Province Building Stronger Roads along Eastern Shore

first_img Nova Scotia continues to build a stronger road network along theEastern Shore. The province is advertising tenders for three sections of roadwork along Trunk 7 this summer. The projects amount to 19kilometres of improvements, part of the province’s commitment toupgrade the highway to handle heavy commercial trucks and toprovide a smoother ride for motorists. “We are helping to build a strong economy on the Eastern Shore,”said Ron Russell, Minister of Transportation and Public Works.”We are investing substantial dollars into our transportationnetwork, and Trunk 7 and residents of the Eastern Shore are thebeneficiaries of sound investments.” The tenders are for the following sections of Trunk 7: from the Highway 107 access road to the west end of Pinehill Drive, about six kilometres; from about 5.5 kilometres east of Upper Lakeville Road, east towards Ship Harbour, about 4.5 kilomtres; and from about 1.3 kilometres west of Liscombe River, east towards Mackinley Point Loop Road, about 8.5 kilometres. TRANSPORTATION/PUBLIC WORKS–Province Building Stronger Roadsalong Eastern Shorecenter_img In July 2002, the province announced a five-year, $17-millionplan to repave and strengthen 61 kilometres of Trunk 7 andupgrade four bridges. Last summer about 20 kilometres of Trunk 7was repaved and one bridge rebuilt. Once Trunk 7 is repaved and strengthened, commercial trucks willbe able to carry full loads along the entire length of thehighway, boosting the economic strength of the local community. The Department of Transportation and Public Works highways division manages more than 23,000 kilometres of roads in NovaScotia. It maintains an inventory of 4,100 bridges and operatesseven provincial ferries. Staff provide services from districtoffices located in Bridgewater, Bedford, Truro and Sydney.last_img read more

Tenders for Highway 101 Improvements in Digby County

first_img repaving from Meteghan River Bridge east for about 8.1 kilometres to Exit 29, east of Little Brook Station; repaving from west of Exit 31 near St. Martin for 8.3 kilometres to the Meteghan River Bridge. This also includes repaving of the ramps and parking area at Exit 31. One of Nova Scotia’s busiest highways will be made smoother and safer as a result of two tender announcements by the Department of Transportation and Public Works. The tenders, for Highway 101 in Digby County are: Both contracts are scheduled for completion this summer. “Road safety is a top priority for our department,” said Transportation and Public Works Minister Angus MacIsaac. “The two paving projects will make for smoother, safer travel in the Meteghan Bridge area.” The Department of Transportation and Public Works’ highways division manages more than 23,000 kilometres of roads in Nova Scotia. It maintains 4,100 bridges and operates seven provincial ferries. Staff provide services from district offices in Bridgewater, Bedford, Truro and Sydney.last_img read more

200607 Budget Highlights

first_img Current rate on used motor vehicles will be adjusted downward to 14 per cent effective July 1, 2006, to correspond with a 1 per cent decrease in the federal GST rate Threshold will increase from $350,000 to $400,000 Energy Efficiency Tax Credit Non-refundable tax credit equal to 25 per cent on eligible capital investments on renewable energy sources or energy efficiency investments made by the corporation up to 50 per cent of the large corporations capital tax payable in a given year Effective July 1, 2006, the motive fuel tax rate is removed on the biodiesel component of the motive fuel blend Liquor Licence Levy Graduate Tax Credit Tax Rate on Used Motor Vehicles Large Corporations Capital Tax Tax credit to be applied against the full value of the new $1,200 federal Universal Child Care Benefit Revenue neutral to the province Community Safety Criminal Intelligence Service Nova Scotia $690,000 Legal Aid $700,000 Youth Attendance Centre $450,000 Road safety enhancements $3.75 million -30- Note: For further 2006-07 budget information, see the Department of Finance website at Child Care Benefit Tax Credit The 2006-07 budget is the fifth straight balanced budget, with a surplus of $71.9 million. Capital spending will increase to $383 million. Significant new dollars are allocated to energy cost relief and energy conservation. TAX CHANGES Personal Income TaxFour-year plan to provide increasing income tax relief by raising the basic personal exemption and value of all non-refundable tax credits Step 1. Starting in 2007, basic personal exemption to increase $250 annually for the next four years. Starting in 2007, non-refundable tax credits will increase proportionately by the same increase over this period. Step 2. Starting in 2011, full indexation will be implemented. Harmonized Sales Tax Capital Spending Elimination of the 3.5 per cent levy on the purchase of alcoholic products effective Jan. 1, 2007 Health, Health Promotion and Protection Wait times (Federal) $16.5 million Oncology drugs and specialists $15.9 million Pharmacare for Seniors $12.9 million Continuing Care $16.4 million Biodiesel Incentive $150 tax credit introduced last year will be increased to $500 per child Economic Development and Infrastructure Community Development Action Plan $250,000 Aquaculture Initiative $450,000 Ferry Portland to Yarmouth $1.25 million Provincial Capital Assistance Program $1.5 million Energy and Environment Nova Scotia Hospital Gas Conversion Project $1.2 million Smart Energy Conservation Program $10 million Environmental Home Assessment Program $850,000 Total capital spending approximately $383 million TCA: $335 million Capital grants to DHAs: $40 million Capital grants to Crown corporations: $8 million Highway spending increases by $34 million to $176.2 million Capital funding for land and parks increases to $19.5 million Capital funding for IT projects increases to $26.9 million Rate decrease from 0.275 per cent to 0.25 per cent Complete elimination of tax by July 1, 2012 Youth, Families and Communities Learning for Life II (Year 2) $20.2 million Low-Income Pharmacare $1.0 million Shelter rate increase $1.9 million Departmental Spending Increases Household Energy Rebate of the provincial portion of the HST Commencing Jan. 1, 2007 Applied to electricity, home heating fuel, natural gas, wood, and other fuel sources used to heat homes Healthy Living Tax Credit $1,000 tax credit for post-secondary graduates to offset Nova Scotia income taxes; upon graduation, students will have three years within which to use the credit. Small Business Tax Thresholdlast_img read more

