Shell Canada gives up exploration permits to make way for protected area

first_imgVANCOUVER – Shell Canada Ltd. has given up it offshore exploration rights, clearing the way for the creation of Canada’s first protected marine area under the Canada Wildlife Act.Shell voluntarily released about 50,000 square kilometres of permits in an area off northern Vancouver Island to allow for the creation of the Scott Islands marine National Wildlife Area.The permits cover an offshore area more than one-and-a-half times the size of Vancouver Island, and while Shell Canada president Michael Crothers says the cost to the company was a few million dollars, he’s hoping for “goodwill” in exchange.The wildlife area was established in June, and conserves a vital marine area for millions of seabirds, fish and mammals on the Pacific coast.Even as Shell continues to explore for oil and gas globally, Crothers says they have no plans to do so off coastal B.C., particularly since the west coast has been under an exploration moratorium since 1972.Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society welcomed the announcement, which comes after nearly 17 years of consultation with federal, provincial and First Nations governments.Companies in this story: (TSX:SHC.)last_img read more

Soulpepper scandal a wakeup call for Canadian theatre industry

first_img Facebook Twitter Advertisement LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment TORONTO – The sexual misconduct lawsuits filed this week against Soulpepper Theatre Company and its founding artistic director are serving as a wake-up call to similar organizations throughout Canada’s arts scene, industry members say.Companies said efforts to tackle sexual harassment in the field were under way long before four actresses levelled explosive allegations against Albert Schultz and Soulpepper last week.Diana Bentley, Hannah Miller, Patricia Fagan and Kristin Booth alleged in their statements of claim that Schultz groped them, exposed himself, pressed against them or otherwise behaved inappropriately. Schultz, who resigned from Soulpepper on Thursday, said he will “vigorously defend” himself against the allegations, which have not been tested in court.While concerns about harassment were already on the industry radar, the Soulpepper situation will probably ensure they receive more attention in the coming months, said Mark Aikman, director of development and communications at Toronto’s Buddies in Bad Times Theatre.“Certainly it’s a wake-up call and a reminder that no place, no industry, is immune from that kind of thing,” he said.Aikman, who said his organization is still reeling from the shock of the Soulpepper news, did not speculate on whether concrete changes were coming at the company. But he said Buddies in Bad Times will continue with a months-long initiative to provide resources to performers who have concerns or anxieties about sexual harassment on the job.Those resources are provided as part of a campaign launched by the Canadian Actors Equity Association, working in conjunction with the Professional Association of Canadian Theatres. The anti-harassment effort, dubbed Not in Our Space, came about after a survey of live performers across the country.Equity said in a statement that the results clearly indicated action was needed. Half of all participants reported experiencing some form of inappropriate behaviour in their workplace, with women twice as likely as men to report they’d been sexually harassed.Not in Our Space promotes a zero tolerance approach, with participating theatres adopting a statement to that effect on the first day of rehearsal for any new production. Theatres in the program must also prominently display brochures and posters that let performers know what help is available. Equity said the number of people coming forward has increased since the campaign began, but did not provide specific figures.Equity also said a meeting of people involved in the live performance sector will take place later this month to discuss an industry-wide response.Numerous theatre companies, including Toronto-based Factory Theatre, the Royal Manitoba Theatre Company and Ottawa’s National Arts Centre (NAC) have all signed up for the Not in Our Space program.Some, however, felt the need for further action.The NAC said it launched a review of its sexual harassment policy this week in response to the Schultz case.Communications director Carl Martin said issues around harassment are high priorities for the company, citing English theatre artistic director Jillian Keiley’s decision to hire an intimacy coach while working on past productions for other organizations.Intimacy coaches, Martin said, carefully choreograph scenes involving physical contact to ensure no boundaries are crossed. While no such coach has been hired for NAC productions, Martin said it would not be surprising to see such a move in the future.“The artistic leadership here is quite attuned to these issues and very forward-thinking about these issues,” he said.Keiley hired the intimacy coach while working at Ontario’s Stratford Festival. The move was one of several measures spokesperson Ann Swerdfager pointed to as part of that company’s effort to maintain a safe workplace.Other moves included establishing a discussion group for women in the theatre, she said.In 2018, Stratford plans to implement more staff training and tighten reporting protocols.“One of the things we are learning from recent events is the vital importance of ensuring that there are safe, sure and clear ways to report harassment, should it occur,” Swerdfager said in a statement. “As a result, not only are we working to strengthen the policy, but also to find effective communications measures to ensure everyone who works at the festival is aware of it and of how to raise a concern if the policy is not being followed.”Halifax-based Neptune Theatre said it, too, is reviewing its long-standing sexual harassment policies and reporting procedures.Spokesperson Michael Browne said the company’s artistic director, Jeremy Webb, is committed to making the theatre a more respectful space for all, starting with the performer audition process.“He has requested agents/artists stop the practice of listing an actor’s height, weight and other measurements on resumes,” Browne said.The Cultch in Vancouver has long offered anonymity to anyone wanting to report issues of harassment.Executive director Heather Redfern said the predominately female-run theatre organization gives staff a number of avenues to report problems, including speaking to the board of directors, so they can find someone they trust.Redfern said the recent allegations of sexual harassment in the industry also points to the lack of women in positions of power.“You don’t fix things until you actually start to see that shifting and you start to see some equality there,” she said. “I’m an optimist. It feels like real change is finally happening.”By MICHELLE MCQUIGGE – The Canadian Presscenter_img Jillian Keiley hired an intimacy coach while working at the Stratford Festival to maintain a safe workplace. (CHRIS YOUNG / THE CANADIAN PRESS FILE PHOTO) Advertisement Advertisement Login/Register With:last_img read more

