first_imgNo one can argue that we needed to tighten up the safety part of all sporting events.  The old days of saying “someone had their bell rung” was giving a lot of athletes long-term health problems.  The tightening of safety regulations was needed and has been enforced correctly.What I am concerned about is some of the calls that have occurred in both baseball and football.  The home plate blocking rule in baseball has to be changed for next year.  My idea is to put this call totally in the hands of the home plate umpire.  If he thinks the catcher impeded the runner unfairly, he can call the runner safe.  We know whatever he calls will be reviewed anyway, so let the umpires in New York make this call instead of forcing the catcher to leave the plate wide open so the runner has all the advantages.In football there are too many 15-yard penalties called on the defense in my estimation.  In the past two weeks, I have seen unsportsmanlike conduct called when the defensive player tackles a pass receiver with no malice of any kind involved.  Football is still a contact sport, and if you can’t assist in a tackle of the pass receivers or rush the quarterback, they might as well make it touch football.  They review so many calls today, why not put this call on review as well?  You can then see if the player used his helmet as a weapon or not.  If he didn’t, then it should be a legal play.last_img

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