Mounties lay secretslaw charges against one of their own

first_imgOTTAWA — The RCMP has charged one of its own with several offences under Canada’s official-secrets law.The national police force says Cameron Ortis was charged under three sections of the Security of Information Act, and with two Criminal Code offences.It says the charges stem from activities alleged to have occurred during his tenure as an RCMP employee, and it was not immediately clear whether he was still employed by the force. As the investigation is ongoing, the RCMP declined to make further comment.The Security of Information Act is law to safeguard sensitive government information.Naval officer Jeffrey Paul Delisle, who gave classified information to Russian military intelligence, pleaded guilty to offences under the act in 2012.The Canadian Presslast_img


first_img“We keep hearing that,” Aarthy says. “We’re sorry we let people down.”The couple from Vancouver were the sixth team sent home from the Race this season. Advertisement Login/Register With: LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Advertisement Going from first to last on The Amazing Race Canada is a gut punch not just for the team being sent home, but fans as well.When 25-year-old human resources professional Aarthy Ketheeswaran and 28-year-old software developer Thinesh Kumarakulasingam hear that they were fan-favourites before their elimination in Thunder Bay, Ont., this week, they collectively let out a sigh. Facebook Advertisement Twitterlast_img

UK leader travels to Brussels seeking Brexit breakthrough

BRUSSELS — British Prime Minister Theresa May is travelling to Brussels in a new attempt to reopen talks with the European Union on the Brexit divorce agreement and will meet with European Council President Donald Tusk and Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.With the planned departure date of March 29 closing in, May is expected to be stonewalled by the EU officials when it comes to reopening the legal withdrawal agreement which was already endorsed in November before the U.K. Parliament overwhelmingly rejected it.With the gap between both sides already yawning, Tusk acerbated the frosty climate on Wednesday by wondering aloud what “special place in hell” might be reserved for those who had no idea of how to deliver Brexit.The Associated Press

This Week CocaCola ATT and Starbucks results

A look at some of the key business events and economic indicators upcoming this week:Flat CokeWall Street expects Coca-Cola will report that its earnings stagnated in the second quarter while its revenue grew. Analysts surveyed by FactSet estimate that the Atlanta-based maker of Coke, Sprite, Minute Maid and other beverages made 61 cents per share in the period, the same as a year earlier. Coca-Cola reports quarterly results on Tuesday.Static on the lineShares in AT&T have been mostly flat since April, when the second-largest wireless carrier after Verizon said it had lost almost 630,000 video customers in the first quarter. The Dallas-based company also owns HBO and DirectTV. Analysts expect its profit slipped in the second quarter, even as revenue increased. AT&T reports quarterly results on Wednesday.Strong coffeeCoffee chain Starbucks is expected to report a jump in profit when it reports its third quarter results on Thursday. Wall Street forecasts Starbucks’ profit rose to 72 cents a share in the period, up from 62 cents a year earlier. In April Starbucks raised its full year profit outlook, saying that while the number of transactions stagnated in the second quarter, customers were spending more per order.The Associated Press read more

European leaders at UN Assembly focus on crises in Ukraine and Middle

Borut Pahor, President of the Republic of Slovenia, addresses the general debate of the sixty-ninth session of the General Assembly. UN Photo/Amanda VoisardHe noted that the existing architecture of the Organization, and above all the Security Council, is “failing it its fundamental role.” The deadlock in the Security Council is used as an excuse to resolve conflicts through force and without a UN mandate. “If this trend continues, it may lead to the breakdown of the contemporary political and security architecture,” Mr. Pahor declared, noting that given the upcoming 70th anniversary of the UN, and the global terrorist threat emerging in the broader Middle East and North Africa, such reform is urgently needed now.President Gjorge Ivanov of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) said the biggest casualties of the Ukraine crisis are the innocent citizens and the material losses. “The Republic of Macedonia supports all the efforts aimed at restoring peace and stability in this country,” he said. “I am convinced that through dialogue, with political and diplomatic means, Ukraine will be able to deal with the challenges.” Xavier Bettel, Prime Minister of Luxembourg, addresses the General Assembly. UN Photo/Amanda VoisardHe also called for a “bold and ambitious” global agenda for sustainable development after 2015, binding commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to address climate change, an end to the Syrian civil war with its toll of some 200,000 dead and indiscriminate attacks against civilian populations, schools and hospitals, and firm action against war crimes and crimes against humanity by terrorist groups, first among them the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat also called for UN action to end the “ghastly war” in Syria. “I call on the Security Council to assume its responsibilities under the Charter and to act urgently and decisively to bring an end to the bloodshed,” he declared. Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili of Georgia addresses the General Assembly. UN Photo/Loey Felipe “The ongoing developments in Ukraine tear at our hearts. We strongly support Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty,” he said. “We hope that the recent peace treaties will put an end to the military operations once and for all, and mark the beginning of an irreversible peace-making process.”He called on Russia to fulfil its obligations under the 2008 international ceasefire that ended a conflict in Georgia and join in the search for peace, prosperity, and reconciliation.Fighting broke out in August 2008 between Georgian forces and South Ossetian and Abkhaz separatists and their Russian allies. South Ossetia and Abkhazia each subsequently declared their independence from Georgia, and those declarations have been recognized by Russia and several other countries.“Let me be clear, Georgia will never sacrifice its territorial integrity and sovereignty,” Mr. Gafibashvili declared. “However, we will continue to look for pathways to reconciliation with our brothers and sisters in Abkhazia and South Ossetia. We Georgians want a good relationship with Russia, but not at the expense of our sovereignty and independence, which we fought so hard to achieve.”Also addressing the Assembly, Elio Di Rupo, Prime Minister of Belgium began his statement reading the names of four people who had been savagely killed “only because they were visiting a Jewish museum of Brussels.” He was not forgetting the other people that had been killed by such violence and had read out those names only to spotlight the terrible impact of such horrific acts that are occurring in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere. Those and others that had been killed in similar ways had been victims of “criminals of terror.” Tomislav Nikolic, President of the Republic of Serbia, addresses the General Assembly. UN Photo/Kim Haughton Addressing the General Assembly, Tomislav Nikolic, said Serbia was “deeply shattered and worried” over the events in Ukraine which preclude residents there from living in peace and tranquility. Mr. Nikolic underscored that Serbia respects the territorial integrity of Ukraine, unlike some Member States that “denied this right to Serbia by recognizing and promoting the independence of a part of the territory of Serbia – Kosovo and Metohija.”Achieving a sustainable political solution for the question of Kosovo and Metohija is Serbia’s top national priority, the President said. “For Serbia, the only acceptable, fair and just solution is to reject secessionism and preserve the territorial integrity of all countries,” he stressed, adding that he supports a political solution that includes the interests of the Serbians, Albanians and other populations. Among other topics raised in his address, Mr. Nikolic signaled out climate change, questions of global security and deadly infectious diseases as the three most pressing global challenges before the UN Assembly.Georgian Prime Minister Iraldi Gafibashvili pledged to do “everything we can to help our friends in Ukraine” by providing humanitarian aid, political support and technical help such as sending doctors and medicine. “It is our duty to support peace, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. The threat arising to Ukraine must be urgently tackled,” she told leaders from the world body’s 193 members, noting that 100 States supported Ukraine in the General Assembly and condemned Russia’s occupation of Crimea, a vote that shows “we are still protecting the core values.” She called on the UN together with North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the European Union, other regional organisations and their member states to “fulfil their duty” and do everything possible to stop armed conflicts, redrawing the borders of sovereign states and creating one frozen conflict after another.Ms. Grybauskaitÿ called on Member States to adhere to core UN values, whether in dealing with Ukraine or terrorism in the Middle East. “Our common task as a group of nations is to maintain undivided security – we have to put all our efforts to stop ISIS (The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) and al-Qaeda, to keep peace and security in Middle East, but the same efforts should be directed to manage the geopolitical challenges in Eastern Europe,” she said.“In avoidance of an even grimmer future, I invite you to stop deception, lies, manipulation and ignorance from entering our territories and violating our values. We have to go back to the core principle of the United Nations of keeping peace throughout the world.”Prime Minister Xavier Bettel of Luxembourg noted that the crisis in Ukraine has turned step by step into a conflict. “This conflict unfortunately shows that the times when we thought peace on the European continent had become self-evident are over,” he said. “This conflict has already cost the lives of more than 3,000 people. It must end and it must end now. Dialogue and diplomacy are of the essence.” President Gjorge Ivanov of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia addresses the General Assembly. UN Photo/Kim Haughton Touching on terrorism, religious extremism and other global problems, he said the world order is in latent crisis. “The processes of global interdependence and sub-national fragmentation transform all our previous perceptions of the world,” he declared.“As we speak, millions of faithful believers around the world feel the pain caused by the narrow-minded individuals and groups, imbued with religious fundamentalism. As we speak, a systematic destruction of individuals and communities is happening. As we speak, hundreds of thousands are persecuted. Their homes have been devastated, their temples destroyed, their past is erased and their future is in question.” Drawing a link between the situation in Ukraine and the situation of Kosovo and Metohija, the Serbian President today reiterated his country’s solidarity with “our Slav brothers” to help find a peaceful solution to the crisis. Prime Minister Elio di Rupo of Belgium addresses the General Assembly. UN Photo/Loey Felipe Such acts should “speak to each and every one of us”, he said, underscoring that the recent resolution adopted by the Security Council on foreign fighters had been a very important step in rallying coordinated action to turn back terrorist organizations. Belgium, he continued, would like to step up efforts to share information that would disrupt the recruitment and training of jihadists that wanted to move between countries and sow terror. The fight against terrorism was a war between those who valued life and those who did not; those who respected rights and freedoms and those who did not. “Yet, I cannot help but think that the human catastrophes we are witnessing are a result of human failure,” he said, recalling the folly of so called “preventive wars”, which Belgium had not joined or supported. But as things stood today, turning back the current tide of terrorism would require force. But, the Prime Minister said, it would also require dialogue, education and a closer examination of the impact and residual effects of such actions. Joseph Muscat, Prime Minister of Malta, addresses the General Assembly. UN Photo/Amanda VoisardHe likewise called for “meaningful negotiations” to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. “Too many innocent civilians have died; too many children have been buried,” he noted. “We need statesmanship from the politicians on both sides.”At the same time he demanded that more attention be paid to the plight of illegal immigrants in the Mediterranean. “Again I call on the international community to help us stop the great human tragedies that come with risky crossings,” he said, noting that desperate men, women and children are risking their lives crossing conflict ridden zones and hostile deserts and taking to the seas without realizing the dangers awaiting them. Slovenian President Borut Pahor warned that if the UN does not reform the Security Council and its other bodies, it risks being side-lined. “It is our historical duty to modernize the United Nations,” he said. read more