Morsi tried for jailbreak as top Egypt police officer murdered

first_imgCAIRO – Ousted president Mohamed Morsi was defiant as he went on trial Tuesday for a prison break during the 2011 uprising, as a top police official was murdered in another sign of Egypt’s instability.The trial, and other violence in which a police guard was gunned down outside a Cairo church, came a day after the military backed army chief Field Marshall Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, who led Morsi’s ouster in July, to run for office in his place.Morsi, dressed in a white prison uniform, gesticulated angrily from the glass cage in which he and 21 co-defendants were held. “Who are you,” he demanded to know, adding, “Do you know who I am?”“I am the president of the republic. Who are you? Let me hear your voice; I don’t hear you,” he shouted defiantly.In response, a judge said “I am the president of the Cairo Criminal Court.”Among those in the dock was the supreme guide of Morsi’s now-banned Muslim Brotherhood, Mohamed Badie.In all, 131 people are on trial, including dozens of members of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamist Palestinian movement Hamas and Lebanon’s Shiite militant group Hezbollah.Most of them are being tried in absentia.Reading the charges, a prosecutor said the “Muslim Brotherhood defendants coordinated with Hamas and Hezbollah to spread chaos and trigger the downfall of the state.”“Eight hundred foreign militants and jihadists infiltrated through illegal tunnels and seized a 60 kilometre (37 mile) border stretch. They attacked security and government buildings and killed many police officers.”He said “three prisons were attacked and more than 50 policemen and prisoners were killed, while more than 20,000 criminals escaped”.The trial was later adjourned until February 22.In the latest bloodletting, police General Mohamed Saeed was leaving his Cairo home when gunmen on a motorbike opened fire at him, hitting him in the head and the chest before fleeing, security officials said.Saeed, who was the head of interior minister Mohamed Ibrahim’s “technical department,” died in hospital.Hours later gunmen opened fire from a car at policemen guarding a church in the capital, killing one and wounding two. One was arrested, while two others fled on foot.Since July, Egypt’s Christian community has faced several attacks, with pro-Morsi Islamists accusing them of backing his ouster.Interior minister Ibrahim himself was targeted by a car bomb in September, but he escaped unhurt.Al-Qaeda inspired group Ansar Beit al-Maqdis, or Partisans of Jerusalem, claimed that attack and has also said it was responsible for some of the deadliest bombings in Egypt since Morsi was deposed.It said it carried out four bombings against police that killed six people Friday, a day before the third anniversary of the popular uprising that toppled long-time dictator Hosni Mubarak.Precarious security situationTuesday’s shootings reiterate the precarious security situation prevailing across Egypt since then, which has worsened since July.At least 1,400 people, mostly Morsi supporters, have been killed in a relentless crackdown on Islamists, according to Amnesty International, while scores of policemen and soldiers have also fallen to militant attacks across Egypt.Since Thursday, at least 13 policemen have been killed across the country, while four soldiers were killed in Sinai, according to an AFP tally.Morsi is already on trial for inciting the killings of opposition activists during his presidency and faces two other trials that have yet to begin.Tuesday’s trial date was symbolic as it marked the third anniversary of the prison break from Wadi Natrum jail, which took place as the uprising against Mubarak approached a fever pitch.Morsi and several Muslim Brotherhood leaders had been arrested by Mubarak’s security forces two days earlier to stop them from participating in protests called for January 28, 2011.That so-called Friday of Rage was a turning point in Mubarak’s downfall, as thousands of people attacked and torched police installations, prompting the hated interior ministry’s forces to withdraw from the streets.Morsi, Egypt’s first civilian and freely elected president, was ousted following massive protests against his one-year rule.The wildly popular man behind that, army chief Sisi is now expected to put himself forward as a candidate in the presidential election to be held by mid-April.To his supporters, Sisi is the best option for ending three years of instability that has helped to wreck the economy.On Saturday, thousands poured into Cairo’s Tahrir Square to back a Sisi candidacy, after he said he required “public demand” to stand in the election.last_img read more

Illegal Hunting in Morocco Endangers Last Remaining Magot Monkeys

Rabat – Illegal hunting threatens the survival of the Magot monkey, a species known as “Barbary Macaque” in Morocco, warns the High Commissioner for Water and Forests and the Fight Against Desertification (HCEFLCD).The destruction of the Magot habitat of this species is caused by overgrazing,  diminishing populations from the illegal trade of Magot, and as well as the climatic changes that affect Moroccan forests and water scarcity of water resources.Although the preferred habitat of the Magot Monkey is old-growth large-tree forest, a rich and diverse herbaceous layer, and the presence of water, the species has colonized various habitat types, including mixed cedar and oak forests and rocky mountains, devoid of vegetation. Some key populations of the Magot monkey maintain limited habitat to the cedar forests of Sidi M’Guild, Ifrane, and Michlifen; the green oak forests of Ain Leuh and El Hammam, between Azrou and Ain Leuh; and the southern forests of Ouiouane.The Middle Atlas hosts about 67 percent of the last remaining Magot monkey in the world. The total number of monkeys has decreased by 65 percent over the last three decades, from 15,000 to 5,000, reports the HCEFLCD.The species can also be found in certain areas of the High Atlas, with an estimated population of 1,000, as well as in the Rif where the population is currently at 2,000.“Despite the measures taken, the species is subject to several threats, in particular, the loss of its habitats, poaching, and the illegal trade of these monkeys, used as pets,” the High Commission said, days after the celebration of World Wildlife Day.Magot monkeys are classified as “vulnerable” by the World Conservation Union (IUCN) and listed in the appendices of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) among species whose international trade is prohibited.The HCEFLCD indicated that it has implemented several measures for the protection of the species in its natural habitat, based on a national action plan for endangered species. read more

UN and partners launch online tool to monitor funds for Haitis reconstruction

22 April 2010The United Nations and the Haitian Government have launched an online portal to promote the efficient use of the more than $9 billion pledged by donors to help the country recover from January’s devastating earthquake. The Haitian Platform for Public Investment will help hold donors to the promises they made at the 31 March gathering held at UN Headquarters in New York, and ensure transparency and accountability of the use of the funds. Dozens of nations and organizations pledged some $9.9 billion in immediate and long-term aid at that meeting to help Haiti recover and rebuild after the 12 January quake, which killed more than 200,000 people and left 1.3 million more homeless. “We see this tool as an important and critical component of Haiti’s reconstruction process,” said UN Resident Coordinator Nigel Fisher. “We believe it addresses all the concerns of the international community as to how the funds will be spent, by whom and for what. It also provides a portal through which the people of Haiti can monitor use of the funds and hold their elected representatives accountable for how those funds are spent.”The system, which is part of the support provided by the UN Development Programme (UNDP) to the Haitian authorities, tracks the money from pledge to impact and will include contributions and support from non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and the private sector.It will also enable Haitian and international journalists to monitor the Government’s use of the funds, and to report to their audiences on the progress, according to Eric Overvest, UNDP Haiti Country Director. Mr. Overvest added that the portal will match pledges with needs “based on empirical data using advanced analytics, showing current projects and any gaps that might exist in areas of development and humanitarian assistance.”The online portal, which is also supported by the UN Office of the Special Envoy for Haiti and which was built with the support of Synergy International Systems and the Development Gateway, is available online at read more

Demonstration staged in Jaffna against the Government

The protest is against what some claim is the systematic settlement of Sinhalese people in the Tamil dominated region and the erection of Buddhist statues in an area devoid of Buddhist devotees.The Tamil People’s Council (TPC) organised the demonstration, which also garnered the support of some constituent members of the TNA and the Tamil National People’s Front (TNPF) led by Gajen Ponnambalam. (Colombo Gazette) Northern Province Chief Minister C V Wigneswaran led a demonstration in Jaffna today against the Government.Most shops in the Jaffna town were closed during the demonstration.

