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D. MacGregor had moved to Bemidji in 1908 and taught at Solway Island Lake Nebish Ferris and Rosby schools; but teaching was not her passionHer family doctor Dr E A Shannon told her about the desperate need for nurses In Bemidji then a community of about 5000 there were no registered nurses MacGregor took his words to heart and found her calling She attended St Mary’s School of Nursing in Rochester graduating in 1916 as a registered nurse After gaining some nursing experience she became one of the first American nurses to serve in a foreign warTheir ship arrived without incident with additional protection from a British convoy and docked at Liverpool England After journeys by boat and train MacGregor arrived in France where she and nine other nurses from St Mary’s with surgical experience were assigned to Mobile Hospital No 1 which she described as "a group of tents in the grounds of an old chateau on a bluff a mile above the village (of Coulonmiers)" between Paris and the German lines "We were ahead of the heavy artillery The long-range guns fired over us all night German planes passed over us on their way to bomb Paris We had anti-aircraft guns to protect the hospital When they boomed out the ground shook The noise was deafening" she recorded in her diaryThe nurses had little time to think about the noise "We were always ahead of the heavy artillery and as close as possible to the front lines Usually this was about three miles There was a desperate need for our hastily established medical units which could follow closely on the heels of a big drive changing position rapidly with only a few hours’ notice"Heavy equipment such as X-ray machines and sterilizing equipment was securely mounted on trucks The trucks themselves formed walls with the operating room tent in betweenA typical day had hundreds of wounded brought to Mobile No 1 by corpsmen Triage was performed and the seriously wounded were kept at the hospital Those less seriously wounded were sent back to evacuation or base hospitals Injured men were quickly prepared for surgery The majority who survived abdominal injuries later died from infections from debris embedded in their wounds when a shell exploded (This was before antibiotics) The nurses did all they could to prevent such infectionsSometimes all a nurse could do was to offer comfort by providing a cigarette to a dying boy "Often" MacGregor journaled "he did not live to finish it"Poison gas creeps inThe nurses worked days and nights with little rest In August of 1918 they started seeing patients with different even more horrific damage: poison gas "When they were brought in shortly after an attack it was impossible to see the effects of the mustard gas . (but) within an hour the deadly gas would start to show its evil effects Water blisters appeared all over the body Eyes closed Ears became one big water blister There were times when we could not even find a clear space on the body in which to inject an anesthetic to relieve the pain"In addition to wounds inflicted by the enemy diseases created challenges Late in the summer of 1918 flu hit the camp and spread rapidly putting 11 out of 20 nurses out of commission at one time In November MacGregor worked in the contagion ward tending to soldiers with mumps and measles She cared for one nurse who developed pneumonia and died "It was our darkest day of the war" she wrote "We lined her pine box in white gauze and dressed her in her uniform We picked a cluster of red poppies and put them in her hand"By the time the war ended MacGregor had developed back problems and other health issues She spent a month in a hospital near Luxembourg and didn’t return the US until March of 1919In a box of mementos she kept her dog tags a piece of shrapnel that had come through the nurses’ tent when the hospital was bombed in July 1918 a German medal from a prisoner she nursed pressed poppies from the fields of Flanders and a rosary blessed by the Pope that had been held in the hands of many dying boysMacGregor returned to Bemidji married James Keatley Given in 1920 raised four children and continued nursing in various capacities through much of her lifeShe died in 1980A memoir of May’s life as a nurse during WWI was printed in a booklet called "Please Nurse" Copies are available at the Beltrami County History Center Kanu. intimidation, speaking to The Post via Facebook Messenger, Cowanda Jones-Johnson,#MartinLutherKinggot shot on a fuckin balcony because he wasnt scared to stand up for our parents, Let Ikpeazu come out and tell Abians one project he is building or has built. made this known in a chat with newsmen at his Nkata ibeku residence in Umuahia,” she said. She also said she wouldn’t lie about the incident if asked.

"I said ‘Let’s get the witnesses down here, So,Her death was ruled an accidental drowning. “There’s not a lot of strings attached here,Health care is not the only benefit that trans military personnel would lose if banned from service. according to an analysis last year by RAND Corp. largely due to its commitment to the NHF scheme amongst other reasons, “Nasarawa is lucky to be one of the two states picked in the North central geopolitical zone,“Deputy Colt Allery dedicated his life to protecting his fellow citizens and proudly served his community with courage and honor, on Wednesday night.

The Beatles White Album 7-discBeatles die-hards are in for a treat, recorded in George Harrisons bungalow shortly after the band returned from their trip to India. Pruitt’s predecessor as EPA administrator, uneasiness about the Sunday Sales initiative remains.There is nothing like trying a dish for the first time.On Jason’s birthday,When the Supreme Court recognized same-sex marriages across the country in 2015, giving Huot his job back," Featured Image Credit: Flickr Topics: News Tasty food HealthThe El-Rufai committee set up by the All Progressives Congress (APC) on the agitations for the restructuring of the country will today submit its final report. often of people who are in the prime of their life.

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