Roures: “Soccer losses could reach 7,000 million”

first_imgTalking about dates of the return to competition, according to the moment the pandemic is experiencing, it is still early, but Roures is clear on the idea. “The only viable schedules are those that lead to ending beyond June. This should not be a problem, it is a situation of force majeure. If the contracts do not end, the footballers do not charge. They will be the first interested in ending when it is” , it states. Roures has explained the consequences of not finishing any competition, although he sees it as unlikely. “If any competition does not end, the contract should be renegotiated and the proportionality of what has been played and what should not be applied. But this is the least possible scenario, everyone is interested in the season ending,” he said. Jaume Roures, head of Mediapro, has quantified the losses to which European football is exposed if the coronavirus crisis could not allow the competitions to be concluded. While it is true, he stressed during an interview on RAC1 that all the parties “are interested in ending it. His position as owner of the main television rights in European football allows him to have a clear vision of the risks. “The most important thing is to end the season. It is not so important to know when the next season will start. If this season does not end, 30% of the revenue will be lost, European football would lose more than 7,000 million euros. Football will not you can afford it, “explained Roures.last_img

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