Each Contenders Path To The College Football Playoff

For every team in the College Football Playoff hunt, the path forward remains an arduous one, filled with peril at every turn. But some of those paths are at least relatively straightforward; others involve a bunch of different moving parts. Today, let’s take a look at what each significant playoff contender needs to go its way — keeping things vaguely within the realm of the likely — in order to get to at least 90 percent playoff odds in the eyes of our prediction model. In each case, we’ll try to get it there in as few results as possible,1It’s important to note that this is without regard to chronology. So for instance, winning the conference championship could be the simplest way a team gets to 90 percent playoff odds, but that team would also need to win some easy games beforehand to make the conference title game matter. Our approach would still consider a conference title game win to be the simplest path, because the high probability of getting to that game in a position to make the playoff is “baked in” to the conditional probabilities. (Yes, my head hurts, too.) which is easier said for some teams than others.ClemsonCurrent playoff chances: 87 percentPath to 90+ percent:Clemson wins the ACC championship (Week 14): +9 percentage pointsConditional playoff chances: 96 percentChance of happening: 85 percentAlabamaCurrent playoff chances: 76 percentPath to 90+ percent:Alabama beats Georgia in the SEC championship (Week 14): +23 percentage pointsConditional playoff chances: 99 percentChance of happening: 64 percentGeorgiaCurrent playoff chances: 39 percentPath to 90+ percent:Georgia beats Alabama in the SEC championship (Week 14): +52 percentage pointsConditional playoff chances: 91 percentChance of happening: 36 percentThese three are pretty basic. The undefeated Tigers and Crimson Tide are both practically assured of making the playoff if they just win their respective conference title games — even if they don’t otherwise win out. There are a few scenarios in which the two teams could miss the playoff with losses in between now and championship Saturday, but our model says the Tigers would still have an 80 percent playoff shot even if they lose to, say, Boston College this weekend but win the ACC. Likewise, Bama would be at 92 percent if it loses the Iron Bowl against Auburn but still wins the SEC.Alabama and Clemson’s chances if they win all their remaining games except the conference championship are 45 and 44 percent, respectively. But for the one-loss Bulldogs, that number is 12 percent. So for all intents and purposes, they have no choice but to hand the Tide a huge upset defeat if they want to extend their national championship hopes. The good news, though, is that if we assume UGA plays to the model’s expectations in its other three games (against Auburn, UMass and Georgia Tech), the SEC title game is the big win-and-you’re-in matchup to circle on the Bulldog calendar. In other words, for all three teams, the simplest playoff road leads through the conference championship.Notre DameCurrent playoff chances: 58 percentPath to 90+ percent:Notre Dame beats Florida State in Week 11: +5 percentage pointsNotre Dame beats Syracuse in Week 12: +15 pointsNotre Dame beats USC in Week 13: +14 pointsConditional playoff chances: 92 percentChance of happening: 49 percentOklahomaCurrent playoff chances: 41 percentPath to 90+ percent:Oklahoma beats Oklahoma State in Week 11: +4 percentage pointsOklahoma beats Kansas in Week 12: +1 pointsOklahoma beats West Virginia in Week 13: +21 pointsOklahoma wins the Big 12 championship (Week 14): +24 pointsConditional playoff chances: 91 percentChance of happening: 37 percentOhio StateCurrent playoff chances: 18 percentPath to 90+ percent:Ohio State beats Michigan State in Week 11: +12 percentage pointsOhio State beats Michigan in Week 13: +32 pointsOhio State wins the Big Ten championship (Week 14): +28 pointsConditional playoff chances: 90 percentChance of happening: 18 percentNotre Dame doesn’t have a conference and therefore doesn’t have a chance to pad its resume with another signature win, so it has no room for error. Luckily, the Irish’s remaining schedule is quite reasonable. Florida State is a shell of its former self, Syracuse is having a good season but not on the Irish’s level, and USC isn’t what it used to be either. And our model says an undefeated Notre Dame is essentially a playoff shoo-in. The only cause for concern might be the health of quarterback Ian Book, who will miss Saturday’s game against FSU with a rib injury. But the Irish are still 16½-point favorites over the Seminoles even with backup QB Brandon Wimbush at the helm.Oklahoma and Ohio State can basically control their own destinies as well — the model says both have playoff chances of greater than 91 percent if they just win out. An Irish loss could potentially help the Sooners and Buckeyes, too. Oklahoma has a greater than 90 percent playoff probability conditional on just three outcomes: beating West Virginia and winning the Big 12 while Notre Dame loses at least one game. And any Notre Dame loss would nudge OSU’s chances above the 90 percent threshold as well, provided the Buckeyes beat Michigan and win the Big Ten.MichiganCurrent playoff chances: 40 percentPath to 90+ percent:Syracuse beats Notre Dame in Week 12: +9 percentage pointsMichigan beats Ohio State in Week 13: +28 pointsMichigan wins the Big Ten championship (Week 14): +15 pointsConditional playoff chances: 92 percentChance of happening: 13 percentUnlike Notre Dame, Ohio State and Oklahoma, Michigan can’t get to 90 percent simply by winning its remaining games. (That maxes them out at 82 percent.) The Wolverines need help, then, most likely in the form of an Irish loss against Syracuse at Yankee Stadium on Nov. 17. Michigan has other potential paths — Boston College beating Clemson this weekend, for instance, would push UM’s odds to 88 percent if coupled with Wolverine wins over Ohio State and whomever they’d play for the Big Ten title. But watching some other team vicariously avenge Michigan’s early season loss in South Bend would be a fitting way for the Wolverines to stamp their ticket into the playoff.West VirginiaCurrent playoff chances: 12 percentPath to 90+ percent:West Virginia beats TCU in Week 11: +2 percentage pointsWest Virginia beats Oklahoma State in Week 12: +6 pointsWest Virginia beats Oklahoma in Week 13: +19 pointsWest Virginia wins the Big 12 championship (Week 14): +38 pointsMichigan loses the Big Ten championship (Week 14): +14 pointsConditional playoff chances: 91 percentChance of happening: 2 percentWVU needs even more help than does Michigan. And in fact, it might need help from Michigan. Generally speaking, it needs whoever wins the Michigan-Ohio State game — which will torpedo the chances of one member of the one-loss club — to then proceed to lose in the Big Ten title game. (Our model gives West Virginia slightly higher odds under the configuration where Michigan beats OSU, then loses.) Either way, the one-loss Mountaineers need as many teams with a similar resume as possible to move aside. But West Virginia isn’t necessarily putting all its eggs in the Big Ten basket. It could also see its playoff odds soar into the high-80-percent range if Notre Dame loses one of its remaining games (while WVU wins out).Washington StateCurrent playoff chances: 13 percentPath to 90+ percent:Washington State beats Colorado in Week 11: +5 percentage pointsWashington State beats Arizona in Week 12: +3 pointsUSC beats Notre Dame in Week 13: +5 pointsWashington State wins the Pac-12 championship (Week 14): +48 pointsMichigan loses the Big Ten championship (Week 14): +17 pointsConditional playoff chances: 91 percentChance of happening: 1 percentOne-loss Wazzu is in the same boat as West Virginia in terms of benefiting from a Michigan defeat in the Big Ten title game. (Assuming it wins its own remaining games — including the Pac-12 title, most preferably over Utah.) Washington State could get another boost if USC beats Notre Dame since both teams would then have one loss, against the Trojans in each case. It’s unclear how realistic this actually is (since our model doesn’t have a specific Notre Dame adjustment reflecting its tendency to, um, get the benefit of the doubt), but the Irish make the playoff only 18 percent of the time in the scenario laid out above, compared with the Cougars’ 91 percent mark.Central FloridaCurrent playoff chances: 4 percentPath to 90+ percent:¯\_(ツ)_/¯I’m kidding. But not really. This one is far more difficult to pin down than the others above, just because it’s so rare in our data for UCF to make the playoff (and the specifics of each scenario are rarer still). So I’ll just list some of the common outcomes in what few simulations give UCF a relatively large probability of making the playoff:UCF wins all four remaining games, including the American championship. (Duh.)Both Notre Dame and Washington State lose at least one remaining game, and at least one loses twice.Oklahoma and Michigan both fail to win their respective conference championships.Chance of happening: less than 1 in 2,000These probably aren’t the only scenarios under which UCF makes the playoff, but there just aren’t very many UCF-friendly combinations that come up in the simulations. Their 4 percent overall probability of making the playoff is more about adding up a bunch of fractional chances over the course of many simulations — where they’re not overly likely to make it in any given one, but there’s enough uncertainty that they could potentially get in.And that’s the important thing to remember when discussing UCF’s playoff chances: The selection committee has never taken an undefeated Group-of-Five conference team2Schools from the American Athletic Conference, Conference USA, the Mid-American Conference, the Mountain West Conference and the Sun Belt Conference. in four years of picking playoff squads, and similar undefeated candidates (UCF last year, Western Michigan two years ago) have been denied entry by the committee. So all of this is, by definition, theoretical. Our model bases its predictions on the way in which college football’s power structure has traditionally grouped teams into tiers and given priority to different types of resumes, which is why there are at least some universes where a team like UCF can get real consideration if all hell breaks loose elsewhere. But more likely, they’re getting stray points of probability from the fact that we still don’t always know how the committee will react to a team like the Knights.Of course, a cynic would say we do know — and the answer will always be “no.” But that’s part of what’s interesting about the playoff. There’s much we still don’t know when it comes to who will win upcoming games, and that’s one source of uncertainty built into our model. But we also can’t perfectly predict how the committee itself will react. All UCF and the rest of this year’s contenders can do is win the games in front of them and hope for the right combination to fall into place around them.Check out our latest college football predictions. read more

