Perea, the outstanding patch in the weak point of Cádiz

first_imgFrom the first day there was a fixed position. In the first four days he scored three goals that made him take gallons. Without a doubt he is in his best football season. At this point, he has five goals, his best record in Second. These goals have allowed to add six more points to the yellows. He has also intervened directly in two more goals, with two assists; and it is the third most shooting in Cádiz, with 41 shots; only behind Choco Lozano, with 49; and Álex, 43. For much of the season, Álvaro Cervera has demanded the need to sign a left winger. The coach, a lover of counterattack soccer and fast sideline players, has made it clear in more than one intervention that Cádiz would greatly improve with the addition of a left-handed winger, since the team does not have any player in this area; and if two right-handed (Salvi and Alejo). Despite the fact that this signing did not take place, Cervera placed Perea in this position, where it has had more than optimal performance. But if anything Perea is standing out this season, it is in the dribbles. In Cádiz no one overflows more than him. In the global, He is the fourth player in Second that dribbles the most (128) and fifth in successful dribbles (65). Both classifications are commanded by Enzo Lombardo, from Racing. To this we must add that He is the third player from Cádiz, who receives the most fouls, 47; surpassed only by Álex (66) and Alejo (50). As for the passes completed, it has a high success rate (81.6%). He has given 449 good out of 550 attempted.The ’10’ of Cádiz has been in the yellow team for three seasons. Last year he was transferred to Extremadura in the winter market, where he was a permanent and helped the Catalans achieve permanence. Perea, whenever he has had the opportunity, has declared his love for Cádiz. Two weeks ago he had a digital meeting with the yellow fans, in which he made his intention clear: “I hope I retire in Cádiz, but in the First Division.”last_img

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