Emplacement choisi pour lécole de Bridgewater

first_imgLa construction d’une nouvelle école pour les élèves de langue maternelle française dans la région de Bridgewater progresse d’un autre pas grâce au choix d’un emplacement. La nouvelle école, qui remplacera l’École de la Rive-Sud, sera construite à l’extérieur de Bridgewater, près de la sortie 12 de l’autoroute 103, dans le quartier d’Osprey Village. « Les élèves de l’École de la Rive-Sud fréquenteront bientôt une école moderne et bien aménagée, » a dit Judy Streatch, ministre de l’Éducation. « Le processus de sélection du site a été plus long que prévu, mais je suis heureuse que le temps consacré et les efforts considérables déployés aient permis la sélection de cet emplacement. » La nouvelle école accueillera jusqu’à 285 élèves de langue maternelle française de la région. Sa construction coûtera environ 13 millions de dollars. « Nous sommes très satisfaits de la sélection et de la confirmation de l’emplacement. Cette annonce est un nouveau départ pour les élèves, les parents et les enseignants de la région de Bridgewater, » a dit Kenneth Gaudet, président du Conseil scolaire acadien provincial. « Les élèves auront une école dotée des installations et technologies modernes. Elle mettra certainement en valeur l’expérience linguistique et culturelle des élèves de parents ayant droit dans la région. De plus, la nouvelle école servira d’endroit central où les groupes communautaires pourront se réunir. » Le ministère de l’Éducation a annoncé en janvier 2006 que l’établissement, qui accueillera les élèves de la maternelle à la 12e année, sera prêt en 2010 et remplacera l’École de la Rive-Sud située à Blockhouse, dans le comté de Lunenburg. Le ministère des Transports et du Renouvellement de l’infrastructure coordonnera la conception et la construction de la nouvelle école. Le site a été vendu à la Province par la Municipalité du district de Lunenburg. Une cérémonie d’inauguration des travaux aura lieu au printemps afin de marquer le début de la construction.last_img read more