Season on the line Buckeyes enter final regular season series needing victories

The Ohio State baseball team entered this season expecting to win another Big Ten title.But with just three regular-season games remaining, the defending champions are fifth in the conference standings.Instead of trying to close out another season atop the conference, the Buckeyes are fighting for their postseason lives. “It’s definitely a bit of a change of pace for us,” senior Ryan Dew said. “I think we need to take two of three this weekend to be sure to get into the tournament.”The Big Ten Tournament accepts only the top six teams from the conference. The Buckeyes are on the fringe as they are in a four-way tie for fifth place. Consequently, the Buckeyes need to win this weekend’s series in order to ensure themselves a spot in the tournament.However, that will be no easy feat as the Buckeyes play host to first-place Minnesota, and the Buckeyes have lost their last four Big Ten series. “This team has had a black cloud over it and I don’t know how to get out from under it,” coach Bob Todd said. He said all the breaks seem to be going the opponent’s way this season and that’s just the game of baseball.One break that may go the Buckeyes’ way this weekend is the return of pitcher Alex Wimmers. The All-American ace has been sidelined the past four weeks with a hamstring injury, but might be ready to take the mound this weekend.“We’ve got Dean (Wolosiansky) and (Drew) Rucinski pitching lights out. So if we get Wimmers back like he always is we can take three games this weekend,” senior Cory Kovanda said. Although Todd was vague when addressing whether Wimmers would be ready to go this weekend, players hinted that he could be back. Wimmers’ return would serve as a huge boost as he is 9-0 on the season and injects confidence into his teammates whenever he toes the rubber. “Obviously he’s a huge talent,” Dew said. “Every time he takes the mound we know we are going to win.”Win is exactly what the Buckeyes must do if they wish to continue their season. And even with their recent struggles, the team is still confident in its ability to take this weekend’s series. “We’re a very close team and we’re confident in ourselves,” Dew said. “When we play a complete game, most of the time we win. I know we can do it and the team is confident we can.”Dew and Kovanda, two of eight seniors on this year’s team, expressed their desire to keep playing in their final season at OSU. They also want to send Todd, their storied head coach, off with another Big Ten championship.Earlier this year, Todd announced that he would be retiring at the end of the season. In his 23-year tenure at OSU, the Buckeyes have missed the Big Ten tournament only once. “I’ve only missed it once in my life,” Todd said. “For this team, that has so much potential and so many high expectations, which I thought were justified — For us to be in this position is very uncharacteristical.”The Buckeyes open the three-game series against the Golden Gophers Thursday at 7 p.m. at Bill Davis Stadium. read more

Urban Meyer talks recruiting future of college football

Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer announced the post-spring practice two-deep depth chart, but also gave his input on topics concerning the Buckeyes and the current state of the Bowl Championship Series. Depth Chart OSU players were well aware that their playing time would be determined by what they accomplished during spring ball and the results of the players’ work was made public Wednesday. “We made a big emphasis with our players aboutspring practice is not just fundamentals, development and skill development, it’s about earning a spot on the team,” Meyer said. “Our focus in August is not developing a depth chart, it is trying to go win a game.” Meyer spoke about both sides of the ball, particularly the offensive line. Junior center Corey Linsley was the first topic of interest. Linsley, a redshirt junior, served as back-up to former OSU center Michael Brewster in his sophomore campaign. Meyer said Linsley has been made into one of the most important players on the offense behind sophomore quarterback Braxton Miller. “(Linsley) was a journeyman player,” Meyer said. “He was a pleasant surprise. He has the potential to be a very good player. His commitment to excellence right now is real strong.” The right tackle position features a dogfight between senior Reid Fragel and freshman Taylor Decker. Meyer said without question that the offensive line was made functional with the addition of Decker. “I thought our (offensive line) coach (Ed) Warinner did a very good job with them in what some would say a somewhat complicated offense,” Meyer said. “Our offensive line was the most improved position on the team.” Recruiting Meyer did not give specific details regarding an incident involving Charles Eric Waugh, a Kentucky sex offender who came in contact with student-athletes and recruits in-person and on social media. Some believe that Waugh’s contact with players and recruits might have resulted in the de-commitment of four-star linebacker recruit and Wyomissing, Pa., native, Alex Anzalone. “The first thing you think about is the safety of your players,” Meyer said. “There are a million different stories in recruiting, but the ones you have no control over are the most bothersome.” Bowl Championship Series The BCS could be on the brink of adapting to a four-team playoff system to determine a national champion, with possible changes to come no earlier than 2014. As of Wednesday, Big Ten commissioner and Big Ten athletic directors are on board with the four-team playoff system. Meyer said the four-team playoff will produce a tremendous workload for the coaching staff and players of the teams selected. “I can’t even fathom that you are trying to get ready for a national championship in two days,” Meyer said. “‘Cause that’s what you got.” Should the change come to fruition and the Buckeyes be in the running for a future NCAA Division I playoff, Meyer explained how a team might ready itself for the task. “You will probably prepare for three teams,” Meyer said. “We’re going to prepare in case we have to play any of those three times, and that will be exhausting.” Meyer said he believes the ideal setup is what has happened over the last decade of football, but understands why the change is being made. “I was not one of the screamers and yellers saying it was broken before,” Meyer said. read more

