Jamaica expects boost in cruise tourism

first_imgAccording to the Minister of Tourism and Entertainment, the Dr Wykeham McNeill, 2014 was Jamaica’s best year ever for cruise shipping as the island welcomed 1.4 million cruise ship visitors, a 12.5% increase over 2013.“Already this year we are up 8.5% and again we have had increases in all three ports,” said Minister McNeill. “This year for the first time we have a record breaking three cruise ships home porting in Montego Bay – the Louis Cristal, Thomson Dream and AIDA Bella – with all the concomitant goods and services required to tender these vessels,” the Tourism Minister added. Next year Jamaica will welcome a fourth cruise ship to its shores for home porting.“In Ocho Rios, we have completed phases one and two of the JD400 million resort upgrading project. This year we will commence phases three and four of the project, which will see the total reconstruction of the promenade as well as work on the Ocho Rios Main Street, including areas that are to be pedestrianised,” said Minister McNeill.In addition to upgrades to the Elegant Corridor, Minister McNeill also announced a new transformational project to put the ‘hip’ back in the second city’s Hip Strip. Over the last few months, the Ministry of Tourism and Entertainment has held a series of consultations with stakeholders and community leaders from the public and private sectors.last_img read more

Spain expects 9 rise in tourists

first_imgAccording to Álvaro Nadal, Minister for Energy, Tourism and the Digital Agenda, Spain, in terms of its tourism sector is predicted to witness a prosperous summer season with a rise of about 8.9% in the number of overseas tourists between the period of May and August.This implies that as much as 38 million tourists would be visiting Spain over the next four-month period out of which 21.5 million would be doing so in July and August.Nadal said that Spain had closed the initial five months 2017 with a figure close to about 28 million inbound tourists as per the Frontur – Inbound Tourism Survey that was conducted by the Spanish National Statistics Institute. The figure marks a rise of 11.6% on the same period of 2016.Out of the main target markets, the United Kingdom remains prominent with the arrival of more than 6.4 million tourists that represents an increase of 10.9%.This is followed by Germany with over four million tourists (up 7.6%) and France with nearly 3.9 million tourists. Catalonia had occupied a leading place in terms of inbound visitors with over 6.6 million tourist arrivals in these five months representing a rise of 10.5% followed by the Canary Islands with more than 5.9 million inbound tourists (up 9.6%) and Andalusia with more than four million tourists marking a rise of 9.6%.As of May 2017, Spain had welcomed 7.9 million inbound tourists representing a rise of 11.7% on the same month of 2016.last_img read more

IndiSoft Welcomes Industry Veteran as VP Regulatory Compliance

first_img“IndiSoft continues to bolster our staff to improve the core regulatory compliance requirements which is the heart of our Sunesis regulatory compliance platform,” said Hans Rusli, CEO of IndiSoft. Share in Headlines, journal, News, Technology A compliance platform with strong test scripts embedded in its workflow will give lenders and servicers cost-effective risk management and governance. “While there is a lot of talk about regulatory pullback, the recent CFPB consent order tells a different story about regulatory compliance risk,” said chairman and founder of IndiSoft, Sanjeev Dahiwadkar. IndiSoft develops collaborative technology solutions for the financial services industry. Its Sunesis platform enhances risk-based assessment and helps companies meet regulatory requirements. The company provides efficient, reliable and scalable solutions for companies, including mortgage servicers, investors, insurers, and law firms, among others. IndiSoft LLC, a Maryland-based provider of technology solutions for the financial services industry, has hired industry veteran Steven Usserey as the company’s new VP of Regulatory Compliance. Usserey’s primary responsibility is to ensure that IndiSoft’s regulatory compliance content is up-to-date to help mortgage originators and servicers in their ongoing efforts to remain in compliance with state, federal and investor requirements.Usserey, who has more than 25 years of experience in mortgage banking and technology, most recently served as a Senior Analyst at BackIntheBlack, the default servicing technology provider. There, he was responsible for client/vendor management, testing and reporting, regulatory compliance, as well as policy updates and software releases. May 14, 2018 478 Views 2018-05-14 Staff Writer IndiSoft Welcomes Industry Veteran as VP Regulatory Compliancelast_img read more