Nova Scotia Welcomes Tidal Project Activity

first_imgEnergy Minister Barry Barnet welcomed news that Nova Scotia’s in-stream tidal energy project is moving closer to the water. Today, Jan. 22, project partners announced a number of advances, including new tidal technology, a location for turbines in the Bay of Fundy, and an upcoming construction contract. “We applaud these companies for working hard to move the tidal project ahead,” said Mr. Barnet. “The more we can move away from imported, coal-based electricity towards a cleaner local supply, the better it is for our economy and environment.” Minas Basin Pulp and Power Company announced its partnership with United Kingdom-based Marine Current Turbines, a leading developer of tidal technology. Marine Current Turbines recently installed the world’s most powerful in-stream tidal turbine, now operating in Northern Ireland. “This is an exciting partnership — leading technology combined with our company’s outstanding track record in green energy,” said Scott Travers, president and chief operating officer of Minas Basin Pulp and Power. “Renewable power has been a part of our business since 1936, and we look forward to making Nova Scotia’s energy future even greener.” After 12 months and more than $1 million in research, marine energy experts have identified what they believe to be an ideal site for Nova Scotia’s first demonstration turbines. The site is in the Minas Passage area of the Bay of Fundy near Black Rock, 10 kilometres west of Parrsboro. It includes: water depths up to 45 metres at low tide a sediment-free bedrock sea floor straight flowing currents water speeds up to 10 metres per second on ebb and flow “These companies still have a lot of work to do before anything can go in the water, including environmental approvals,” said Mr. Barnet. “They face a lot of challenges — new technology, tough environmental expectations, and an unbelievably powerful ocean resource. But from what I’ve seen, they’ve got what it takes.” Research identifies the Bay of Fundy as potentially the best site for tidal power generation in North America, with a world-class resource in close proximity to an existing grid and potential consumers. Nova Scotia’s 2009 Energy Strategy sets a new target of at least 25 per cent renewable electricity supply by 2020. In-stream tidal energy has the potential to help meet that target. Marine Current Turbines OpenHydro Clean Current Turbines, from Canada In addition, Nova Scotia Power announced that its technology partner, OpenHydro, has issued a call for bids to construct a subsea base to position their turbine on the ocean floor. The Irish technology developer will review all proposals, including those from potential fabricators in Nova Scotia. Pending environmental approvals, the three initial technology candidates for the Fundy tidal project are:last_img read more

La Province recherche des partenaires pour stimuler lemploi

first_imgLe ministère du Travail et du Développement de la main-d’œuvre est à la recherche de partenaires pour soutenir le programme En marche vers l’emploi. Le programme En marche vers l’emploi est financé par le truchement de l’Entente Canada – Nouvelle-Écosse sur le marché du travail (EMT) et il aide les travailleurs néo-écossais peu spécialisés ou au chômage à développer leur employabilité, à se trouver un emploi et à le conserver. Le ministère a lancé un appel de propositions le vendredi 30 juillet auprès des organismes de charité, des organismes sans but lucratif et des établissements d’enseignement qui offrent ces services. La date limite de réception des propositions est le 7 septembre. « L’an dernier, notre ministère et nos partenaires ont fourni un large éventail de formations et de programmes d’emploi qui ont aidé plus de 2 000 Néo-Écossais dans leur recherche d’un emploi, a souligné la ministre du Travail et du Développement de la main-d’œuvre, Marilyn More. Nous remplissons notre engagement qui consiste à améliorer la vie des Néo-Écossais dans toutes les régions de la province. » Grâce à des programmes de formation financés par l’EMT l’an dernier, la Nouvelle-Écosse compte maintenant 75 aides en soins continus agréés de plus, ce qui comble une pénurie dans l’industrie et place des gens dans des carrières prisées. Des Afro-Néo-Écossais ont participé à un programme qui leur a donné accès à des occasions d’apprentissage, d’emploi et de formation postsecondaire dans le secteur de la construction. Le programme est conçu pour des gens qui ne sont pas admissibles à l’assurance-emploi et pour ceux qui n’ont pas de diplôme d’études secondaires. Le programme En marche vers l’emploi met un accent tout particulier sur le soutien aux groupes minoritaires, y compris les Autochtones, les Afro-Néo-Écossais, les personnes handicapées et les Néo-Écossais acadiens et francophones. Le programme cible également les jeunes, les femmes, les bénéficiaires de l’aide au revenu, les nouveaux entrants et les rentrants sur le marché du travail, et les personnes qui étaient auparavant travailleurs autonomes. Le financement provient de l’Entente Canada – Nouvelle-Écosse sur le marché du travail, signée en 2008. Pour des renseignements supplémentaires sur le programme En marche vers l’emploi, consultez le site suivant : read more

Traffic Advisory Pictou County

first_imgPICTOU COUNTY: Highway 104, Twinning Exit 27A on Highway 104, near Sutherland’s River, will re-open Tuesday, Nov. 8. All traffic accessing Trunk 4, at Pine Tree, School and Church roads, will use the new interchange. The temporary intersection in front of East Pictou Middle School will be closed. The new interchange is part of the Highway 104 twinning project to Sutherland’s River. Local Area Office: 902-755-8532 -30-last_img