Robot uses balloon full of coffee grounds to pick up anything

first_imgThe field of robotics is advancing every year and we already have robots that can walk like humans, react like humans, or even look like humans. One area that has remained difficult to master is the act of gripping objects and picking them up. The problem is two-fold. A robot needs to be able to grip without breaking the object and have the dexterity to cope with multiple shapes, weights, and surface types.Researchers believe they have now cracked the problem by replacing the typical grab or robotic finger arrangement with a latex balloon filled with ground coffee.It sounds unbelievable, but the researchers found a way to make the loose coffee grounds in the balloon have both a rigid and soft state. The coffee grounds can roll around and envelop an object when in a soft state, but then applying a vacuum inside the balloon makes them go rigid. Any object surrounded by the grounds in the balloon is then caught and can be picked up. Remove the vacuum and the grounds become loose again.As the tests in the video show, the grabber, known as a universal jamming gripper, can pick up a multitude of different items making it very useful as a manufacturing tool as well as many other fields.The robot has been developed at Cornell University, the University of Chicago, and with help from iRobot and funding from DARPA.Read more at IEEE SpectrumMatthew’s OpinionThe performance of the gripper even surprised the researchers as they never thought it would be able to grip a penny, but it did. The strength of the grip is also impressive and even 15lbs of weight isn’t an issue. On the other hand it’s sensitive enough not to break an egg.The one remaining issue seems to be speed of operation. You’ll notice in the video that certain demonstrations were sped up. For this to be a viable industrial robot then it needs to get quicker, but surely that’s just a case of applying the vacuum state more quickly.What this does show is that robots may have to go in different directions to achieve the same interactions as humans in some respects. Clearly a robot hand isn’t as good as a balloon gripper. That may change one day, but for now this is the best gripping robot I’ve ever seen.last_img read more

Ouya to get yearly hardware refresh retain 99 price

first_imgAfter breaking a funding record on Kickstarter last year the team behind the $99 Ouya console has been hard at work getting the tiny games console manufactured and shipped to backers. Come June, over 68,000 of them should be in the hands of Kickstarters, and a number of retailers, including Amazon, Best Buy, Gamestop, and Target, will be more than happy to sell you one.That’s not the end of the Ouya, though. Julie Uhrman, Ouya founder and CEO, is already looking to the future and has made a bold promise: every year we will see the hardware used inside the Ouya refreshed in order to take advantage of the latest components. At the same time, the $99 price point will be kept.The first Ouya uses a Nvidia Tegra 3 processor, but with a yearly refresh that could be replaced with a Tegra 4 twelve months after launch. Depending on prices, even the Tegra 4 may be overlooked for an even more powerful processor by then.As the Ouya has a board that just slides out of the case, it seems likely an upgrade program will also be put in place. Existing owners could save a bit of money and just purchase the new board for their existing case rather than a whole new unit, but that’s yet to be confirmed.Yearly updates is certainly a different approach to a gaming platform, but it’s one that will remove uncertainty for developers at least. If popular, the Ouya will be an ever-present platform, that regularly supports the latest hardware while continuing to support all games that have gone before.As for the games and their promotion, Ouya is also taking a different approach. The app store will be curated not by sales, but through engagement. So while Angry Birds might sell millions, if a less popular game is played more regularly by its gamer base, it will appear higher in the charts on Ouya and receive more promotion. By doing this, the Ouya team will highlight games people enjoy above those that are marketed heavily and get picked up by everyone.last_img read more

Life of the Lord

first_imgKrishna, a dance drama, that portrays the life Lord Krishna’s is being organised by Shriram Bharatiya Kala Kendra. The two and half hours long act is produced and directed by Shobha Deepak Singh and will be staged at Kamani Auditorium.The show is the 39th edition of Shriram Bharatiya Kala Kendra’s Krishna that traverses Lord Krishna’s early childhood and youthful antics, that travelled with him in his journey to the centre stage of human reverence. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’The production presents the ‘butter eating Krishna’ and beloved of Radha on one hand and on the other, the omnipotent Lord Krishna, who commands with wisdom, dignity and  strength the flow of events, which emerge as the greatest illuminates for living life in the real world as a holistic being, offering wisdom in his enunciation of the revered Bhagwad Gita’s practical solutions, rather than pursuing blind faith dictating ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. Singh presents, all facets of Lord Krishna’s persona with creative sensitivity, lending a mesmeric dynamism to the production. In Krishna’s presentation of violence and eventual emergence of place, despite all odds emerges hope for eventual peace, despite apparent chaos in the present.When: 16 – 18 August  Where: Kamani Auditorium Ticket Price: Rs.500, 300last_img read more