Related CIM says flight passengers are becoming mo

first_img RelatedCIM says flight passengers are becoming more ‘discerning’Flight passengers are becoming more discerning when booking their holidays abroad, claims the Chartered Institute of Marketing.Recession impacts on prospective holidaymakersRecession impacts on prospective holidaymakersBrits booking flights overseas after cold spellTens of millions of Brits are booking cheap flights abroad ahead of their summer holiday More people could be booking cheap domestic flights within the UK instead of travelling abroad because of the economic downturn, according to VisitBritain.Elliot Frisby, press and public relations manager for VisitBritain, said that Brits were now more likely to book city breaks in cities such as Liverpool and Newcastle instead of European rivals.”Short breaks abroad are the holiday type which is most likely to be sacrificed altogether largely because of the economic downturn,” he said.”Fewer people will feel the need to cut out their UK breaks and holidays.”Mr Frisby added that the exchange rate between the pound and the euro was a deciding factor for many people, despite recent surveys revealing that people in the UK would be reluctant to sacrifice their annual holiday abroad.It is thought that the number of passengers booking domestic flights to Liverpool and Newcastle from London and the south-west could increase, while more people from Scotland and the north could book city breaks in the UK capital.According to recent research from greenbee.com, 17 per cent of Brits are worried about booking a flight abroad because of the poor exchange rate. ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Maplast_img read more

Philipsburg Montana – Reported by Elite Traveler

first_imgPhilipsburg, Montana – Reported by Elite Traveler, the Private Jet Lifestyle MagazineStart your summer off right with four nights for the price of three at the truly luxurious, yet thoughtfully authentic Ranch at Rock Creek, where you’ll find a unique ambience, gorgeous landscape and an extremely wide range of amenities and activities.Stay in rustic, yet elegant accommodations, including log cabins, lodges and unique tents, and take advantage of the great outdoors, with horseback riding, photo safaris, guided hikes and mountain bike treks, paint ball, clay pigeon shooting, archery, fly-fishing and more. Discover the 19th-century town of Philipsburg or Gem Mountain sapphire mining, and in the evenings, delight in karaoke and old school ten pin bowling.Rates include all of the above—and if you’re in the mood for some pampering, there’s even a 2,000-square-foot spa on the property. The offer is valid from May 20 through June 5, 2011.www.theranchatrockcreek.comlast_img read more

Roadfunding package heads to Gov Snyder

first_img State Rep. Brad Jacobsen this week voted in favor of a compromise plan that will fix Michigan’s crumbling roads and bridges.“We have a responsibility to Michigan residents to fix our roads and bridges, that means putting politics aside and doing what is right for our state,” said Rep. Jacobsen, R-Oxford. “After years of rigorous back and forth discussion, the legislature came together this week to send to the Governor a plan that represents all sides of the debate making sure that we have the highest quality roads at the lowest possible cost.”The finalized plan utilizes allocations from Michigan’s General Fund and creates modest changes in the gas tax and vehicle registration fees to increase revenue. In addition to providing funds solely for road repair and construction, the plan provides $200 million in tax relief by expanding the Homestead Property Tax Credit, aiding middle and low-income families across the state. In order to minimize the burden on Michigan taxpayers, the plan also includes a mechanism that triggers a decrease in the state income tax rate as inflation increases occur over time.“This plan is not perfect, but our situation is not perfect. Neither side of the debate got everything they wanted, but we were able to compromise, putting together a plan that splits funding halfway between re-prioritized spending and new revenue in order to give Michigan residents the reliable roads that they deserve.”The plan now goes to Gov. Snyder for his signature. Categories: News 05Nov Road-funding package heads to Gov. Snyderlast_img read more

Pastor delivers powerful invocation before Tuesdays House session

first_imgLANSING, MI – Mancelona lawmaker state Rep. Triston Cole, right, and Speaker Pro-Tempore state Rep. Tom Leonard, left, joined Pastor Glynn McMorris, middle, of Mio Baptist Church to deliver the invocation prior to the start of Tuesday’s state House session. “It is a privilege to be blessed with the opportunity to welcome Pastor McMorris to the state Capitol today and it is a great honor to stand alongside such a wonderful man and profound community leader,” Rep. Cole, R-Mancelona, said. “Pastor McMorris delivered a powerful message today that truly resonated with myself and my fellow legislators, and I graciously extended my gratitude to his enlightening spiritual service.” It is a customary tradition for lawmakers to invite a spiritual leader from their district to deliver the invocation prior to the start of each session. 08Dec Pastor delivers powerful invocation before Tuesday’s House session Categories: Cole News,Featured news,Newscenter_img Tags: #SB, Cole, invocation, Mio last_img read more