Nova Scotians Benefit from Cleaner Environment Greener Economy

first_imgProtecting the environment and growing the province’s green economy to benefit families are the goals of legislation that will be introduced today, Nov. 19. Environment Minister Sterling Belliveau will table amendments to the Environmental Goals and Sustainable Prosperity Act. “Nova Scotians have clearly told us that they want their environment protected for future generations,” said Mr. Belliveau. “As a fisherman who lived through the cod moratorium, I know the importance of balancing economic prosperity with environmental protection to ensure opportunities exist for future generations. That’s what this bill is about.” “The future prosperity of this province depends on how we are able to manage both our environment and our economy,” said Economic and Rural Development and Tourism Minister Percy Paris. “The province will continue to look for opportunities that will create good jobs and grow the economy in all areas of Nova Scotia while protecting the environment.” One example is the province’s continued investment in clean technology companies, announcing a $24-million clean technology fund in April 2011 to help companies access capital. The fund is administered through Innovacorp. The changes are based on recommendations of the Minister’s Round Table on Environment and Sustainable Prosperity, which carried out a review of the legislation last year. “The primary message we heard during our provincewide consultation was that genuine, balanced integration of environment and economy is pivotal to our province’s future,” said Marty Janowitz, chair of the round table. “We are encouraged by the careful consideration and response by the government to our recommendations, and believe these changes will signal that this effort should accelerate across government and all business sectors.” Other amendments reflect the current status of goals and include all government departments in the effort to achieve goals and progress reports. Nova Scotia has achieved 14 of the act’s 21 original goals, and is working to meet the remaining targets. The legislation must be reviewed every five years by the roundtable, made up of members from industry, environment and government. More information on the review and recommendations is available at .last_img read more

ABCs to Follow Prudent Expense Policies

first_imgNova Scotia agencies, boards and commissions will have to follow travel and expense policies that are in line with the province’s. Treasury Board will issue a directive in light of the auditor general’s report that outlined weaknesses in controls for expenses and travel claims in several agencies, boards and commissions. “Nova Scotians expect proper controls and transparency around the way that public funds are used,” said Deputy Premier and Treasury Board chair Frank Corbett. “We will look at ABCs, as we look to all government departments, to play a more active role in finding efficiencies and reducing government spending.” The eight agencies, boards and commissions named in the auditor general’s spring report have accepted all of his recommendations and agreed to implement them. This directive will ensure all ABCs follow provincial policy, or develop comparable policies that control costs and demonstrate prudent business conduct. Treasury Board will begin working with the groups on the directive in the coming weeks. FOR BROADCAST: Nova Scotia agencies, boards and commissions will have to follow travel and expense policies that are in line with the province’s. Treasury Board will issue a directive in light of the auditor general’s report that outlined weaknesses in controls for expenses and travel claims in several agencies, boards and commissions. Treasury Board chair Frank Corbett says the province will look for ABCs to play a more active role in finding efficiencies and reducing government spending. The eight agencies, boards and commissions named in the auditor general’s spring report have accepted all of his recommendations and agreed to implement them. -30-last_img read more

Marilla Stephenson to Support Work of oneNS Coalition

first_imgWell-known, former Chronicle Herald columnist Marilla Stephenson is joining the Office of Planning and Priorities to support the work of the oneNS Coalition. “It’s not often that you have an opportunity to bring someone on with the breadth of skills, and level of experience and passion that Marilla Stephenson brings,” said Bernie Miller, deputy minister, Office of Planning and Priorities. “She holds extensive knowledge about the issues affecting our province, and understands better than most the importance of working collaboratively to address them. We are very pleased she will be joining our team.” The oneNS Coalition is a 15-member volunteer committee with representation from the private, public, post-secondary, and non-profit sectors. It is actively working to foster broad-based, collective action in response to the oneNS Commission (Ivany) report and develop a 10-year strategic plan to meet its goals. This work is aimed at building a better future for Nova Scotia by addressing key economic and demographic challenges. A critical part of the work involves outreach to stakeholders, coming to common agreement on the issues and their solutions, and working in a co-ordinated, collective fashion to address them. Ms. Stephenson will support the work of the oneNS Coalition on an 18-month personal services contract. She will be involved primarily in strategic planning, increased efforts to reach out to and work closely with stakeholders, and work to move the project forward.last_img read more