Warmest April day in 70 years caused spike in deaths ONS figures

The warmest April day in 70 years caused a spike in deaths, ONS figures have revealed. Temperatures reached almost 30 degrees in parts of the UK in a “mini-heatwave” on Thursday April 19, making it the hottest April day since 1949. Figures released by the Office for National Statistics show that there were more than 240 extra deaths on April 18 and 19, when temperatures reached a high of 29.1 degrees in central London. “Between 18 and 19 April 2018, 243 more deaths were observed than the five-year average for the same period and rose well above the maximum number of deaths seen on those dates from 2013 to 2017,” the ONS said. There were then almost 400 fewer deaths over the following weekend between April 21 and 23. “This sharp rise then fall in the number of deaths coincided with a period of higher than average temperature between 18 and 19 April 2018,” it added.The pattern could be down to “short-term mortality displacement”, the report added, which is where a short-term event happens which causes vulnerable people to die who then are removed from the pool of people who would have died during the following few days. The five-year average number of deaths for April 19 is 1,240, with April 19 this year seeing 1,372 deaths. The average for April 18 and 19 is 2,460, while the two days added together saw more than 2,700 deaths this year.  Earlier this year, MPs warned that the UK was underprepared for an increase in extreme weather and the impact this could have on public health. The environmental audit committee said that heat-related deaths would triple in under 35 years unless the Government took action to make buildings and urban areas more tolerable at high temperatures.  There were instances of increased mortality that coincided with hot weather in Q2 in England. A detailed analysis of deaths that may be attributable to a heatwave will be addressed in our next quarterly release— ONS (@ONS) September 17, 2018 If temperatures rise above 24.5 degrees, Public Health England warns that heat-related deaths may start to occur.Overall there were almost 3,000 more deaths than the five-year average amount during April, May and June. However, based on the mortality rate, the number of deaths was lower than expected, the ONS said. During the first three months of the year, there were 18,145 more deaths than the five-year average. Extremely cold weather over the winter also contributed to a much higher than average number of deaths.All but one day had a higher number of deaths than the five-year average, and almost two-thirds of days had a higher number of deaths than any of the corresponding days in the past five years. “Deaths began to climb well above the five-year average during this cold spell and remained high for almost two weeks after temperatures began to rise,” the ONS said.  A similar pattern happened during the June heatwave, with 382 more people dying between June 25 and June 30 than the average for 2013 to 2017. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. A large spike occurred around the end of January. 1,781 people died on January 23, compared to an average of 1,450 over the previous five years.The pattern continued throughout late February and early March, as the country was hit by the so-called Beast from the East, which led to extremely low temperatures and snow and ice. In the UK, 17 people were believed to have died in incidents such as car accidents and falls that were a direct consequence of the weather, as well as Storm Emma, which hit parts of the country at the beginning of March, causing high winds.  read more

Oriel Resources is in the money

first_imgLondon-based chrome and nickel mining and processing company Oriel Resources has made the initial sale of high carbon ferrochrome (HC FeCr) product from the Tikhvin smelter plant, Russia and has signed a long term off take contract for the purchase of chrome ore product from the Voskhod chrome project, Kazakhstan. Tikhvin’s initial batch of saleable HC FeCr product has successfully been sold at about $1.30/lb, representing Oriel’s first revenue from current working projects. The company recently completed a long term off take contract with Glencore International to market a significant proportion of Voskhod’s annual 900,000 t of beneficiated chromite ore product, commencing in the third quarter of 2008.Dr Sergey V Kurzin, Executive Chairman: “In addition, we are pleased to report that a number of major international metal traders have confirmed their interest in our high carbon ferrochrome product. These initial ferrochrome sales from Tikhvin are a significant milestone in the company’s development as a vertically integrated supplier to the stainless steel industry. We are also pleased to have Glencore join us as an off taker of our Voskhod chrome ore.”The Oriel group currently has three projects, namely the Tikhvin smelter project and the Voskhod chrome and Shevchenko nickel projects, both situated in northwest Kazakhstan. Following the results of recent feasibility studies for the Russia and Kazakh-based projects and given the current high demand for chrome and nickel products, the directors are fast-tracking the Voskhod chrome and Tikhvin smelter projects into production while further developing Shevchenko.last_img read more

