Total domestic consumption in Croatia is about one million hectoliters

first_imgIn the wine-growing year 2016/2017 The total domestic consumption of wine in Croatia is about 1 hectoliters, according to data from the Central Bureau of Statistics.Wine balance in the wine year 2016/2017 it includes the following items: total, which consists of production, total imports and initial stocks, total consumption, which consists of total domestic consumption, total exports and final stocks, and the degree of self-sufficiency and consumption for human consumption per capita.Other wines have the largest share in total domestic consumption, with 50,8% (slightly more than 509 hectoliters). In the wine-growing year 000/2016 the average consumption per capita was about 2017 liters of wine, while the degree of self-sufficiency is about 22%.Source: CBSIn production the most represented wines with a protected designation of origin (59,2%)Production of wine with a protected designation of origin in the wine-growing year 2016/2017 is 449 hectoliters. Varietal wines in the total production are represented with 760%, and other wines with 6,4%.RELATED NEWS:ISTRIAN WINERY ANNOUNCED THE DEVELOPMENT OF A STRATEGY FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF WINE AND VITICULTURE UNTIL 2030CROATIAN WINES ARE INCREASINGLY RECOGNIZABLE IN EUROPElast_img read more

Will Pula get a tram again? It would be a complete hit

first_imgIt is a great idea and project of engineers Livio Nefat and Ivan Skol who are just finishing the project on the introduction of an electric tram in Pula by reactivating the abandoned railway tracks in the city, writes Voice of Istria.The introduction of an electric tram along the waterfront would significantly reduce traffic summer congestion and eliminate the collapse of the streets of Pula. As no one has thought of that before and why the project has not been realized for a long time, the question arises, because the advantages are multiple.The calculation shows that almost a million people pass through the waterfront in Pula every year, and the highest concentration is logical in the summer months. They are all potential users of the future tram. Instead of cars entering the city and too narrow roads, they could board the tram in large parking lots.Ultimately, the benefits would be manifold. The city would use its abandoned resources – the railway and solve in an environmentally friendly way part of the traffic jams. “Thousands of tourists a day from suburban tourist areas, from settlements, camps, hotels from various places in Istria come to the center of Pula in summer by car and bus to see its sights, to board boats for tourist tours or go to evening performances in the Arena. They park wherever they reach in the city center, and more and more in the large parking lots offered at the entrance to the city – on Mandrač, the flooded part of the Riva in the north, and on the Field of Mars and the former Industrokem in the south. There are currently no adequate targeted means of transport. Walking in the summer at 35 degrees is a problem for everyone. After all, they want to be comfortable, they just can’t walk, they would like to ride”Points out Livio Nefat for Glas Istre.According to his idea, an ecological tram would initially run on the so-called the northern part of the tram route from the parking lot on Mandrač near the railway station and then along the waterfront all the way to the Forum. If the railway was extended as planned and realized the southern part of the bisector, the tram would take tourists and other passengers from the Forum to the future garage on the Field of Mars, where there are other larger parking lots. Tourists would therefore leave their vehicles in the mentioned parking lots, Mandrač and Marsovo polje in order to go to the city by public transport – electric tram.According to the business plan they prepared, the first phase of the investment is worth around five million kuna, and it could pay off within three years. The calculation shows that nearly a million people a year walk along the waterfront to see the city and the city’s cultural sights, board boats, excursion boats, buses on the waterfront or go to a concert and other events at the Arena. They are all potential users of the future tram.In addition to connecting the entire city, both vertically and horizontally, the authors of the project think much more broadly, and thus state that this way can connect the airport to the city and the future cruise terminal.The wish of the author is to present the Project “Tw” upon completion to the city of Pula. It is the City that decides whether it wants to get involved and bring it to life or not. Without them, realization is not possible, among other things, due to the availability of financing channels through European money. In this way, the entire project would be easier to start and later develop.Photo: City of PulaThe Pula tram started running 114 years ago, so it fell into oblivionBy the way, it is interesting that in 1904 an electric tram was ceremoniously put into operation in the City of Pula, which marked the very beginning of city traffic in the 20th century. But, with the end of the First World War, the tram stagnated and, after 30 years of service, the “good old tram” ?? it ceased to operate on April 16, 1934, and was replaced by buses as we know them today.Source: Glas Istrelast_img read more