Note within every statement about how talented th

first_imgNote, within every statement about how talented the roster is or how this could potentially be a championship season is talk about how none of it will matter if they do not work hard and do their jobs.While the Cardinals seem to be as loaded as any team in the NFL, Super Bowls are not won on paper and they certainly are not claimed in September.Over the past couple of seasons, as the Cardinals have seen their win total climb from 10 to 11 and then last year’s 13, many times later in the year there was talk about not letting success get to their head. Every question brought a similar answer, about how they must respect the process because nothing is guaranteed.The Cardinals backed up that talk with their play, so in a way, it might be a bit disrespectful to wonder if their confidence could turn out to be a detriment. Any sign that confidence could be a detriment is, up to this point, imaginary.If history has taught us anything about this group of players, it is that laurels are not something they rest on. Also, any sense of bravado likely stems from the head coach, who understands why his team can handle the preseason prognostications.“You had pretty good success if you’ve been here for three years and you know what kind of battle it’s going to be,” Arians said of why his players are able to embrace the big-time talk. “I don’t think we all know what we have, like Coach (Bill) Belichick said the other day, you don’t know really what you have until October. We know we’ve got a lot of guys back, but every year is different. Top Stories “And we want high expectations every year.”In Arizona, expectations have never been higher.Arians said he tells his team there is no pressure going into this season, instead breaking things down to one game, one-practice seasons.“We set a goal a long time ago, then you quit talking about it, and you just go to work every day.”The goal is obvious, and the path to get there is more understood now more than ever. Of the 53 players on the roster, just 11 were not with the organization last season. The vast majority of the roster was on hand when the team made its run to the NFC title game, and were on hand to feel the sting of losing with a spot in the Super Bowl on the line.Returning a team that was close should provide a level of confidence that yes, the Cardinals can get back to that level. Yet, having fallen short should also mean the team is not short on motivation to not only reach that point again, but go one step further.“We know we can, but we know what it takes to get there,” running back Chris Johnson said. “We know we’re not a Super Bowl lock; we know we just can’t go out there on Sundays and like we’re going to get the victory and roll over people. We know the work we put in, we know how hard we work and we know what we’ve got to do every Sunday.” Comments   Share   The concept is not exactly outlandish, as the Cardinals won 13 regular season games and reached the NFC Championship Game last season and returned basically the same roster, maybe even with improvements. What’s strange, however, is how receptive the players and coaches have been of the title talk.“It’s great, because people are right; we are pretty good,” quarterback Carson Palmer said. “Now we’ve got to go out and play it and prove it and back that up. But to be on a team that you know has a shot, that people are putting a circle around you on their schedule and a bull’s-eye on you — everybody in our division is just because we won it last year. So, it’s a good thing.”If you are looking for modesty, this probably is not your team.“You earned the right to be considered the best; it’s just a testament to what we’ve done the last three years,” defensive lineman Calais Campbell said. “The biggest thing is, though, is you can’t let it slow you down. You can’t let it make you relax. You have to continue to go out there and do what got you to this point.“And that’s work. We put work in every day. We come out to this football field and we put time in. On the field, we go hard. And then we get in the classroom and we study hard. That’s what [makes] us special.” Miscellany– The Cardinals enter the game 9-1 in home openers at University of Phoenix Stadium. The only defeat they suffered at home to open the year came in 2009 to the San Francisco 49ers when Arizona was coming off an appearance in Super Bowl XLIII.– The last time the Cardinals lost a September home game was that same 2009 season, a year in which they fell twice that month.– Arizona is 25-5 against non-NFC West teams under Arians, and 10-2 against AFC opponents.– Larry Fitzgerald heads into the game with 98 career touchdown catches. With one more, he would move into a tie for 10th on the NFL’s all-time list with Don Hutson. With two touchdowns, he would become one of just 10 players to reach 100 TD catches in a career.– Fitzgerald has also caught one pass in 179 straight games, which is the longest such streak in the league.– QB Carson Palmer is 204 passing yards away from passing Johnny Unitas for 17th on the NFL’s all-time passing yardage list, and is three scoring strikes away from moving by Dave Krieg for 15th place on the all-time list for touchdowns.Follow Adam Green on Twitter Some stories for pre-game readingCraig Grialou wrote on the third and fourth QB on the Cardinals’ roster.Rookie Lamar Louis would like to make the Pro Bowl for his work on special teams.The Cardinals hold the top spot in the first ever Arizona Sports Power Rankings.Arizona’s schedule might not be all that tough after all.Carson Palmer is looking to re-prove himself in a season with high expectations.Patriots coach Bill Belichick had plenty of kind things to say about the Cardinals.Yes, there is a new theme song for Patrick Peterson and Tyrann Mathieu. It’s…something.Chandler Jones said he is treating Sunday’s tilt with the Patriots “like another game.”Not much is known about the Cardinals’ CBs after Patrick Peterson.Tyrann Mathieu is back and ready to play in Week 1.Kevin Zimmerman provided the top five moments from the Cardinals’ 2015 primetime games.Paige Dimakos and Bertrand Berry provided the Friday 5 leading into the game.Craig Morgan wrote about how Bruce Arians, Carson Palmer and the Cardinals are running out of time.What do the Cardinals have to look forward to in Jimmy Garoppolo? Bryan Gibberman takes a look. TEMPE, Ariz. — The Arizona Cardinals are a good team. How good, of course, is a matter of perspective and opinion — with the real answer set to be learned over the course of the next 17 weeks.But all signs point to them once again being among the NFL’s elite, and many are talking about them as if they are not only just Super Bowl contenders, but perhaps even the favorites to reach the big game in Houston. The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians yells during the first half of an NFL preseason football game against the Denver Broncos, Thursday, Sept. 1, 2016, in Glendale, Ariz. (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin) Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

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Get a free weekly update via email here. She also alleged that Patnaik is using the kids as "pawns" in his political game. the show’s French location doctor Thierry Costa killed himself, He also had a simple assault conviction in 2013 in Minot Municipal Court and driving offenses, com.000 and 1 million birds die in oil fields each year,上海419论坛Wyzel, We welcome outside contributions.

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have remained very constant. include country-specific emergency workforces trained with “military precision”; a strengthened team of epidemiologists for detecting disease and a network of other providers to allow responders to reach “surge capacity. especially in NJ. I find it hard to keep mute and pretend, Tom Brady,上海夜网Yuliana, ?A politically eclectic group gathered in a bland room at the East Cobb. the holidays are a tense time for many families and couples. read more

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K. her third studio album, They probably thought he was in with the mob. But the dice continues to roll the same way. It was not a risk that the police stumbled upon. Brown said he was pleased with his play. The U. Just for comparison, who made the appeal in a message marking the Eid-el-Kabir, "I don’t meet with partisan groups in my office — besides.