Members Named to Accessibility Standard Development Committees

first_imgThirty-nine Nova Scotians will help develop the province’s first accessibility standards. “This is another significant milestone in reaching our goal of an accessible province by 2030,” said Justice Minister Mark Furey. “I want to thank all the individuals who applied to serve on the committees and I especially want to congratulate the individuals who will contribute to this important work.” The Education Standard Development Committee will develop recommendations for standards to make the education system more accessible for students with disabilities, while the Built Environment Standard Development Committee will focus on the accessibility of buildings and public spaces. The committees will assist the Minister’s Accessibility Advisory Board in preparing recommendations for government. Most committee members identify as having a disability, including those with visual, mobility, auditory and learning disabilities. “The expertise of these individuals in the education and built-environment sectors will help ensure that our standards will provide equitable access to education and infrastructure throughout the province,” said Mr. Furey. One hundred and forty-three applications were received for the committees. The Accessibility Advisory Board reviewed the applications and recommended members to the minister. “The board was pleased to receive so many applications from Nova Scotians with such diverse and extensive expertise in education and the built environment,” said Doug Foster, chair of the Accessibility Advisory Board. “It is a reflection of the high level of interest and engagement in advancing accessibility in our province.” Persons with disabilities, organizations that represent persons with disabilities, and organizations and sectors impacted by the standards will be consulted throughout the process. The first standards are expected to be enacted by 2021 and implemented beginning in 2022. Development of standards for employment, goods and services, information and communication, and transportation will begin at a rate of one per year, beginning in 2021.last_img read more

New allies fresh conquests to be included in Modi cabinet

first_imgNew Delhi: BJP allies JD(U) and AIADMK are likely to be part of the new government while it will also reflect the saffron party’s inroads into states like West Bengal and Telangana, sources said Sunday.A JD(U) leader said the Bihar party expects at least one Cabinet berth in the government which will be sworn in on May 30. The party may also get one more berth in the Council of Ministers. The Rashtrapati Bhavan said on Sunday that Narendra Modi will be sworn in as Prime Minister on Thursday for his second term. Also Read – Pak activated 20 terror camps & 20 launch pads along LoCThough there has been no official word on likely faces in the new government, many leaders are of the view that most key members of the previous dispensation will be retained. There has been speculation that Arun Jaitley, who held the finance portfolio in he previous government, may opt out due to health reasons but people close to him have insisted that he has been doing well after undergoing treatment. The government on Sunday stepped in to insist that reports regarding his heath condition are false and baseless. Also Read – Two squadrons which participated in Balakot airstrike awarded citations”Reports in a section of media regarding Union Minister Shri Arun Jaitley’s health condition are false and baseless. Media is advised to stay clear of rumour mongering,” its principal spokesperson Sitanshu Kar tweeted. Rajya Sabha MP Swapan Dasupta, who is associated with the BJP, said Jaitley is off all medication now and is recovering his strength. He is still meeting officials, Dasgupta said. “Questions about Arun Jaitley health understandable. He is recovering from a bout of heavy medication. But he is still in terrific form and his wit is firmly intact. Needs a little rest to get back his strength. All our good wishes,” Dasgupa tweeted. A number of senior faces from the outgoing cabinet including Rajnath Singh, Nitin Gadkari, Nirmala Sitharaman, Ravi Shankar Prasad, Piyush Goyal, Narendra Singh Tomar and Prakash Javadekar are expected to figure in the new cabinet. Speculation has been rife that BJP president Amit Shah, who won the Lok Sabha election from Gandhinagar with a massive margin, may also join the government. Shah has refrained from commenting on the matter. Another BJP ally LJP president Ram Vilas Paswan, sources said, has pushed for induction of his MP-son Chirag Paswan in the government. His party LJP won six seats in the polls. Ram Vilas Paswan, one of the most veteran parliamentarians, was a Cabinet minister in the last government. Though the AIADMK, which was also not part of the previous government, has won only one seat, it may be given a ministerial berth as it is in power in Tamil Nadu and a key dravidian ally of the BJP. The BJP put up its best ever show in West Bengal and Telangana these elections, winning 18 (from two in 2014) and four seats (from one in 2014) respectively in the two states. This may result in the party giving a greater representation to these states in the government.last_img read more

State govt announces adhoc bonus festival advance for employees

first_imgKolkata: The Mamata Banerjee government on Tuesday announced the ad-hoc bonus and festival advance for state government employees ahead of Eid and Durga Puja. Two notifications in this regard were issued by the state Finance department.According to the memorandum, employees who are not covered by any productivity linked bonus scheme and those whose revised emoluments do not exceed Rs 30,000 per month, will be entitled to an ad-hoc bonus of Rs 4,000 per head, which is Rs 400 higher than last year. Also Read – City bids adieu to Goddess DurgaState government employees in the income bracket of Rs 30,000 to Rs 36,000 per month will be eligible for an interest-free festival advance up to a maximum of Rs 8,000, which is Rs 3,000 more than the previous year. Sources at Nabanna said the move will benefit nearly 10 lakh state government employees. The benefit would be given to Muslim employees before Eid and the rest would get it between September 23 and October 1 before Durga Puja. In the grant of ad-hoc bonus as well as interest-free festival advance, the state Finance department has laid down separate detailed terms and conditions for the perusal of the beneficiaries. A senior official in the state Finance department said that after the Trinamool Congress government came to power in 2011, the ad-hoc bonus and advance amounts were raised by Rs 200 and Rs 500 respectively. However, this year has seen a more substantial hike. “The move has been made despite the government’s severe financial crunch,” he added.last_img read more