Split’s electric surfboard is a new product that will be available this summer on the Adriatic

first_img“What we get with the hydrofoil is silence, when we separate from the surface we lose that shock wave and then when we connect it to an electric drive that is inherently quiet and clean and there is no gasoline smoke, it seemed to me the ideal combinationHe told HRT. The maximum speed that this surfboard can reach is up to 30 kilometers per hour. It is powered by a remote control, and the electric motor is powered by a battery that lasts from 45 to 60 minutes. All parts are produced in Croatia, more precisely in a workshop in Split, and assembling and disassembling the board is very simple. More information on Plurato Sailfin boards can be found HERE. “Hardware development is a more complex and long-term process than software development because it requires a lot more research work. We started developing the electric surfboard, which is based on hydrofoil technology, almost three years ago, but we managed to make the first prototype within just a few months. We did the first tests in the middle of summer 2017, and we collected very important data through test drives, which were useful for our development and improvements.”, Notes Mijač. “As far as we know, there are only a few similar startup projects in the world because it is an innovation. The average estimated price of such a board is around 10.000 euros, and we will try to position ourselves on the market with a slightly lower price because we managed to optimize the production process. Thanks to previous projects and some improvements, we believe that this price could be sustainable”, Emphasizes the director of Plurato, Nino Mijač, for Only a few companies in the world are developing this type of surfboard, so the only question is who will launch the most functional board first. Very interesting and unique products such as this surfboard, certainly greatly contribute to Croatian entrepreneurship and innovation, as well as the tourist offer.center_img Photo: Facebook / Plurato Sailfin The novelty that comes to us from Split this time is surfing on electricity. Namely, these are electric surfboards that will be available on the market this summer. A group of masters from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture in Split designed and made surfboards that operate on the principle of hydrofoils and electric motors called Plurato Sailfin. Development Director Miljenko Polić followed the technology of hydrofoils for a long time and decided to combine these two technologies into one, unique surfing experience.last_img read more

After Dubrovnik and Rovinj introduced special conditions for the installation of ATMs in the old town

first_imgRELATED NEWS: DUBROVNIK: ATMs are leaving the old town  At the same time, when setting up and choosing the location for setting up ATMs, it is necessary to take into account the prescribed conservation guidelines. The City of Rovinj has determined special conditions for the installation of ATMs on the facades of buildings, all with the aim of preserving and arranging the facades in the area of ​​the cultural and historical ensemble of the City of Rovinj-Rovigno. Namely, according to the decision of the city of Rovinj, ATMs can be installed only after the user obtains the necessary approval of the competent department, ie the Administrative Department for Utilities and Construction and after obtaining special conditions and prior approval from the competent conservation department for setting up ATMs. determine the acceptability of the intervention. All ATMs installed without the approval of the competent department must be removed as soon as possible, and no later than 15 days from the date of the Conclusion. ATMs that are not removed within the prescribed period will be removed by the competent city authorities. More attached: Conclusion on the conditions for granting permission for the installation of ATMs on the facades Photo: / HrTurizamlast_img read more