Hungary Pick Szeged loses a point against Tatabanya

← Previous Story Luka Karabatic joins Aix! Next Story → Lino Cervar: “Vive Kielce is the best Polish club, there must be no technical errors” ancsinpickPick SzegedskaliczkisulcSzegedtatabanya After beating MKB Veszprém, Pick Szeged was in a confortable situation. They made a great stride to win the first round of the Hungarian Championship. On Tuesday they travelled to Tatabánya to put down another win. But the local team – which is in the 3rd place in the championship – could make a big surprise just like last year. In 2011 they had a brilliant 27-19 win against Pick.The match began tightly, the halftime result was 14-16. After the break Szeged started to play in „Champions League-rhytm” and draw away from Tatabánya easily tanks to Gábor Ancsin ( 10 goals ) and Frantisek Sulc ( 7 goals ). In the 41st minute the result was 16-23. Then Pick made unintelligible mistakes, got successively two minute suspensions and the local team utilized it, they could equalize two minutes before the end and Szeged couldn’t invigorate. The final result is 30-30, so Szeged lost a very valued point, but they still lead the championship with one point ahead of Veszprém.Szeged’s head-coach, László Skaliczki said after the match:„ It’s very hard to say anything after that we lost a point against the good-prepared Tatbánya in a silly way. I don’t want to say more, bacause the one saw the match, he can surely draw a lesson.”Reasonably Skaliczki and the whole team are so disappointed, but now they have to concentrate on the next match, what isn’t at all easy. On Sunday they’ll meet Barcelona in the Champions League.TEXT: Virág Farkas read more

Lekic and Radicevic leaving Gyori – Vardar Skopje is the next destination

Andrea Lekic and Jovanka Radicevic won’t be a part of the Hungarian Gyori for the next season. Serbo-Montenegrian duo won’t sign new contract with one of the biggest favourite to win the Women’s EHF Champions League. Rumours saying that Lekic and Radicevic are only few days till signing contract with ambitious Macedonian team ZRK Vardar Skopje. ← Previous Story Croatia wins third bronze in a row! Next Story → Spain or Denmark (17.15)? Who is the new World Champion?

Labour MEPs call on government to release information about IBRC liquidation

first_imgUpdated 17:23LABOUR MEPs PHIL PRENDERGAST and Nessa Childers have called on an extension of the Freedom of Information (FOI) process to give insight into the State’s liquidation of IBRC.The MEPs made the call following reports in the Irish Examiner that government were under instruction from the European Central Bank not to release details of the ongoing liquidation to the public.The news comes just days after revealed that the Irish Bank Officials Association had told workers at the Irish Bank Resolution Corporation to cooperate with NAMA regarding the transfers of assets out of the liquidated bank.‘A step too far’“The outright rejection of Freedom of Information requests is a step too far,” Prendergast said, with the Labour Party member adding that she firmly believed that “access to information is a key part of democracy in action.”There is no excuse for a gag order like this. A blanket refusal policy would serve only to heighten distrust in government and in the ECB.Childers said that the decision to liquidate IBRC had been one the “biggest ever decisions made by the Irish State” and said that she had submitted an official parliamentary question to the ECB to determine their position on the issue.Read: Union now tells IBRC staff to cooperate with NAMA over new roles >last_img read more