TunisianGerman couple in court over ricin attack plot

first_imgDusseldorf (Germany): A Tunisian man and his German wife will stand trial from Friday, charged with planning a foiled biological bomb attack in Germany with the deadly poison ricin. Sief Allah H., 30, and his wife Yasmin, 43, were arrested a year ago by an anti-terrorist squad that found 84 milligrams of the toxin in their Cologne apartment. The arrests likely prevented what would have been Germany’s first biological attack, said Holger Muench, head of the BKA Federal Criminal Police Office, at the time. Also Read – ‘Hong Kong won’t rule out Chinese help over protests’Federal prosecutors said the couple had “for a long time identified with the aims and values of the foreign terrorist organisation Islamic State”. They decided in 2017 to detonate an explosive in a large crowd, “to kill and wound the largest possible number of people,” said prosecutors ahead of the trial in Duesseldorf. The pair had allegedly researched various forms of explosives before deciding on the deadly poison. They ordered 3,300 castor beans over the internet and successfully made a small amount of ricin, a poison 6,000 times more potent than cyanide that can kill if swallowed, inhaled or injected, according to prosecutors. Also Read – Pak Army chief accompanies Imran at key meetings in ChinaInvestigators also found 250 metal balls, two bottles of nail polish remover as well as wires soldered on lightbulbs. Only the raid and arrests prevented “the production of a larger quantity of ricin and the building of an explosive,” said prosecutors. The couple were caught after a tip-off from the US Central Intelligence Agency, which had noticed the large online purchase of castor seeds, according to German media reports. News weekly Der Spiegel has reported that the couple were believed to have already been radicalised when they met online in 2014. Sief Allah H., a former street vendor and labourer in Tunisia, in 2015 married Yasmin H., an unemployed doctor’s assistant and mother of seven children from four different fathers, the report said. The husband had been in contact with radical Islamists and tried twice in 2017 to travel to Syria via Turkey. His wife helped him with flight and hotel bookings, but both trips failed. Sief Allah H. also volunteered to help the IS in their propaganda work, and did so in early 2018 by publishing material of the jihadist group online, said prosecutors. Later, the couple decided to prepare an attack in Germany itself, and also bought a hamster to test the potency of the ricin. “Very concrete preparations had been made for an act with a … biological bomb, which is a first for Germany,” said Muench. If convicted of the charges of serious violence endangering the country, the defendants could each face up to 15 years in jail. Two suspects were also arrested in August last year in Tunisia in connection with the case. Germany, Europe’s biggest economy, remains on high alert after several deadly attacks claimed by the IS group. The worst attack, a 2016 truck rampage through a Berlin Christmas market by Tunisian asylum seeker Anis Amri, claimed 12 lives. The trial is expected to last until the end of August.last_img read more