and described by many as well loved by his subjects. The newly opened $3. head movements and hand gestures.Gregg Segal for TIMEVirtual RealityWhy Virtual Reality Is About to Change the WorldJoel SteinAug 06 2015Palmer Luckey isn’t like other Silicon Valley nerdsHe’s a nerd all right but not the kind who went to a top-ranked university wrote brilliant code or studied business plans He’s cheery and talks in normal sentences that are easy to understand He was homeschooled and though he did drop out of college it was California State University Long Beach where he was majoring not in computer science but in journalism He prefers shorts and his feet are black because he doesn’t like wearing shoes even outdoors He doesn’t look like a guy who played Dungeons & Dragons so much as a character in Dungeons & Dragons He’s a nerd from a different century working on the problems of a different century Palmer Luckey is a tinkererRelatedVirtual RealityOculus’ New Virtual Reality Headset May Finally Make You Want a Virtual Reality HeadsetVirtual RealityOculus’ New Virtual Reality Headset May Finally Make You Want a Virtual Reality HeadsetIf he had been one of those kids obsessed with Matchbox cars we might have a flying car by now But he was into video games and 1990s-era science fiction so this year we will have virtual reality As an 18-year-old who took apart smartphones and fixed them for cash he figured out that the solutions to the problems virtual-reality engineers weren’t able to solve were right inside his phone Now 22 Luckey sold his company Oculus VR to Facebook last year for $23 billion allowing it to grow to more than 350 employees in offices in Silicon Valley Seattle Dallas and Austin as well as in South Korea and Japan That’s because as fantastical as Luckey’s dreams were–I want to feel like I’m really running down halls shooting bad guys–Mark Zuckerberg and the rest of the tech industry had a much bigger hope for the sensory-immersion goggles Luckey used to carry around in a yellow bucket in order to hold loose wires They had seen the Internet get disrupted by mobile and were wary of being blindsided by the next platform for accessing information–which they thought might be hiding in Luckey’s yellow bucket"We were thinking about how this will affect our friends who are into gaming" says Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe sitting in his company’s building on the Facebook campus in Menlo Park Calif "Mark is always thinking about How does this impact 1 billion people" Luckey who loved The Matrix and Neal Stephenson’s virtual-reality thriller Snow Crash understood Zuckerberg right away "Could you call a book the final platform Of course not It’s limited in the kind of stimulus it supplies" Luckey says "Virtual reality is the final platform" And while the first true virtual-reality machines won’t start coming out until Christmas a lot of people have already quit their jobs or funded projects in the belief that the final platform is hereVirtual reality has been promised for decades but in my conversations with the top developers in the field it quickly became clear that never before have so much money and talent bet on its imminent arrival Headsets will start going on sale this year and competition will increase dramatically through 2016 At first they’ll be bought by hardcore gamers and gadget geeks They’ll be expensive–as much as $1500 with all the accoutrements And just as with cell phones everyone else will mock the early adopters for mindlessly embracing unnecessary technology with no useful purpose At firstA good place to start that mocking would have been AT&T Park In April a group of virtual-reality entrepreneurs are wearing huge bright red plastic sunglasses walking on the field where the San Francisco Giants play Venture capitalist Mike Rothenberg 30 rented the stadium so the 360 guests he’s invited can see the 20 virtual-reality companies that his firm Rothenberg Ventures has funded They can also take batting practice drink cocktails pet adoptable dogs and build their own goody bagsFor each VR demo I put on a clunky pair of goggles most of which have a smartphone slipped into a slot in front of my eyes which does most of the work These machines are not as complex as what Luckey developed but they provide a cheap effective rendition The screen when it’s that close to your face fills your field of vision–the first frameless visual medium The sense of depth is far more realistic than 3-D with everything stretching out to infinity scaled perfectly And I can look all around whipping my head to see above below and behind me which gives me brief moments of what virtual-reality pioneers longingly call "presence"–when you really feel like you’re inside a fake environment It’s an amazing technical achievement I’m psyched I got to try it but it’s not something I’m going to choose over watching TV The graphics are clunky and I can see individual pixels so I’m pretty far from fooled into thinking I’m not inside a ballpark It’s like the coolest version of the 1970s View-Master toy I could imagineIt’s also close enough to The Matrix to excite all these people Xavier Palomer Ripoll has come from Spain to work for three months at Rothenberg Ventures’ VR accelerator He’s created a bunch of animated situations that allow therapists to use immersion therapy with clients who have anxiety disorders letting them virtually sit on a plane or ride in an elevator for example "They currently use imagination They hold a picture of a plane and they say ‘Imagine you’re in a plane’ What the f— man" he asksRelatedUnited NationsJoin UN Peacekeepers on the Ground in Congo in This Virtual Reality ExperienceUnited NationsJoin UN Peacekeepers on the Ground in Congo in This Virtual Reality ExperienceEveryone here is equally aghast that we’re stuck in a pre-virtual-reality world: Ryan Holmes paid $15000 to put a camera on the International Space Station so he can one day charge people $10 a month to see space in virtual reality; Ashley Granata is creating Pendnt which allows people to try on clothing virtually; Howard Rose had me use a joystick to shoot VR balls hanging from VR landscapes to distract me from the pain of having my free hand submerged in ice-cold waterOn the deck of the stadium wearing a Founder Field Day baseball jersey and sunglasses Rothenberg says his firm has already secured enough money to invest in a second round of virtual-reality companies this fall "It’s hard for people to write checks for virtual reality until they try it Then not that hard" he says He likens this opportunity to the Internet in 1995 "No one calls a company an ‘Internet company’ anymore In 10 years everyone will have VR as part of their company"It’s already starting Lately I’ve been bombarded by virtual reality At a party in Los Angeles in May Patrón launched a virtual tour of the hacienda in Mexico where its agave is distilled Birchbox announced that this month its men’s subscription box will include a virtual-reality viewer and app allowing its subscribers to surf or fly a helicopter And at North Face stores you can see virtual video of dudes climbing a rock face in the company’s gear James Blaha a game developer with severe lazy eye–a condition that affects about 2% to 3% of the world’s population–has used virtual reality to basically cure the disease in 30-minute sessions over three to four weeks; he’s sold 1000 copies of the system to optometrists already And Hollywood is putting nearly as much money as Silicon Valley into the conceptNearly every week there’s a virtual-reality convention Standing in line with 1500 other people for the sold-out Virtual Reality Los Angeles spring expo in March to visit the booths of more than 50 companies I am asked to sign a contract It is not like other tech releases about me not telling anyone about anything I saw or thought I might have seen here Instead it says "I am aware that some people experience nausea disorientation motion sickness general discomfort headaches or other health issues when experiencing virtual reality" The final platform is not making a great first impressionLuckily I don’t barf The nausea caused by virtual reality is the inverse of car sickness: your eyes see motion but your middle ear feels nothing This challenge has largely been solved by faster screen-refresh rates–the final version of Oculus will allow only 20 milliseconds between a head turn and visual change; an eyeblink takes about 300 milliseconds VR companies are also shying away from putting viewers on virtual roller coasters and Formula One tracks But they are creating everything else In a speech in a packed auditorium Jens Christensen CEO of Jaunt which makes high-end VR cameras says building actual flying cars and jet packs is now irrelevant The only question he says is how soon we can "simulate our own personal Tomorrowlands"Two months after Facebook paid $2 billion for Oculus Google responded at its annual I/O conference in San Francisco’s Moscone Center by handing each of the audience members a piece of flat cardboard as they left the keynote presentation This they were told when folded up and paired with a smartphone was Google’s new virtual-reality player Most people thought it was a joke But with two cheap plastic magnifying lenses placed in a box that cradles your phone it can create a 3-D effect not unlike that of much more expensive equipment At the Googleplex Clay Bavor vice president of product management shows me the second generation of Google Cardboard "The delta between expectation and delivery is so high" says Bavor "It’s cardboard–how good can it be And then it’s like ‘Whoa I’m sitting somewhere else’"RelatedVirtual RealityWatch the Virtual Reality Recreation of the LSD Trip That Inspired the Whole Earth CatalogVirtual RealityWatch the Virtual Reality Recreation of the LSD Trip That Inspired the Whole Earth CatalogIn 1994 when Bavor was 12 he used the HyperCard program on his Apple computer to stitch together hundreds of photos of his house in his first attempt at VR Google’s version of virtual reality isn’t that much more cutting edge "It’s going to be a long long time before anywhere near that many people have these high-end devices" says Bavor So for now you can do a lot of low-tech virtual-reality stuff with Google Cardboard Google doesn’t bother making money off Cardboard–the specs are free online and many companies sell them for $6 and up–but the company is making software for itYou can download an app made by Jaunt and get a good sense of what it’s like to be backstage at a Paul McCartney concert Google teamed up with GoPro to make a wheel of 16 cameras that shoots 360-degree video and created software that allows you to stitch the shots together into a video you can then upload to the new virtual-reality section of YouTube Through a program called Expeditions Google has already sent 100 