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first_img Source: Channel SevenAny Home and Away fans out there? You’ll recognise Kim above. You may enjoy this comment from Joan Featherstone too.I’ve posted this one before….my husbands name is KIM, yes it’s a male name (Kimberley is the female version). The amount of stick he got as I kid (mid 50′s now) was mad, and I always have to point out to people who don’t know us that’s he’s my husband not my lesbian partner…..we went very traditional and ordinary with our two ‘kids’. Ps I can ape him on the phone to the bank and utility companies lol.Are you considered a shy person? There was lots of advice and support on offer this week from people who are just like you. Will Phillips had this to say. Throughout my late teens and times in college, I was very socially awkward.I found it easier to just listen to people rather than engage with group chats. I wouldn’t go out much and was often really frustrated when people told me “You’re really quiet”. Like someone they think I didn’t know already.I started taking acting and drama lessons which does really help a lot. You learn better communication skills with yourself and also better listening skills to engage with others. Also Improv in particular really helps with unplanned situations.It’s a slow gradual process, but people who know me have really noticed that I’m now more sociable and have come out my shell a good bit 2. Many UK residents were treated to their first live hurling match last weekend, with many of them reacting positively. PlayAgainstPar‘s musing earned him 2,502 thumbs up: Imagine if they’d actually seen a decent game…!3. Keith Redmond also received a lot of agreement – 2,187 thumbs to be exact – for his view of Sinn Féin. Only for the fact, we’d end up heading for bailout two three and four with the Shinners in charge..I’d actually love to see them in government, faced with dealing with the real economics of the situation, and having to make the hard decisions, that would piss off their supporters who actually believe in their magical money tree.4. And, back to the hurling, Colm Clarke also had some commentary on the madness that is hurling. He received 1,516 thumbs of the right colour. Any time people ask me about it , I say ” helmets have just been made compulsory “. Ya should see mouths drop then.5. Remember Ulster Bank’s infamous tech glitch? Richie Aprile did – to good effect and 1,463 thumbs – on an article about 14-year-old hackers. Give those kids a job at ulster bank , training their IT people.The top 5 articles which received the most comments this week Source: Flickr1. Archbishop calls for ‘full-bodied investigation’ into all mother-and-baby homes (434 comments)2. Sinn Féin is now the most popular party in the State (409 comments)3. Wheelchair-user hospitalised after incident at water meter protest in Raheny (305 comments)4. 19 chippers to visit in Ireland before you die (266 comments)5. Opinion: Climate change is the single biggest threat to winning the fight against hunger (236 comments)Some of the best comments left on the site this week Source: PA Wire/Press Association ImagesThere was an outpouring of grief on Monday as news came through of comedian Rik Mayall‘s death. robby rottenest left this lovely message.He made me laugh hard and often. This is the first time he ever made me sad.On Tuesday, SAFE Ireland‘s One-Day Census revealed that 467 women and 229 children were receiving accommodation and support from a domestic violence service. Anon Ymous told her own story, and asked us to challenge our own perceptions.From reading some of the comments above, maybe we also need to discard some of the stereotypes we have about the victims and perpetrators of DV.I see references to guests on Jeremy Kyle; tattooed skinheads etc.I met my husband in Trinity College while I was completing my second degree and he was doing his PhD.He is not a skinhead. Doesn’t have any tattoos. He wears a suit to work and, if you meet him, you’ll probably walk away thinking, “he’s a really nice guy”. As I said already, most people commented on how lucky I was for meeting the “perfect man”.Nobody knows about the violence, other than the professionals I’ve reached out to for support. Nobody would guess. I’ve a separate makeup bag for bruises, black eyes etc. Green-tinted concealer hides red marks, yellow-tinted concealer hides purple bruises. Estée Lauder do a concealer that covers surgical scars. Cover it all with a good foundation and – ta da! – it’s all gone. Back to being the smiley, happy lady with the perfect life and perfect husband.The sad part is, one in four women have experienced this so I’d hazard a guess that all of you with the incorrect stereotypes in your heads probably know at least one person in my boat. Could be your sister, best friend… Your stereotypes just keep them from opening up I’m afraid. EVERY SATURDAY MORNING we take a look at all the best comments left on the site by our readers over the past seven days.This week there was a lot of talk about the Sinn Féin, hurling and Niall Kelly’s hair.So here are the standout comments from the week that was.The 5 most popular comments this week1. Jim Walsh received 3,608 green thumbs for his critique of Sinn Féin’s economic plans. Rubbish. Parts of their programme have been costed but not their entire programme. There was a huge hole in their last costings which was covered by a supposed “wealth tax” that was bringing in hundreds of millions according to Pearse Doherty.No details on what this “wealth” was because it wasn’t income because they were hiking that up for certain people. It wasn’t a tax on property or land because they’re getting rid of that. So exactly where was this money coming from. And interestingly this part wasn’t costed by the Department of Finance. And given that it was a 1% levy then you’d have to be tax €20 billion of wealth to raise €200 million. It just doens’t stack up at all.By the way for those who own a second home which is many ordinary people who bought them as investments and are now in negative equity you’re going to be landed with a €400 charge a year for it, way more than the current property tax. So many ordinary people won’t benefit at all from SF. They’ve manged to avoid mentioning that though. There are a few great heads of hair among the men of (really, there is). So much so, that even you have started to notice. Following a visit by RTÉ’s cameras, SlyLad noted:Not related to this article but Niall Kelly has a beautiful head of hair just seen it on the six one news in the background of Paul Fennesey’s interviewThe response from Ronan Stokes was also pretty strong:He gets it done in Peter Marks in Nutgrove, always has to be Jackie, very particular.Check it out for yourself, here.Spot any good comments? Send them through to us by email at Source: ASOSKaren Gillen. We salute you for comparing the controversial suit to salted caramel.Can’t explain it, on the one hand my brain thinks its like those kids games with three pieces and you pick a head, body and legs and make funny looking mismatched people – and yet on the other hand, somehow I kinda like it. Its like salted caramel all over again!Wasn’t Teletext great? Setanta Landers and Ted Carroll remember the most useful pages.Teletext 221 to get the premiership scores. Ah the anticipation only to watch the counter go by just as you press the page and have to wait for the fecking thing to come back around. There was lots of talk this week about the Leaving Cert and E3 (click here if you don’t know what that is). So, it was understandable that M K got confused.Oh thank god. I thought my leaving cert results were out 180 for now and next, great page and as handy as any guide that’s available now! Waiting for score updates on a Saturday at 16:45 on 221 was horrendous!But Paul Murphy never quite got the hang of it.I remember waiting for the score of a midweek match to come through and it was 1-0 for the whole game. It was only when it didn’t show full time I realised aertel hadn’t being updating and it finished a comfy 3-0. Shredded nerves for nothing!We forgot to put a NSFW with sound warning on this piece. But, in fairness, Sandra Hennigan it was headlined with: “8 cringey bedroom antics we’ve all been involved in”Thanks for the sexy music. Those waiting in the NCT centre with me really appreciated it!In honour of Fathers Day tomorrow, here’s a story from Alan Kennedy.My sister lives in Australia, she was pregnant, she was over due and ended up having a difficult birth on her own. My parents went to visit her just after their first grandchild from their only daughter was born.What did my Dad bring over?A framed picture of his two dogs.Yes. He loves them more than he loves his children.last_img read more

Attracting investment in Greece

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram While its economic outlook has recently improved, Greece is still in dire straits: By the end of this year gross domestic product (GDP) will have declined by 25 per cent in cumulative terms and unemployment has already reached more than 27 per cent. And the Greek economy lacks, regardless of the efforts of Greek officials, substantial investments from Greece, the European Union and other countries. It is a well known fact that Greek private investors, who could be the first sponsors of investments, have parked their funds outside Greece and that beyond some individual company decisions (more recently by Hewlett-Packard, software giant SAP and Boehringer Ingelheim pharmaceuticals), foreign investors are similarly reluctant. Many firms have decided, in the recent past, to move their headquarters out of the country or leave altogether – Societe Generale and Carrefour are such examples. In the meantime, the Greek government has been relentlessly stressing that Greece offers good investment prospects. However, calls that are not backed by concrete actions usually tend to fall flat without effect. The fundamental question that should rather be raised is why investors are staying away from Greece. Simply speaking, decisions on where to allocate funds depend on the answer to two questions. First, are there any promising investment opportunities out there – with different levels of innovation (some investors prefer investments containing more innovation and, therefore, more profit opportunities but also more risk, others prefer less)? Second, to what extent is the business environment in the respective country friendly to investments and to innovation so that the invested funds are protected from problems beyond market-related risks and uncertainties? Only if both answers are sufficiently positive will investments into the economy of any country be attracted from locals and even more so from foreigners. Thus, beyond the direct expected payoffs associated with a given investment opportunity, it is crucial to create an environment that allows business plans to be turned into positive cash flows. Greece today has a scattered number of innovative companies and certainly a fair amount of further investment opportunities. But most of them lack capital because the environment for innovation and investments was in bad shape before the economic crisis and still is despite initial reform efforts. For instance, the lack of codification of Greece’s legal framework often adds a substantial burden; lengthy procedures erect barriers to entry and, more importantly, obtaining or extending licences or permits, as well as excessive reporting duties stifle business. In addition, cost-effective ways to protect intellectual property rights are lacking. In 2010, the World Bank’s ‘Ease of Doing Business’ report ranked Greece 109th out of 183 countries, far below any other eurozone economy (with Italy the second lowest at 78th). As the European Commission put it at the time, “the business environment suffers from obstacles to starting a business, the little protection given to investors and the difficulty to access finance”. Some advances have been reported over the last two years. In 2013, according to the World Bank’s ‘Doing Business’ report, Greece rose to 78th place. Some of the recent improvements noted were in the following categories: protecting investors, paying taxes, trading across borders and resolving insolvency. However, entry barriers are still very high for new firms in Greece, its ranking is far below average with respect to ‘starting a business’ (146th place) ‘enforcing contracts’ (78th) and – despite some improvements – with respect to ‘protecting investors’ (117th), thus hindering investors and innovators who are seeking to commercialise their ideas and intellectual property through new businesses ventures in Greece. In this context, it has to be emphasised that it was crucial for the future development of the Greek economy that the current and the previous two governments passed reforms on the business and regulatory environment and on the opening of certain closed-shop professions through parliament. However, it should be clear that there is no room for complacency: without continuous improvement in the business environment, Greek investors, researchers and business owners will continue to leave or stay abroad. Moreover, an efficient set of commercial laws is not only crucial to promoting entrepreneurship and innovation and for introducing innovative products in the Greek economic fabric, it is also important to attracting highly mobile foreign direct investment. International capital, as the critical indicator for a country’s openness to investments, can easily vote with its feet and shy away from Greece, and will allocate its money to other countries where investments are better protected. Declarations of intent are no match for a friendly business environment. Therefore, if they want the initiated reforms to become effective and if they aim to use the entrepreneurial capacities of their fellow Greek citizens in a better way, Greek authorities need to accomplish this process. This means that they need to create a business climate that is conducive to investment, innovation and entrepreneurship, in particular by reducing regulatory burdens. This also means that the Greek government not only has to pass the relevant laws through parliament but also develop an implementation strategy to make the laws effective in everyday business. For instance, administrative efforts for starting, continuing and shutting down entrepreneurial activities need to be substantially reduced. This should include reducing the number of days needed to register a business, the number of bureaucratic steps, as well as the number of regulations, fees and reporting duties. As a benchmark, Greece should aim to implement permanent business registration (without regular renewal) within one day. To become a fast and efficient public administration, Greece must implement state-of-the art online e-administration for all standard businesses, (e.g. registering online new businesses, tax declarations, etc, each within one hour). Bluntly speaking, instead of relaxing on the improvements made from spot 109 to 78, Greece must focus on becoming one of the top 25 economies in the World Bank index when it comes to ease of doing business, just as a couple of other European countries – most recently the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia – succeeded in doing, with first successes becoming obvious. Then entrepreneurs will be interested in transferring their new ideas into marketable products in the Greek economic fabric and not abroad, and foreign direct investment will start in a more substantial way. The Greek minister of development promised to proceed with these necessary reforms at the end of this year – let’s hope that he will succeed. Alexander S. Kritikos is research director at the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW) in Berlin, professor of economics at the University of Potsdam and research fellow of the Institute for the Study of Labour (IZA) in Bonn.last_img read more