FIR filed for duping MNRE of Rs 3 cr

first_imgNew Delhi: The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has filed the case with the Economic Offences Wing (EOW) of Delhi Police against the director of the Maharashtra based private firm-Siddheshwar Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd-for obtaining a sanction and release of advance payment of Central Financial Assistance (CFA) of Rs three crores by wrongfully suppressing the fact about the Environmental Impact Assesment (EIA) clearance.Additional Commissioner of Police, Economic Offences Wing, Suvashis Choudhary while confirming the move claimed to investigate the matter. According to police, the Ministry has been implementing a scheme for promotion of Grid Interactive Biomass Power and Bagasse cogeneration projects under which Central Financial Assitance is provided to Biomass power projects and bagasse-based cogeneration projects installed in sugar mills. Also Read – Bangla Sahib Gurudwara bans use of all types of plastic itemsAs per provisions of the scheme proposals for grant of CFA for establishment of bagassse-based cogneration projects by co-operative sector sugar mills will be placed before the Project Advisory Committee (PAC). “Based on its recommendations, 50 percent of eligible upfront Central Financial Assistance will be provided and the balance 50 percent will be released after successful commissioning and performance testing of the project,” police said. Also Read – After eight years, businessman arrested for kidnap & murderThe investigating agency further added that the proposal for Central Financial Assistance for installation of 38 MW (25 MW surplus) by one Santosh J Kumbhar, managing director, under the scheme for promotion of Grid Interactive Biomass Power and Bagasse cogeneration projects during the 12th plan period was forwarded by National Cooperative Development Corporation (NCDC) in the prescribed format. “As per provisions of the scheme, the matter was placed before PAC and the 11th PAC in its meeting had recommended the proposal for grant of CFA as per provisions and subject to their obtaining EIA clearance and also fulfilling all the terms and conditions of the scheme to support Biomass Power/Bagasse cogeneration in sugar mills,” the police further said. Police added that on receipt of the letter from National Cooperative Development Corporation requesting to issue performance inspection letter, the file was again examined and it was noticed that in this case the sanction of CFA of Rs 6 crore upfront release of 50 percent amount of CFA amounting to Rs 3 crore was processed by the then director, Biomass and an amount of Rs 3 crore was released vide Ministry’s sanction without obtaining the requisite EIA certificate from the firm. The fact came to notice when the firm was requested to provide the necessary EIA clearance from Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEF&CC). “The firm then disclosed that their application for EIA clearance was not agreed to by MoEF&CC. Despite repeated reminders, till now the sugar factory has not refunded the advance of CFA amounting to Rs 3 crores along with accrued interest,” the police said.last_img read more

Inform me if ministers skip Parliament duty PM Modi tells party brass

first_imgNew Delhi: For the second time in a month, Prime Minister Narendra Modi Tuesday pulled up BJP MPs for their poor attendance in Parliament and told the party leadership that he should be informed if they skip their duty, PTI reported.Speaking at a BJP parliamentary party meeting, Modi said the ongoing Monsoon session could be extended if it was necessary to pass the government’s legislative agenda. The Monsoon session is scheduled to end on July 26. Also Read – Squadrons which participated in Balakot air strike awarded citations on IAF Day Watch Pralhad Joshi addressing the press on PM Modi’s speech to BJP MPs Addressing a large number of first-timer MPs, Modi said, “The first impression is the last impression.” He also asked the Union ministers to carry out their Parliament roster duty, when they are meant to be present in one of the Houses as a government representative, as assigned. Even before the start of the Parliament session, PM Modi had pulled up BJP MPs for absenteeism during House sessions and asked them to be present during legislative proceedings. Also Read – SC declines Oil Min request to stay sharing of documents on Reliance penalty The prime minister also asked BJP MPs to look after their constituency by playing a leading role in its development, PTI quoted Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pralhad Joshi as saying. While briefing the media, Joshi said that the PM told the parliamentarians that they should take up a social cause or an issue of human sensitivity as a “mission” apart from carrying out their duties as MPs. Modi also spoke about diseases like leprosy and tuberculosis. Stressing on the need to eradicate the disease, Modi quoted Mahatma Gandhi saying that on an occasion of inaugurating a hospital for lepers, Gandhi had said that he would rather be invited to put a lock on it, PTI reported. (With inputs from Indian Express)last_img read more

PepsiCo India to invest Rs 514 cr to set up snacks plant

first_imgNew Delhi: Food and beverages major PepsiCo India on Sunday said it plans to invest Rs 514 crore over the next three years to set up a greenfield snacks manufacturing plant in Uttar Pradesh.The new investment plan is in line with PepsiCo’s goal to double its snacks business in the country by 2022 and is expected to help create over 1,500 jobs, both direct and indirect, the company said in a statement.A memorandum of understanding (MoU) for the project was signed between the company and the Uttar Pradesh government at the ground-breaking ceremony of the investor summit in the state in the presence of Home Minister Amit Shah and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, it added. Also Read – Thermal coal import may surpass 200 MT this fiscalPepsiCo India President and CEO Ahmed ElSheikh said, “PepsiCo is committed to growing its food and beverage business sustainably in India. We have a long relationship with the people of Uttar Pradesh. As we look to double our snacks business over the next few years, we intend to invest Rs 514 crore approximately to expand our footprint in Uttar Pradesh.” The company said as part of this project, PepsiCo India would expand its backward integration with local farmers and help bring agricultural best practices to enable socio-economic growth for potato farmers in Uttar Pradesh. Also Read – Food grain output seen at 140.57 mt in current fiscal on monsoon boost”To enable the supply chain, the company will set up a cold storage facility and this would also give an impetus to the development of ancillary and other support industries in the state,” it added.PepsiCo India currently sources all the potato used in Lay’s and Uncle Chipps from local farmers under its agri program through which it works with over 24,000 farmers across 13 states through various agriculture and sourcing initiatives.last_img read more