Arena Hospitality Group helps Pula General Hospital

first_imgAHG donated 35 LCD TVs to the hospital to make it easier for patients to stay, donated about 100 “lunch packages” a day for the hospital’s medical staff, and made their employees available to help prepare for moving into the new hospital premises and cleaning. recent immigration to hospital wards. Due to the crisis situation caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic, Arena Hospitality Group dd is making its opportunities available to help the local community and the population to overcome the difficult situation in which we all find ourselves. “Arena Hospitality Group wants to make its contribution with the desire that the extraordinary situation in which we live ends as soon as possible with the easiest possible consequences, but will also continue to monitor the situation and continue to help the community and citizens of Pula, Istria and Croatia”Point out the Management Board of Arena Hospitality Group.center_img Due to the long-standing good cooperation with the General Hospital Pula, they decided to help financially, but also by making their employees available according to their abilities.last_img read more

Neven Ivandić, IZTZG: Why should we not take tourism for granted?

first_imgIn the end, Ivandić concludes that for a brighter future of our tourism, we must begin to deal with the collaborative process of harmonizing the determinants of spatial planning and strategic and operational tourism management. It is a process that, by questioning the balance between long-term preservation of natural and cultural heritage, quality of life of local population and market pressures, establishes a kind of destination ‘guide’ for unwavering design, implementation and monitoring of appropriate mechanisms and measures – real – sustainable tourism development. If we want to strategically and sustainably develop our new tourism paradigm, we must certainly provide answers to all questions that are open in professional work. We should have thought about these topics a long time ago, but now is the right time to reset, reposition and create new healthy and sustainable foundations of our tourism. The song speaks directly and simply about the ‘gravity’ of the law of capital and the ‘impressive / enormous’ growth potential of international arrivals, which tourism in its quest for the ‘original’ often pulls towards the ‘fake’. The results of this campaign, which has been going on for decades, are quite clear in overtourism, scenery and musealization, tourist gentrification, excessive consumption of natural and cultural assets, and especially the consumption of space. And then the wonder of the crown lockdown. ‘It wears him out – It wears me out’ – he devoted a lot of thought and wrote words about the meaning of the verses of Fake Plastic Trees, says Neven Ivandić from the Institute of Tourism in his professional work and adds that for someone trying to think about the transformative power of tourism, especially in the face of health pandemic threats, it is intuitively clear. In addition to the positive and negative sides of tourism in Croatia, Ivandić wonders whether we are ready to try to compare them more seriously, in order to really establish a framework for building long-term sustainable tourism development. Why we should not take tourism for granted is explained by a new paper on the impact of the current pandemic on tourism, written by Neven Ivandić. Side dish: Fake Plastic Treesi – Ph.D. Neven Ivandić The current situation around the coronavirus will start the process of establishing new factors for the success of tourism in the future. Isn’t that the basis for building the future competitive abilities of the Croatian tourist market competition? Numerous opportunities are opening up, Ivandić emphasizes. So much to adapt, change, innovate. And a lot to communicate with the market. Where are we? “Let’s not take tourism and what it brings us for granted”Concludes Ivandić in his work. Read the entire professional paper in the attachment. Due to these current viral preoccupations, we must not lose sight of, intentionally or unintentionally, numerous other, fundamental, issues that determine the development position of Croatian tourism. Especially the one aimed at seeking a common strategic orientation towards long-term raising the quality of the tourist product as a key tool with which we can and should enter a developmentally competitive competition, says Ivandić, adding that this is probably a key precondition for establishing a framework for future sustainable development imposes the need to establish a coordinated, vertical and horizontal, management mechanism that should enable us to finally manage tourism, and not for tourism to manage us by giving us only, ‘for granted’, the illusion of success. Imbalances that are most clearly manifested in excessive pressure on the use of local resources due to the relationship between product market and factor market, as well as imbalances arising from the destination as a meeting place of different forces and relations of interest and identity of tourists, entrepreneurs and locals. Photo: Institute for Tourism / / Illustration: HrTurizam Does the globally, perhaps only declaratively, accepted concept of sustainability have the power to really overcome the almost immanent imbalances that characterize tourist destinations? – Ivandić asks. This is certainly necessary, and now we have been given an unwanted opportunity to reflect on all the challenges. Are we ready to change at all and do we recognize the need to change? In any case, I definitely recommend that you read the entire professional paper of Neven Ivandić, who opened and elaborated the real questions and topics, and set interesting hypotheses.last_img read more