NordPasdeCalais doublement des surfaces forestières

first_imgNord-Pas-de-Calais : doublement des surfaces forestièresLe Nord-Pas-de-Calais souhaite multiplier par deux ses surfaces forestières d’ici 30 ans. Région la moins boisée de France, elle souhaite ainsi améliorer l’environnement et la qualité de vie de ses habitants.Si le Nord-Pas-de-Calais est la région la plus peuplée de France après la région parisienne, c’est aussi la moins boisée de l’Hexagone (seulement 7% du territoire contre 28% en moyenne). L’explication est simple. Les terres du nord sont fertiles et chaque parcelle est, depuis toujours, exploitée par les agriculteurs. L’urbanisation de la région ne laisse pas plus de place aux arbres et aux forêts.À lire aussiLa migration de millions de crabes rouges filmée sur l’île de ChristmasC’est ainsi qu’en mai 2009, le “Plan forêt régional” a vu le jour. Emmanuel Cau, vice-président du conseil régional, chargé de l’environnement, explique que “doubler la surface de forêts en 30 ans, est difficile et ambitieux, mais on en a besoin”. 400 millions d’euros sont engagés dans ce projet. La tâche est ardue mais “on peut faire émerger de nombreuses petites forêts reliées entre elles par des corridors biologiques”, souligne Emmanuel Cau. 
En effet, les terres agricoles couvrent la région aux trois quarts et reprendre ces terres aux agriculteurs est impossible. “La région donne des subventions aux propriétaires qui voudraient boiser leurs terrains. On craint que les jeunes agriculteurs aient moins de terres pour s’installer”, indique Olivier Demol, secrétaire général des Jeunes agriculteurs du Pas-de-Calais.Pourtant l’intérêt des forêts est multiple. D’une part, elles luttent contre l’effet de serre et purifient l’air et le sol. D’autre part elles protègent la biodiversité et contribuent aux loisirs pour un coût quasi nul. Enfin, l’exploitation du bois, qu’il s’agisse de construction, de mobilier, de bois de chauffage ou de confection de pâte à papier représente 25.000 emplois.Le rythme naturel de progression des surfaces boisées est normalement de 700 hectares par an. L’objectif pour la région est désormais de passer à 3.000 par an, notamment en élargissant les forêts déjà présentes et en plantant aux abords des rivières et des autoroutes. Avec l’accord des propriétaires, certaines associations vont également planter des arbres. C’est ainsi que  1.500 arbres (seulement) seront plantés cet hiver, une manière d’associer directement les citoyens au projet.Le 25 novembre 2010 à 13:01 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

ChoupoMoting and Mbappé share joy after Sunday match victory

first_imgParis Saint-Germain forward Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting has described their club’s 2-0 win against Marseille on Sunday as classic while teammate forward Kylian Mbappe adds that their side needed the victory.“It was a Classique, so we had to battle, win challenges and be focussed right to the end. Kylian came off the bench and turn the game, but the whole team put in a lot of effort,” Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting said via club’s official website.I’m very happy to have won my first Classique. In the first half, it was difficult to create chances and I worked for the team. The most important thing is to have won, all together. I’m proud to have played this game and helped the team,” he added.Neymar, BrazilNeymar can win the Ballon d’Or, says Ander Herrera Andrew Smyth – September 13, 2019 An “excited” Ander Herrera believes new Paris Saint-Germain team-mate Neymar is a contender for the Ballon d’Or alongside Kylian Mbappe.“The team needed this win. A great team relies on its leaders and they need to make the difference at key times. I think I can take on that role and I did it today. We have to keep going and stay on the right track. We know that Marseille have a lot of impact at home,” Kylian Mbappé speaking to Canal+ via club’s official website.“Today, they showed they’re a team that plays good football. They had a number of situations where we were in difficulty, they deserve credit, but we were clinical and came away with the win,” he added.last_img read more