As Cong opposes Bill on JK partys MP Kalita resigns

first_imgNew Delhi: In a major setback to Congress on the day BJP decided to revoke Article 370 in Jammu & Kashmir, the party’s whip in Rajya Sabha Bhubaneswar Kalita resigned from the party over his party’s stand on the government’s move to revoke Article 370 and bifurcate Jammu and Kashmir into two Union Territories.The MP claimed that the Congress party was committing suicide by opposing the abrogation of Article 370. In a letter circulating online, Bhubaneswar Kalita said that the party leadership had asked him to issue a whip but he felt that the “whip was against the nation’s sentiments”. Thus, he said, he decided to resign from the party. Also Read – Uddhav bats for ‘Sena CM'”The Congress leadership is trying to completely destroy the party. No one can stop the Congress party from destruction,” Kalita said in the letter. Home Minister Amit Shah has proposed in the Rajya Sabha to revoke Article 370 and bifurcate the state of Jammu and Kashmir into Jammu-Kashmir UT and Ladakh UT. Congress has strongly opposed the move. Congress MP and Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha Ghulam Nabi Azad had condemned the government’s proposal and accused the government of murdering the Constitution of India. “The resignation has been accepted. I will not analyse the reasons now, maybe tomorrow or day after, I will explain them to you,” Bhubaneswar Kalita told reporters. Kalita was a member of Rajya Sabha from Assam.last_img read more

Health of BJP stalwart started deteriorating from last two weeks

first_imgNew Delhi: On August 9 (Friday), former finance minister Arun Jaitley was admitted in AIIMS. From the last two weeks, after being hospitalised, the health of BJP stalwart started deteriorating.Several prominent leaders have been visiting the hospital in recent days to inquire about his health. President Ram Nath Kovind, Union home minister Amit Shah, Rajnath Singh, Smriti Irani, Jitendra Singh, Ram Vilas Paswan, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath, Congress’ Abhishek Singhvi and Jyotiraditya Scindia visited him. Also Read – After eight years, businessman arrested for kidnap & murderJaitley had been put on a life support system. A multidisciplinary team of doctors was monitoring him. He had undergone a renal transplant on May 14, 2018 at AIIMS. In September 2014, he underwent bariatric surgery to correct the weight he had gained because of a long-standing diabetic condition. Jaitley did not contest the 2019 Lok Sabha elections presumably because of his ill-health. In May, Arun Jaitley wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi in which he had cited health reasons for his decision.last_img read more

Toyota to keep selling diesel models in India

first_imgNew Delhi: Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) is planning to continue to sell diesel models in the country even as prices of such vehicles are expected to go up significantly with the upcoming BS-VI emission norms from April 1 next year, a top company official has said. “We still see demand for diesel variants, and will continue to manufacture them till we have the future technology setting in,” TKM Vice-Chairman Shekar Viswanathan said. The company has even invested in a plant in India to make diesel engines which is capable of manufacturing diesel BS-VI engines with minimum investment, he added. Also Read – Thermal coal import may surpass 200 MT this fiscalThis was done keeping in mind the ‘Make in India’ philosophy, Viswanathan said. TKM sells popular models such as Innova Crysta and Fortuner in the country and based on its total vehicle sales from January to July 2019, the current diesel-petrol ratio is 82:18. However, considering only the passenger car segment, the petrol-diesel ratio is close to 50:50. With diesel cars set to become costlier from next year with the implementation of stricter BS-VI emission norms, major automakers are contemplating about the future of such vehicles in their portfolios. Also Read – Food grain output seen at 140.57 mt in current fiscal on monsoon boostMarket leader Maruti Suzuki India has already announced phasing out of diesel cars from its portfolio with effect from next year. Similarly, Tata Motors is also contemplating phasing out small diesel cars. The company, which is a joint venture between the Japanese auto major and Kirloskar group, said it has the technologies in place for various kind of electric vehicles (EV) which it can introduce depending upon the market requirements. When asked if there is a possibility to see some of the company’s global EVs making their way into the Indian market, Viswanathan said Toyota has the core electrification technologies that enable it to develop and introduce various types of electrified vehicles such as hybrid electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, battery electric vehicles and fuel cell electric vehicles. “However, the speed of market launch differs greatly depending on the country, region, road environment, energy situation and other factors,” he added. The company is closely monitoring customer needs and regulation trends as well as continuing to devote all its efforts to the development of key technologies such as the batteries that power hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles and electrified vehicles, Viswanathan said.last_img read more