Senate Mistreatment of Disabled Children in Schools Must End

first_imgShareTweetShareEmail0 Shares February 12, 2014;Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions CommitteeIt is kind of difficult to fathom, but in the 2009–2010 school year, schools in the U.S. put K-12 children in physical restraints or unsupervised seclusion in non-emergency situations at least 66,000 times. The actual number of such incidents is probably much higher, because many schools just don’t report their use of seclusion or restraints. One can debate whether or not such practices are warranted in juvenile detention facilities or mental health institutions, but schools?The Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee chaired by Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) issued yesterday a comprehensive and chilling report of these barbaric practices. Some examples underscore exactly how awful it must be for a child to be treated in this manner, and how shocking and sickening it must be when a parent discovers it—and sometimes learns that there is nothing to be done and no means of stopping the school other than pulling one’s kid out.This is how the report begins:“This past August, an Arizona teacher used duct tape to restrain a second grader to a chair because she was getting up to sharpen her pencil too frequently. In December 2011, a Kentucky school district restrained a nine year-old child with autism in a duffel bag as punishment. The child’s mother witnessed him struggling inside the bag while a teacher’s aide stood by and did nothing. In Indiana, a teen was repeatedly left secluded in an unmonitored room for hours at a time during January 2011. On one occasion, he was prevented from using the bathroom and urinated on the floor. As punishment for urinating, he was secluded again in the same room the following day, where he screamed and banged on the door to be let out. When no one came to his aid, he attempted suicide by hanging himself. Thankfully, he survived. A sixteen-year-old boy with disabilities in New York did not. He died in April 2012, after being restrained face-down by at least four school staff members for allegedly refusing to leave a basketball court.”With that as an intro, the committee looked at 10 cases in depth: a Connecticut school in which so-called “disruptive” disabled kids were put in closet-sized, concrete-walled “scream rooms”; a Florida school which restrained a kid 89 times over 14 months and didn’t tell the parents; a Georgia school which left a 13-year-old kid with ADD and depression in a prison-like room, where the kid later committed suicide with a rope that a teacher had given him to hold up his pants, again with the parents not informed of the seclusion; an Iowa public school that sent an eight-year-old autistic girl into a storage area under a stairway 100 times in a four month period; a Louisiana charter school at which the assistant principal tried to lock a seven-year-old boy with PTSD and ADHD and then called the police who used excessive force on the kid and handcuffed him; a Minnesota school that forcibly secluded an eight-year-old girl with communications, attentional, and hyperactivity disorders 44 times in one school year despite opposition from the parents and a behavioral consultant; a New York school that secluded a 15 year-old boy with developmental disabilities in a 5’ by 6’ padded chamber; the North Carolina school that strapped one girl to a chair 90 percent of her time in school; the Pennsylvania school which subjected disabled students aged 5 to 11 with a variety of abusive behaviors ranging “from hitting them and pulling their hair to strapping them to chairs with duct tape and bungee cords”; and the Tennessee school whose “special education teacher allegedly committed a number of abusive acts against children in her special education class, including strapping the children to toilets, restraining them with weighted blankets, and force feeding them until they vomited.” The HELP conclusions are an indictment against the educational barbarians who, like the Iowa school district, claimed its treatment of the eight-year-old autistic girl followed “established educational principles.” The report says, “There is no evidence that physically restraining or putting children in unsupervised seclusion in the K-12 school system provides any educational or therapeutic benefit to a child. In fact, use of either seclusion or restraints in non-emergency situations poses significant physical and psychological danger to students.” But there is no federal law governing the use or misuse of these practices.The committee also felt that in many instances, the parents of these children were helpless in trying to challenge the schools or get effective redress through school procedures. Parents are often not told of the use of restraint or seclusion with their children and, when they are informed, “have difficulty overcoming the presumption that teachers and schools acted properly when secluding and restraining children.”Changing this horrendous situation requires two things from Congress at the outset: legislation to limit the use of restraints only in emergency situations, and legislation to eliminate the use of seclusion plus notifying parents with 24 hours when restraints or seclusion, if the latter continues, are used. The HELP Committee also recommended mandatory collection of data on uses of restraint and seclusion, as opposed to allowing schools to opt out of disclosure.Note that just about every example of the use of restraint or seclusion involved a child with some sort of disability. The fact that Harkin committee took on this issue is a tribute to the disability activists that protested against the continuing mistreatment of disabled children at the hands of public authorities. Now they will have to step up their advocacy even further to press Congress to act on the HELP findings and passed the legislation needed to end school abuse occurring under the camouflage of education and therapy.—Rick CohenShareTweetShareEmail0 Shareslast_img read more

