Racist Mob Violently Beats Every Muslimlooking Person in France

Casablanca – In a graphic video posted on YouTube, a mob of extremists in France is shown violently beating every Muslim-looking person in the street.The video shows hundreds of extremists destroying what looks like a coffee shop and public places around it. Even more shocking are the violent physical assaults on Muslim-looking passengers who are heard screaming in agony and pleading for the perpetrators to stop.Dozens of civilians have fallen victim to these criminal acts by extremists as the less-than-a-minute video shows. Beside their fists and feet, the attackers are shown beating and assaulting people with rods and metal objects that look like knives. The video was posted on July 20 and is just a small clip of what appears to have been a massive assault by French extremists against unarmed civilians based on their appearance.France has recently become a fertile ground for terrorists who claim allegiance to ISIS as well as for anti-Muslim extremists. read more