Trump blasts Facebooks Libra cryptocurrency says US has only one real currency

first_img Now playing: Watch this: …and International. We have only one real currency in the USA, and it is stronger than ever, both dependable and reliable. It is by far the most dominant currency anywhere in the World, and it will always stay that way. It is called the United States Dollar!— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 12, 2019 Facebook cryptocurrency revealed, Google puts $1B toward… Facebook Tech Industry Tags 1:21center_img Comments US President Donald Trump tweeted about Facebook’s Libra, as well as other cryptocurrencies, on Thursday night. Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images In June, Facebook announced its next attempt at expanding outside social media platforms: the Libra cryptocurrency. It’ll be like Bitcoin, except its value will be pegged to a basket of assets, like government securities, to make it more stable. The world is unsure of how successful or disruptive Libra will be, and on Thursday the cryptocurrency got perhaps its biggest detractor yet: the president of the United States.”I am not a fan of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies, which are not money, and whose value is highly volatile and based on thin air,” Donald Trump tweeted on Thursday night, before moving on to Libra in a subsequent tweet.”Similarly, Facebook Libra’s ‘virtual currency’ will have little standing or dependability. If Facebook and other companies want to become a bank, they must seek a new Banking Charter and become subject to all Banking Regulations, just like other Banks, both National [and international].” 10 Trump ended the tweet thread by boasting of the US dollar’s dependability and reliability. The message from the president is clear: If you want to invest in a currency, ditch the crypto and look to the US dollar.Trump isn’t the only high-profile figure to question Libra this week. The head of the US Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell, reportedly told House lawmakers on Wednesday that the US’ central bank has “serious concerns” about Libra. Both the Federal Reserve System and a separate panel called the Financial Stability Oversight Council are meeting to discuss Libra alongside global policy makers, Powell also reportedly said.Libra won’t be run by just Facebook. Rather, Facebook and its partners have created an organization, the Libra Association, to manage the technical aspects of the project and work with regulators. David Marcus, who heads both Facebook’s Messenger department and the Libra project, says Facebook will be just one of many voices in the Libra Association, and won’t have special influence.”Facebook won’t have any special responsibility over the Libra Network,” he wrote in a FAQ page.Libra also has some built-in safeguards, which have been used in the real world, to make sure the value of the cryptocurrency stays stable. Facebook will build a wallet, called Calibra, though it will be a wholly owned subsidiary that Facebook says won’t share financial data with the social network.Libra is expected to launch in the first half of next year.Meanwhile, Trump’s news-making outburst over cryptocurrencies reinforces a federal court’s ruling this week that the leader of the US can’t block users on the social network, because it’s a public forum. The unanimous decision by the US Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit affirms the ruling made by the US District Court for the Southern District of New York in 2018 after Trump was sued for blocking users the previous year. Share your voicelast_img read more

Bharat Salman Khans star power in trouble producers not happy with the

first_imgSalman Khan reacts to Disha Patani’s “age difference” remarkInstagramSalman Khan’s much-awaited and probably one of the biggest films of the year, Bharat, is all set for a massive release all over the country this week. Keeping his ritual of delighting his fans with his film, Salman is again all set to set the screens on fire with the film. The film has already seen a record number of advance booking and going by the numbers, Bharat will undoubtedly emerge as one of the highest box-office collectors of the year.However, the producers of the film seem to have lost their faith in the star power that Salman Khan holds among his fans. Why do we say that? Well, as per a report in Deccan Chronicle, not entirely satisfied and confident about the way the film has turned out, the producers have not only cancelled the press show but also the pre-release screenings.Reason? Probably the last two Eid releases of Salman Khan – Race 3 and Tubelight – both of which were panned by the critics and the audience alike. Though Race 3 managed to recover its making cost along with making a considerable profit, the faith the producers and directors had on relying on just Salman Khan’s star power had taken a major jolt.The DC report also states that the film was first shown to Salman Khan’s father, Salim Khan, who suggested few edits. On his suggestion, few of Salman’s scenes were edited out of the final project.Katrina Kaif will be seen playing the female lead in the film. Kaif came onboard after Priyanka Chopra decided to opt out of the project at the last minute owing to her decision to marry Nick Jonas. Disha Patani will also be seen romancing Salman Khan in the film. Sunil Grover, Jackie Shroff also have interesting parts in the film.last_img read more

AMD balances Radeon deck of graphics cards

first_img( — Semiconductor company AMD has taken its story of having developed next-generation GPU technology offering a “gorgeous, stunning, breathtaking visual experience” for more elite, serious gamers over to mainstream gamers as well. AMD this week announced a pair of new graphics cards for gaming enthusiasts looking for affordable prices for features that rock. Namely, AMD yesterday announced its Radeon HD 7870 and 7850 video cards. © 2011 More information: Press release AMD Launches World’s Fastest Motherboard GPU: AMD 790GX Citation: AMD balances Radeon deck of graphics cards (2012, March 6) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Explore further The two cards have a lot in common. They both are designed to compete with Nvidia. They both support PCI Express 3.0. They both support CrossFire technology, which refers to AMD’s technology allowing up to four GPUs to be used in a single computer to improve graphics performance. They both use AMD’s Graphics Core Next Architecture, for “intense visual experience, and “breathtaking visual fidelity” in games. They both support AMD ZeroCore Power technology, which shuts down the GPU during idle periods. Both have 2 GB of GDDR5 GPU graphics memory .Where the difference lies is clock speed, as well as price. The HD 7870 GHz has a 1 GHz clock speed, while the HD 7850 is clocked at 860 MHz. Prices will be around $350 for the HD 7870 GHz and around $249 for the HD 7850. Cards featuring the GPUs will be available from Asus, Diamond, MSI, and other AMD partners. Getting the cards to market gives AMD’s gaming partners selling points that they like, such as “gaming edge,” and enhanced experiences with the new AMD graphic cards. Reviewers are saying that the new cards achieve a nice balance between performance and power consumption, meanwhile. General reactions by AMD watchers have been favorable, especially on grounds of power efficiency. The cards reportedly perform with relatively low power consumption, which translate into cooler, less noisy computers , which gamers will appreciate. As Tom’s Hardware puts it, “lower power means less heat. Less heat translates to more conservative cooling. And that leaves the door open for gaming enthusiasts to enjoy quieter systems that go easier on the power bill.”The other round of applause is accorded on price. For those who have been unable to afford GPU chips at Radeon HD 7970 and Radeon HD 7950 prices, the HD 7870 and HD 7850 cards will be attractive options. The cards are reportedly set to become available widely around March 19. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

Buffalo student celebrates upset win over Arizona with Bills Mafia table smash

first_img Advertisement For the record this is the same kid that blew up online because he ran around like he won a new car after hitting a half-court shot for 12 medium pizzas.Based on this reaction, did he win:A) A year of tuitionB) A new carC) 12 medium pizzas— SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) February 28, 2018 13-seed Buffalo blew out scandal plagued 4-seed Arizona 89-68 in the first round of the NCAA Tournament, and Buffalo student Kyle Hughes celebrated the upset with a good old fashioned table smash.To be fair, compared to a Bills tailgater doing a back flip off an RV onto a burning table this is pretty average. It’s the thought that counts. The way Buffalo played he might want to buy another table.A PROMISE IS A PROMISE @nate_oats— Kyle Hughes (@The518Buffalo) March 16, 2018last_img read more