Parties should work together in Nisky

first_imgCategories: Letters to the Editor, Opinion More from The Daily Gazette:Puccioni’s two goals help Niskayuna boys’ soccer top Shaker, remain perfectEDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationNiskayuna girls’ cross country wins over BethlehemEDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homesFoss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen? According to The Gazette, Denise Murphy McGraw greeted Yasmine Syed with a partisan challenge, saying the Dems still have control and nothing is going to change. This sounds like Washington, D.C., where political conflicts have paralyzed the legislative process. Politicians, please remember you are working for the electorate, not for your political party.So let’s try that welcome again with, “Welcome supervisor-elect. Niskayuna is a great place. How can we work together to keep it that way?”I’m a registered voter but I don’t belong to any political party. I’m old enough to remember when politicians worked together to accomplish great things for this country.I dread the thought of the Washington, D.C., morass smothering the town where I have lived for more than 40 years.Andy FosterNiskayunalast_img read more

My daughter would still be alive if I’d known the danger

first_imgResearch shows that, contrary to conventional wisdom, almost 25 percent of suicide victims go from decision to attempt in a mere five minutes, and 70 percent take less than an hour.One impulsive moment explodes into tragedy. We secure guns. Likewise, we should secure medication. Because it isn’t just opioids that can kill.Two children now sleep in my house, where once slept three.A locked medicine chest now sits beneath my sink.The price online was $48.99. Not having it earlier — that was the real cost. It is a price no parent should pay.Jordan Magill is a writer living in Silver Spring, Md.More from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsFoss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?EDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusEDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationEDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homes Statistics quash any notion of this as hyperbole.Children suffer staggering death and injury rates from legal prescription medications.In 2013, according to the CDC, almost 60,000 children arrived at the ER due to overdoses. More than 1,700, in 2014, based on NIH research, died due to prescription drugs. These rates are all rising.The issue isn’t good kids vs. bad kids. It isn’t whether your kid is smart. Or kind. Or behaves.The issue is young brains being undeveloped.A kid at home with an unsecured medication might just as well be left with a loaded gun.No child should be so vulnerable. Nor can you assume “I’d know if it were my child.” The same pharmaceutical magic that allows for steady time release holds the black dog of my depression at bay — tiny particles of slow-dissolving medication designed to pass with ease and rapidity into the intestines — makes them unpurgeable. Irony, meet tragedy.Our daughter plainly expected to wake up in the morning.Last texts with friends speak about weekend plans. She wrote with youthful excitement about an upcoming trip.My wife tucked her in, gave her a kiss.During the night, she slipped into a coma. A massive seizure. And she was dead.The crazy parental nightmare: tucking a child in bed, finding her dead come morning. So many questions.We will never know what she was thinking. Why she took those drugs. Why she vomited. Categories: Editorial, OpinionA little foreknowledge, plus about $50, and my daughter would have lived to see 13. The amount keeps me awake.Many of us spend more each month at Starbucks. Not pocket change, it’s not enough to change your life. Or so I thought.Like every parent, I’d received a dumpster full of child-rearing warnings. The warnings started with pregnancy. They continue to the present day. Why then is my daughter not in her room texting friends, but in the cemetery? It was the warning never given.To begin near the end, one morning last May while I was showering, my wife burst into the bathroom.Our daughter, then 12, wouldn’t wake up. I ran downstairs, naked and dripping, and found her on the floor, unresponsive.I pulled her into the middle of the floor, began pounding on her chest. Our other daughter dialed 911. But few parents think about the pharmacy in the bathroom.Few are ever warned. The pediatricians tell everyone of dangers: grapes (halved!), electrical sockets (covered!), promiscuity (don’t!), screen time (not too much!).Sure, we read brochures about toddlers mistaking pills for candy, and kept caps well secured. That, however, was years ago.Yes, we knew of the danger of opioids (and therefore kept none in our house).No one mentioned securing other pharmaceuticals from adolescents and teens.Our medicine cabinet, the unlocked arsenal of our family tragedy. Now, at a friend’s house, spotting a vial of medicine for convenience sake left on a windowsill is enough to bring a panic attack.Medicine bottles on their bathroom counter look like shotguns. The EMTs pulled me — still dripping, still naked — off her and rushed her to the hospital. The ER doctor, a soft-spoken woman who looked half my age, put her hand on my shoulder.My brilliant, bubbly daughter showed “no brain function.” Ever full of life, she was dead.My wife and I pieced together the course of events from the autopsy report.A day earlier, sometime around 5 p.m., our daughter swallowed a palm full of my prescription anti-depressants, more than 10 times my daily dosage.Right after, she vomited.That evening, she told her friends and us about vomiting. Like any parent, we took her temperature (normal), got her some fluids (ginger ale), and put her to bed early. She never told us about the pills. Critically, this particular drug is time-release.Once capsules rupture, the medication cannot be purged. Vomiting does nothing to rid the body of the poison, a fact to which we are sure she was ignorant (since we were). These unknowns haunt us.Her social media was unremarkable, rife with all the usual drama of adolescents. We will never know that “why.” The question haunts us, and still we have no idea.Much of what we do know applies to every adolescent: Her brain was a teenager’s brain.Despite abundant cleverness, she lacked an adult’s grasp of consequences.Mature decision-making was still eight to 12 years away. Emotional tumult often rules teenagers’ lives.Things that, for an adult, might seem minor, even trivial, can provoke terrible actions. The possible act, not the incendiary, is the grave risk. That’s why many parents who don’t own guns choose not to, why gun-owning parents lock up weapons.last_img read more

