodist, Presbyterian and Salvation Army churches.It calls on the incoming government after the September 20 election to implement Law Commission proposals from 2010 to raise alcohol taxes by 50 per cent, impose a minimum price for alcohol to stop price discounting, and phase out alcohol sponsorship and advertising except for “objective product information”.The 50 per cent tax hike would result in a 10 per cent increase in retail prices of alcoholic drinks. National Addiction Centre director Professor Doug Sellman, who organised the statement, said such a price increase would cut consumption by 5 per cent.Call for action on liquor1. Phase out alcohol advertising.2. Phase out alcohol sponsorship.3. Institute a minimum unit price for alcohol.4. Increase the tax on alcohol.

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