Ten funny Rooney acting videos you should never forget about

first_imgWayne Rooney confirmed his move to DC United on Thursday after leaving Everton.The striker signed a two-and-a-half-year deal with his new Major League Soccer club and they announced the move with the following video. #NoWayneNoGain pic.twitter.com/HfbLmCsBOq— D.C. United (@dcunited) June 28, 2018This was not the first time Rooney’s ‘acting’ has been put to the test during his football career.X-Men Apocalypse trailerRooney became a new superhero in this astonishing promo piece ahead of the release of X-Men Apocalypse in 2016.Nike ‘Write The Future’ World Cup 2010 advertThe iconic Rooney ad. Wayne sees his career take two very different paths as part of Nike’s pre-World Cup film in 2010.Turkish Airlines ‘Business Class’ advertWazza is only in this team effort for a few seconds, but instantly steals the show.Nike ‘In The Zone’ advertBack at a time when Rooney could afford to recklessly shave his hair, he did so for a Nike advert.Nike Rooney v Rory McIlroy in football golfThis is less of an original idea now that ‘footgolf’ is increasing in popularity, though it does include a cameo from the Brazilian Ronaldo.Nike ‘Put It Where You Want It’ advertNo words needed from the young United man.Powerade ‘Rooney v Rooney’ advertWhat’s better than one acting Rooney? TWO acting Rooneys of course.Independence Day Resurgence trailerYet another Manchester United film trailer, thankfully for Wayne, he doesn’t shoulder all of the embarrassment this time.Casillero del Diablo wine advertWhat can you say about this masterpiece? Watch it and you will be lost for words.last_img

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