Guevara: “It is to be happy, but not satisfied”

first_img– Defeat against Villarreal. “More or less we are turning it around. It was a hard blow because it was a match against a direct rival and despite making a great first half we missed killing the game before. In the end Villarreal has great players and they turned him around. But it is time to correct and get up and think about Ceuta. ”– Come back again. “If I realize something in Primera, it is that in the highest category any rival can trace you. Despite that, by our style we always go straight for the opponent and go out to hurt the opponent, and it is clear that we have many facets of the game yet to be polished. What we have to do is give continuity to the first good parts we do. ”-Get up with the Cup. “After losing you always want to be able to play to turn it around. Now it’s time to stop the league and focus on the cup, in which we have high hopes and hopes. It is an attractive new format for doing beautiful things. ” -Balance first round. “You can always do better, and after not closing the first round with victory, it seems that the overall feeling is not so positive. But we are aware that we can do even better, and I remain that we all know what style of play we play and believe, and also hooks. It is to be happy, but not satisfied. ”-Problems in Anoeta. “The word is not a concern, because we always want to win at home to give it the joy it deserves. I think he is in the day to day improvement. We do many things well, but we have certain facets of the game that we can polish more to continue aspiring to the positions of above ”.-In Ceuta they will play on artificial grass. “It is true that the type of grass can condition. But we have to focus on making a good game and then the type of field cannot be an excuse. ”-Cup Hunger. “The attitude we must have is that of the day of the Becerril. It is another official match to which we want to give all the importance it deserves. We will analyze them with one more match, because it has a very great importance. ”-Attractive format. “I think it gives us that option of trying to play a good role. But it is also given to other teams. This year we want to make a great competition and if possible give a good joy to the fans ”. Ander Guevara has appeared this noon to analyze the news of the Real society, from the assessment of the first round to the second round of the Copa del Rey in Ceuta.last_img

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