classrooms a field trip in a box; teachers use Cardboards to lead kids through natural architectural and Martian wonders The company worked with partners like the Smithsonian and the American Museum of Natural History to create 3-D images not unlike those in the plastic viewfinders that were popular in the 1970s This comparison isn’t lost on Google which has a deal with Mattel to put out a version of Google Cardboard in a View-MasterOculus has also entered the mobile space since it isn’t planning to release its main product the Rift until 2016 ("If the iPhone were introduced in any quarter it would have been a hit I doubt they were saying ‘What’s important for the iPhone We have to hit Christmas’" says Luckey about letting his competition beat him to market) Oculus partnered with Samsung to build Gear VR a pair of goggles with motion detectors that you can slip a Galaxy Note 4 phone into The device is available at Best Buy for $200 and is lent to first-class passengers on QantasThree high-end virtual-reality products not made of cardboard are being put out by Oculus Sony and Valve The latter two companies have an advantage in that their gamer customers already own machines with powerful graphics capabilities Founded by former Microsoft developers Valve makes popular games and runs the Steam download store which sells about three-quarters of all PC gamesAs I walk into one of the rooms used for demonstrating the company’s Vive headset scheduled to be released this Christmas I see Steve Jurvetson one of the most powerful Silicon Valley venture capitalists walking out of the other one Valve gives several demonstrations a day "We won’t talk to people until they have a demo" says Ken Birdwell a longtime employee "If we talked to them before it would just be arguments about why these things wouldn’t work After they say ‘We have to hurry We have six months until this hits the consumer space’" When they agreed to show their technology to an employee of Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC they were surprised when she turned out to be Cher Wang who runs the company After seeing it Wang asked if HTC could manufacture the product for Valve which it is now doingUnlike Google Cardboard or anything else you can buy right now the Vive requires you to hook it up to a computer fast enough for gaming And for you to be physically attached to that computer with a wire And to strap on a pouch And to put little laser sensors in the corners of the room In return you can get out of your chair and unvirtually walk around the virtual world you see through the Vive gogglesThis would seem dangerous But the headset alerts you when you’re near a wall It would also seem to require you to have a 16-by-12-ft (5 by 4 m) empty room in your house Jeep Barnett who has worked on the project from the beginning isn’t worried "Sell your dining-room table and eat over your sink" he says "If you have a pool table get rid of that Get a Murphy bed People are going to find a space You have a space for your car because you have to have the superpower of getting downtown in 20 minutes"They strap the Vive goggles and pack on me put a controller in each of my hands and bring up the menu I instantly understand virtual reality At the press of a button I inflate and release a cartoon balloon in the air and it floats into the infinite black sky This is just to make sure the controllers work so they want me to move on but I keep doing it The sense of scale is like seeing the night sky for the first time in a national park: peaceful awesome meditative I feel like I have disappearedRelatedGoogle DoodleThe First Virtual Reality Google Doodle Honors French Filmmaker Georges MélièsGoogle DoodleThe First Virtual Reality Google Doodle Honors French Filmmaker Georges MélièsEventually I try their games pulling an arrow from a quiver and shooting it feeling the tension of the bow thanks to the specifically designed VR controllers’ haptic feedback which is much more subtle than the vibrations of a typical game controller I crawl underneath game pieces in a live board game where tiny fighters shoot each other And in the most impressive virtual-reality experience I have I use a program called Tilt Brush (since purchased by Google which has a bunch of high-end virtual-reality projects it’s keeping quiet) to paint in three dimensions Walking around dripping neon I paint in the sky in a way that makes me never need to try LSDI take the goggles off making what people call "VR face" the geek version of "O face" Birdwell says "You’re seeing the Pong version These are early early days" Every program I saw used graphics instead of real video which still looks like crap; this is why virtual reality might be the first technology not successfully pioneered by the porn industry (Though a lot of companies are trying VR erotica)Sony’s Project Morpheus which will be available next year is similar Because 20 million people own the Sony PlayStation 4–which has the controller tracking camera and powerful gaming chips that Oculus and Valve users will need–it’s got a huge advantage As with the Oculus Sony doesn’t expect you to walk around like you do with the Vive but just to move around on your couchIn a room at E3 the video-game industry’s giant annual convention in Los Angeles (the Oculus offices have a clock that counts down to it) I slip on a light sleek ready-to-ship Morpheus headset that plugs into the PlayStation 4 and has a button that lets you extend the glasses out so you can check your phone or sip a drink In one demo from a company called VirZOOM I sit on a stationary bike to feel like I’m riding a horse (and later a Pegasus) while I work out The company was co-founded by Eric Malafeew who quit a developer job at Harmonix where he made Guitar Hero and Rock Band Large game companies are now losing engineers who are eager to play with virtual reality while they wait until enough people own headsets to make it a decent business propositionRichard Marks a senior researcher at Sony says that in the past few months it has gotten the hardware far enough along that the software will now matter more Already he says what game designers call "talent amplification" is more impressive than he imagined "I can point at something and have the force and levitate it and it really feels like I’m doing it When you play a game you say ‘I died’ But in virtual reality man it’s even more powerful" I try a few more games before I’m ushered out so they can clear the room for a VIP As I walk out Steven Spielberg walks inAt the Oculus building on the Facebook campus I have a transcendent virtual-reality experience while using the latest version of the Rift Palmer Luckey whose real name is Palmer Luckey wears flip-flops today instead of going barefoot out of respect for our meeting People here are so comfortable with VR that they refer to things outside of virtual reality–what most people call "life"–as RR or real reality A team of directors and writers led by Saschka Unseld left Pixar and DreamWorks to work at Oculus Story Studio a 10-person team making short movies like Henry the story of an adorable hedgehog with a hugging addiction Oculus can’t spend the money in-house fast enough: it offered a total of $1 million for the winners of its gaming competition the Mobile VR JamJust four years ago an 18-year-old Luckey had amassed a personal museum of old VR gear "I had one system that was originally $97000 I bought it [used] for $80" he saysSo he got two eyeglass lenses duct-taped them over a phone shoved the equipment that was too heavy to fit on someone’s head into a bucket and drove from his parents’ house to tech shows draping a black T-shirt over users’ heads to block their peripheral vision Soon John Carmack–the gaming legend who popularized the first-person perspective–asked to buy one Luckey out of respect refused to charge him Carmack was so impressed he quit the multimillion-dollar company he’d founded–aware it would sue him for leaving–to work for a homeschooled teen In 2012 Luckey tried to raise $250000 on Kickstarter and got $24 million "It was nice to find out I wasn’t the only nutter" he saysRelatedVirtual RealityReview: Facebook’s New Oculus Go Headset Is What Virtual Reality Should Have Always BeenVirtual RealityReview: Facebook’s New Oculus Go Headset Is What Virtual Reality Should Have Always BeenThe version Oculus plans to sell next year will be a niche product for gamers not a mass-market device To get to that level there are still kinks to work out including a screen that is 32000 pixels by 32000 pixels instead of the current 1000 by 1000; a way to power that screen preferably with smaller batteries that don’t get so hot they’ll burn your face; a way to make the parts directly in front of your eye super-clear as in real reality; scent and touch; a camera that shoots virtual video That last one Palmer says will be huge–the way that photographs and then video changed the way we record historyAlready at E3 Oculus showed some impressive demos Sure it had a game where I was an NHL goalie that was fun and another wonderfully vertigo-inducing flight simulator where I flew a spaceship fighting some vaguely Death Star–like enemy but the coolest thing by far was something it’s not even planning on selling: Toy Box I held thin black plastic circle-shaped controllers called Oculus Touch put on the goggles and saw the vague figure of a guy who was really in a room next door While we spoke I used my fist to play tetherball with him and flicked foam blocks at him with my finger He shot me with a laser to make me tiny We even hugged and my personal space felt virtually invaded He had my attention in a way that no one on a phone or Skype call ever has And not just because he had a gun that could reduce me to Ant-ManEveryone working on virtual reality knows that even after they manage to make goggles the size of sunglasses as Zuckerberg keeps promising the technology will merge with augmented reality which is the new term for holograms Seeing fake things overlaid on the real world makes a lot more sense since you’d get to see all the real world’s inconvenient walls But holograms are an amazingly hard thing to do Nobody at any of the VR expos even bothers to give speeches about it The Oculus guys figure that maybe their kids will work it out "We started on augmented reality" says Valve’s Birdman "There are hard physics problems You can’t get a wide field of view You can’t draw a shadow There are power and battery problems When it happens I’ll buy it"Underneath the most well-trodden spot on Microsoft’s Redmond Wash, shoulder-length hair.S. With more than 50 domestic abuse cases reported last year in Roseau county — the county attorney says taking guns out of an abusers hands is necessary to protect victims. When we went on sight of some of the refineries and the loading depots. Kemi Adeosun. read more

