Destination: Sinoe County

first_imgIt’s a known fact that by now all roads lead to the 177 year-old City of Greenville, Sinoe County, in southeastern Liberia – the official host for Liberia’s 168th Independence Day Celebration.Amongst the 15 counties, Sinoe is one of the four counties which aren’t landlocked (entirely enclosed by land).Therefore, there are three ways, in which one can come to Sinoe – by road, air and sea.Air travel is facilitated by UNMIL’s helicopter or commercial flight from the James Spring Payne Airfield.Private and rented boats from any water-point or port in the country, with an excellent navigator, can carry you to Sinoe.The most popular way of transport – road – the shortest way from Monrovia to Sinoe is through Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.If the roads are good, one can drive for about six hours to reach Greenville.Potholes mar the unpaved road from Buchanan thru Rivercess County to Nimba County. Drivers should be mindful prior to reaching the Rivercess-Nimba County junction. The right turn is the sure one. But some drivers make the mistake of taking the straight road.The Rivercess-Nimba County junction to Greenville is relatively smooth, except for some narrow hills and bridges.In Sinoe County, between Butaw and Jarploh towns are the muddy areas. But thanks to the tremendous ongoing road works by the AFL’s engineer battalion and the Public Works Ministry, good drivers can find the route accessible.At this time of the year, Greenville is cold. Travelers should come with sweaters and anything warm to feel comfortable in the climate.There is a surplus of food and water. Food – a variety of Liberian dishes, including Palm Butter, Cassava Leaf and Potato Greens – is served L$250 and water is sold at L$5 and L$150 respectively.Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are sold between L$100 to L$200. Wine or whiskey is between US$20 to US$50.In 1938, Greenville was founded by Mississippi Colonization Society (MCS), part of what was then the Mississippi-in-Africa Colony. Greenville was named after judge James Green, one of the Mississippi Delta planters to send a group of former slaves to Liberia.In 1842, the Mississippi settlement joined the commonwealth – Liberia.The Mississippi agents are highly known for Christianity, and most were Baptists and Methodists. Because of the rich land, the main exports were lumber, rubber and agriculture. That is why Sinoe’s flag has a green cross in the middle of a white field.The agents believed in purity and Sinoe was relatively peaceful.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img

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