Keep discourse on more mature level

first_imgCategories: Letters to the Editor, Opinion Re Feb. 14 letter, “Trump, cronies show their true character”: I know Mary Kuykendall quite well, as she and I were associates at GE. She’s an articulate and knowledgeable woman. So it was a surprise to see her letter where she has joined so many others suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS). She’s now reduced to name calling of the president and the entire White House. Folks, if you have something constructive to say, let’s hear it. But if all you’re going to do is call Trump and his supporters names like 90 percent of the mainstream media, then you aren’t helping our country. I’m proud of President Trump hanging in there. A lesser man might get discouraged. So, please think before you accuse. Make it substantive before putting out junk. As more bad stuff is uncovered about the last election, the losers have some potential serious consequences ahead of them. Don’t let TDS effect your judgment.Gerard F. HavasyClifton ParkMore from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusEDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homesEDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationEDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsGame 7: Shenendehowa grad and Braves rookie Ian Anderson gets start with World Series spot on the li…last_img read more

Casino, roundabout cause higher rates

first_imgMy car insurance premium went up this year. I asked the agent if the increase had anything to do with the Zip code where I live — 12305. Yes, it did, because of two factors: 1) the casino, and 2) the traffic circle near the casino (cars exiting the casino property often fail to yield to cars already in the circle; I avoid that part of Erie Boulevard). This gives me another reason to dislike the casino, based on objective criteria — an increase in traffic accidents affecting city residents who happen to live in a certain ZIP code, regardless of their driving records. I hope that in a couple years, when the casino closes, my car insurance rate will go down.Roger ShefferSchenectadyMore from The Daily Gazette:Troopers: Schenectady pair possessed heroin, crack cocaine in Orange County Thruway stopEDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusSchenectady’s Lucas Rodriguez forging his own path in dance, theater, musicSchenectady NAACP calls for school layoff freeze, reinstatement of positionsSchenectady, Saratoga casinos say reopening has gone well; revenue down 30% Categories: Letters to the Editor, Opinionlast_img read more