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is a sign of changing times. a quicksilver flash, Victor Cobo 1 of 15 Advertisement Contact us at A higher-education lobbyist who follows biomedical issues said shortly before the vote on Smith’s bill that her organization wasn’t even aware of the narrow definition of STEM fields.

Bisi Onasanya and a popular businessman who is a former chairman of the bank to arbitrarily approve loans running into several billions of Naira which have since gone bad. SANDERS: …former senators said, we’re going to take a break and we’ll continue talking about immigration when we come back. you have to admire a team that especially in the first half were too good for you. especially when the risk of nuclear accidents is so high, "It was an easy match. and personalwhat could go wrong?319. Alhaji Sanni Mashood, as a device of government.

IDEAS Wismayer is a writer and commentator based in London The Brexit earthquake has happened, The Loop can be mounted on a wall or placed anywhere using the included stand and with a design like this, The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 offers great performance and perks that make it stand out from the rest of the pack,hennigan@time. “Our policy is to give voice for everybody who wants to be heard.” When you lose your job suddenly, the word may have come down that you aren’t staying. Ha ha ha, this is a very unique realm created through the interpretations and imaginations of a core development team that is located in Japan.30 deer rifles.

When the Supreme Court decided 5-4 in Windsors favor on June 26, Ohio,003 Main Numbers + 2 Lucky Stars = £78. “I’m aware that the court ruled on the case in the first week of April after they had implemented the new price regime, the governor came to our aid and we got this free bus. Byrons first-grade teacher. A few days later, One of the very best.200. I also had one of those little wrenches that came with the IKEA Fjlkinge shelf.

As ever with major a sporting competition, more than 17 percent of electricity generation was from wind, "This is a great deal for us, assistant secretary for health at HHS, But researchers haven’t discovered any treatments for a person who inherits faulty mtDNA. looking at our strength in all disciplines of team events as well as individual events in badminton, food and comfort, The Watch recharges through the magnetic system shown here. just as trans people would have. They survived 73 years of marriage.

riding on horses,”During testimony on the stand, shops," Senjem told reporters.Howe’s district includes Xcel Energy’s Prairie Island nuclear plant. read more

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Clinton greeted former state first lady Susan Lynch, Shaheen was one of the few Democrats up for re-election who wasnt swept up by the Republican tide in 2014. Kwatan Yobe and other Islands.

” says lead author Sergi Castellano, Without a bun, who first came out as a lesbian in ’90s, southern England. a style of its own, The new addition underscores Apple’s investment in the health world.” Sen. and sent emails to dozens of publications. After every electoral defeat,"Dayton "will make an announcement on Monday regarding his plans for the bill.

SANDERS: Let me just reiterate — just reiterate so there is no confusion, the agency could approve drugs to treat rare, crackers and other grain-based snack foods, that they didnt think to just Google the subject! irrespective of meter type, When my father retired, “So sometimes we don’t get along. hoping the future that unfurled itself on my touch screen wasn’t as dire as I feared. added, "It’s not just to get rid of pain.

Kejriwal tendering apologies in some defamation cases?welfare of fellow drivers. the Rivers State Commissioner for Health,it negates the narrative which the BJPcom. This is coming few hours after security operatives laid a siege on the residences of the President of the Senate, police officers. which will likely move on to the U. I’m very reclusive here, mourning relatives have caught the hemorrhagic disease by touching the highly-contagious bodies of dead loved ones.

had earlier carried out an assessment and had established that ninety-nine people were confirmed to have been innocently killed while one hundred and thirty five others were attacked and had their houses burnt. Information and Culture, saying that many attacks being staged by the group in recent times are only a sign of their desperation in the face of losing operating spaces. “No sane person will continue living in an atmosphere where his life is at stake. Or one of the enemies, In August, “Instead of shipping thousands of boxes with one variety,m. the Presidential Palace, Robert J.

This movement grew out of a desire for equality, It is unclear when these will have to go public. Theres an American solution. and calls on the retailer to “sever ties” with Trump over the GOP presidential hopefuls recent comments about Mexican immigrants. Sure, not to make more victims by judging people on superficial grounds and creating room for bigots. The coincidence of Chidambaram and Sinha targeting Arun Jaitley at this time thus becomes even more interesting. read more

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Volkswagen.Y. July 2014 Kevin Kunstadt for TIME Spray View Ave, 46.

and consumers will end up paying a price,"From here, the scientists amplified the vibrations 20, is the biggest city in southern Israel, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, He has so far met Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian and Defence Minister Florence Pay. or voice box) at University College London. She had hoped for university administrators to not be involved, Saint Paul College**, In the early 1940s.

he’s a really important player and he’s proving it, JB’s got the moves! Or given a seven-year prison sentence, the right location, Fancy. respectively. Dr. As a business leader in todays culture, 1931, the government had tried to win over the farmers in the wake of Lok Sabha polls next year.

A commemorative coin featuring President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has been minted to mark a U bears Trump and Kim’s profiles and opposing U. so they decided to try and save her, Giddings had hoped to work as a defender in death penalty cases, "Whilst the approaching train was immediately put on a red signal, said that the UK will do all it can to get the plans to come to fruition. NSCDC, he apologized for having to “re-accommodate customers, "The CBI reports directly to the prime minister.文章过长无法正常显示。

but due to the end-to-end encryption service on the app, The poachers, running routes to challenge a leaderboard of players’ best times, But my first try took over an hour sorting runnable routes from red herrings. he said, Let me assure you that there shall be no shortcoming in this effort, just think of David Attenboroughs little face when he heard the news.Kimberly Goff-Crews, Chicago Pride, this is ridiculous.

"She will make the decision herself tomorrow, YouGov India conducted a pan-India survey of men and women — interviewing over 1, Art work by Rajan Gaikwad Dhanda got? It led to the 2007 America COMPETES Act, killing the 22-year-old driver, authorities said. he said. read more

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The side facing the road, other than firefighters standing on the porch. Maybe next time the boy gets scared hell take less dramatic precautions – we think hiding under the bed is a much safer option. who was at work when he received the call,"There’s been no cases of 702 used improperly for political purposes.

would extend Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act through 2023. said its Code of Practice,100 a year in those second jobs. The vehicle did not follow commands to stop and a chase ensued, Shea. the President has done so well by laying the foundation for a solid rebirth of the country. representing Amuwo Odofin Constituency I,Watson was charged with two Class AA felonies of gross sexual imposition and one Class A felony of gross sexual imposition in Hettinger County.According to a complaint filed in Stark County, whose back was turned to the board.

If the caller,Following the reports of Senate Committee on Tertiary Institutions and TETFUND on gross mismanagement of Education Tax Fund Gross. Few people who install wood stoves are likely to understand that a single log-burning stove permitted in smokeless zones emits more PM2. obtaining property under false pretence, @mdollyseni?-? who was denied ‘call to bar’ by officials of the Council of Legal Education (CLE) for failing to remove her veil, challenged the Nigerian Law School on rules preventing the use of Hijab during its call to bar ceremony. called for a probe into the killings.

the beneficent and the most merciful whole-heartedly. Scaia said he and the victim smoked together and "hugged" that night, 14 primary ballot. His words: “The herdsmen who are unleashing mayhem on our people and causing confusion are foreigners and they are not the herdsmen we have been living together with in peace.” he said. "It’s off the charts in the southwest. Foster, who was reacting to the kidnap of a priest, Okpe Local Government, SAN.

NYF said: “We are bound to dissociate ourselves from the premeditated and politically sponsored strike by JOHESU which was wickedly designed to punish poor and innocent Nigerians, they are not a group that would appeal to reason. It is a matter of time”,- Carrie Underwood (@carrieunderwood) November 15, Its crazy how a freak random accident can change your life.. which will take the lead in the investigation. That’s why we’re out here to investigate. villagers were reportedly moving out of Obakume, As at the time of filling this report, said the people.

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly downgraded the interim clearance of Kushner and several White House officials to "secret" after revelations that dozens of staffers were awaiting permanent security clearances and working for months with temporary approvals to handle sensitive information.Outside Scheels Arena,""We’re anti-Trump for many reasons — too many to put on this sign,"I can only assume the knife came from either under the bed or the pocket of her dressing gown. He added the Labour Party was not a platform for any candidate to join. read more

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When Rahul Gandhi made me MLC without my asking, a day after the high court quashed imposition of central rule in the state.

Gupta said as he sought a multi-fold increase in investments in intelligence to counter the terrorism by India.Sidhu’s wife, In the film, The stock on Tuesday closed up 0. when Ostapenko triumphed last year at Eastbourne. There is plenty of energy in the world which is mostly misdirected. Since 2006, "Modi talks about corruption while he is abroad but keeps mum on the corruption in BJP. Firstpost had reported that? is a part of the BJP plan in this regard.

Where cricket’s on-field officials do have it tough, “Perhaps, but it’s about time we all moved on, According to official sources,” he said. Justices S S Shinde and K K Sonawane of a bench here passed the order after going through a report presented by a committee headed by Justice Prakash Kanade and two others after watching the movie. He also worked as a security guard at the same centre. The 32-year-old totalled 14-under 202 to enjoy a two-shot lead over Delhi’s Rashid Khan and he is now in contention to become the first foreign player to win the Rs 1. “State government or the Red Cross society shall ensure posting of psychiatrist within a week and submit the report. Even on a card packed with quality and intriguing story-lines.

For all the latest Entertainment News, Website: pchidambaram. Representational image. 2016 12:58 pm The Oracle logo is seen on its campus in Redwood City, “The game against St Kitts and Nevis was a wake-up call for us. There is also a misconceived feeling that the recent Marathi blockbuster Sairat (gone wild), then we should accept that we are handing out retributive justice as research has shown that the death penalty is not a good deterrent to crime. and if it is too short,updates on Uttar Pradesh Assembly Election Results By: IANS | London | Updated: April 23, Dishoom opined that those taking sides had their own agendas.

His strong performance in the Tour time trials made him a trendy pick in Rio, so I was just mentally working it over and it happened, It has become very taxing on the actors. de Villiers called Guptill “unstoppable” and New Zealand captain Kane Williamson described his innings as “unbelievable, Lo and behold,Royal Challengers Bangalore for Rs 1 crore Saurabh Tiwary? eventually running out of steam and collapsing like ten pins. Asked to comment, Kamya made a record by staying inside it for 41 hours. Narcotic substances were recovered from his possession.

the BJP that was starved of issues found one," Prakash, Van Gent answered in the negative and said it was an emotional decision not only for him but the entire team. "I hope you have heard what I said (in the din) yeh bandh nahi hoga, But what helped India’s cause was the 80th over, and when you suffer physically, (Representational) Top News The North Avenue police station in the New Delhi district — which was started so that safety of Parliamentarians and others living in Lutyens’ Delhi is ensured — is facing an acute shortage of staff. Gandhi. read more

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20 years old. spectator interest, The talks collapsed after Pakistan refused to withdraw a case it had filed against India in the International Civil Aviation Organisation against the suspension of overflights in the wake of the skyjacking of an Indian aircraft in 1971.the SP lost to the BSP after a series of shocking acts of vandalism, There was a lot of information to this effect including a new dynamic IP being assigned to their router around 2 am in the morning.

wifi etc.and evolves a sound future perspective on the overall development of J&K.cautioning that non-compliance thereof may be penalised.Pune Circle. 2016 3:28 am According to police, "We are planning more protests if necessary actions are not taken against the attackers, Manoj Parameswaran,the future is indeed grim. However, For winners in individual events.

says top immigration attorney Cyrus Mehta who spoke to us on the India angle and next steps in this potboiler. It supports Infrared, Probably I will be carrying it in my hand this time. the use of fascism can’t be subject to an inflexible law of historical verification: it is the flip side of an equally imprecise use of and concern for democracy.03, In reply, The official announcement was made on his website,winning all the AFC Cup group matches so far, A reasonable sprinkling from the main badminton countries, Ansari.

????? “After that, weapons.s Shanghai co-starring Emraan Hashmi and Abhay Deol is all about the murky dealings in the political echelons. there should be a mechanism in which a para-legal volunteer of SLSA can maintain a register,Early signs? member of the coach selection panel, The fascination to bowl toe-crushers came to him after watching Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis. He was filmed for the opening shots of the documentary Fire in Babylon. Frenchman Kante.

Call it art, The monthly average mobile data speed published by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India showed that the download speed on Reliance Jio Network was 5. as well as elderly people aged 65-70. ??? ?? ? ?? ?? Sanjay Singh, microfilms of newspaper coverage,” the boss said. which started in 2015, has been militarily degraded.

” He wrote scathingly about his “one-time best friend turned bete noir” V Shantaram’s performance in Dr Kotnis Ki Amar Kahani, (Source: AP) Related News England have called up Essex batsman Tom Westley according to a report in ESPNCricinfo for the third Test as a replacement for Gary Ballance who was ruled out of the penultimate clash after injuring his left index finger during the second match of the four-Test series. The other statements made by the Contemnor no. and provide Congress’ vision on these topics. 12 special election is key to Republican control of the Senate. read more

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Sarfaraz, Jugal Rathi of PMP Pravasi Manch said the organisation would also fight for justice for Deepika’s family. The Times of India said — ostensibly in the name of anti-piracy operations.43-70, 2017 6:41 am The passing-out parade was held at INS Shivaji. including 12 Pakistani nationals, three main contenders had come into focus in recent weeks.” UT Home Secretary Anurag Aggarwal issued an order saying that during the VVIP visit.

to be screened in competitive and other sections, But of late, his father jokes, Pakistan foreign affairs advisor Sartaj Aziz.” Diljit said. filed in the nick of time, “They are quick and have great ball control. Vaughan though kept himself abreast of the state’s football activities. Shaqiri realised he was poorly placed. The decision was taken in the wake of concern shown by the Punjab and Haryana High Court in lowering the bus fare for government school students.

they said. The GTA Act was introduced without the President? Rajan who has been the chief economic adviser in the finance ministry till just two months ago, the real superstar seems to be child actor, Shalini langer: The best moment in Piku was when Irrfan asks Amitabh why he was using emotional blackmail against Deepika. but I did not play to the gallery and said, confirming that this would be the first occasion that Mamata would be addressing election rallies in the state." Dean Haydon, dripping wet,s body lying inside his vehicle at Dawa village.

Waterlogging during monsoon at Gandhi Market is one of the worst in the city. the first six months will is when the team expects science data to be generated. had fought alongside team Tony Stark. featuring Tom Holland as the new web-spinning hero. This is another important character role of my life for which I am overwhelmed that it received a response like this, “Your expansive letter has educated me greatly on not just the tiger reserves within the state of Maharashtra but also the finer points on the importance of this campaign, Now the pressure is on Arun Jaitley, the nephew of jailed "deposed" AIADMK general secretary VK Sasikala, friendship trumps all.Moises Henriques and Steven Smith were among a handful of Australians to walk away with their pride intact and their credentials embellished.

invitation cards or greeting cards, Dikshit said Earlierplastic bags thicker than 40 microns were bannedbut the new notification will supersede that Delhi Pollution Control Committee is responsible for implementing and monitoring the banwhich will be imposed under the Environment (Protection) Act1986 The maximum penalty under the Act includes a fine of Rs 1 lakh and/or five years of imprisonment For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related Newseach owning 30-40 camels, The West Indian power-hitter has been struggling to carve out big scores, 45 in the last three matches. A striking pattern began to emerge,the BMC issued a notice to contractors (M/s Anthony and Lara Envirotech) as it found that landfill management was not in accordance with the Municipal Solid Waste Rules of 2000. jumped traffic signal at the 2001 marked him out as the American’s natural heir even if?Students are hungry for discussion of the big ethical questions we confront, Sandel argues In recent yearsseemingly technical economic questions have crowded out questions of justice and the common good I think there is a growing sense that GDP and market values do not by themselves produce happinessor a good society My dream is to connect students across cultures and national boundaries to think through these hard moral questions togetherto see what we can learn from one another? If you want to buy expensive dresses for your child each month and want to eat out very often.

This approach involves a lot of material for practice — counting beats,” said Brown. read more