Bloombergs 50M Venture Capital Bet on Gun Control

first_imgShareTweetShareEmail0 Shares April 16, 2014; New York TimesMichael Bloomberg, who is well known for his interest in public health initiatives, has announced that he will place $50 million into a campaign on gun control. He intends to model the effort after Mothers Against Drunk Diving (MADD).That $50 million figure is significant; it’s approximately 150 percent more than the NRA spends on political activities in a year. The strategy, which is designed on a grassroots organizing model, will concentrate on women, and mothers in particular. The focus will be on expanding the background check system for gun buyers, both at the state and national levels, and it will focus on 15 target states, including Colorado, Washington, Texas, Montana, and Indiana.The plan is ambitious, and it resembles venture capital in that he is requiring real change from the groups to be funded, Mayors Against Illegal Guns and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. He is requiring that they combine as part of an umbrella group called Everytown for Gun Safety. There will also be an advisory committee—appointed, we assume, by Bloomberg himself. It is a bold and interesting effort, but it does have its risks. It purports to build a “grassroots” effort with a centralized point of control/funding and with the central point of control having the much publicized rep of promoting a “nanny state,” which fits squarely with conservative rhetoric, as one can note right here.—Ruth McCambridgeShareTweetShareEmail0 Shareslast_img read more

New Study Predicts Voter Dropoff among the Rising American Electorate

first_imgShare99Tweet30Share4Email133 Shares“ballot box 2” Credit: openDemocracyJuly 30, 2017; Daily Sentinel (Grand Junction, CO)The rising American electorate, or RAE, comprising unmarried women, millennials, and people of color, is the largest block of eligible voters in the nation, at nearly 60 percent—and it is growing. However, a new study by the nonprofit Voter Participation Center tracking voting trends found that the RAE does not register to vote or turn out to vote in proportion to its share of the population—and a drop-off is predicted.The prediction is that “40 million Americans who voted in 2016 won’t cast a ballot in the 2018 midterms—and to make matters worse, 2/3 of those drop-off voters will be members of the Rising American Electorate.”The study compared 2016 election data, 2018 population estimates, and the average turnouts in 2006, 2010, and 2014. It found that non-RAE voters, though continuing to turn out at higher numbers than the RAE, are losing their dominance in the electorate. Specifically, “the number of RAE voters increased by more than 8 million in 2012 to 2016 (a 12.6% growth rate), the number of non-RAE voters decreased by 3.5 million (a 5.1% decline).”Looking more closely at the breakdown within the RAE, we find that turnout was higher in 2016 among all RAE groups except Black voters: “Nearly 700 thousand fewer African American voters turned out in 2016 compared to 2012.” The region to see the largest RAE growth, at 23.3 percent, was the Mountain region—Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico. The smallest RAE growth, at 8.3 percent, was in the east North Central region—Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio.In 2004, the RAE was 44.6 percent of the vote eligible population (VEP); in 2016, it had grown to 59.2 percent. It is predicted that in 2018 the RAE will be 61.6 percent of the VEP, but the Center predicts a total drop-off of 39.8 million voters, with 63.8 percent of these among the RAE.Millennials top the list at 54.1 percent expected drop-off, followed by Latin@s at 36.5 percent, unmarried women at 33.4 percent, and Black voters at 30.3 percent. The study breaks predicted drop-off down by regions, but 60.6 percent of the RAE drop-off is expected in 12 states—Virginia (48.7), Nevada (44.2), North Carolina (43.4), Pennsylvania (42.4), Ohio (35.7), Georgia (32.1), Colorado (31.2), Arizona (30.6), Iowa (30.3), Florida (30.2), Wisconsin (26.9), and Michigan (24.6).The study urged targeted get-out-the-vote efforts. “Past research shows that there is more opportunity in registering new voters and turning them out, as opposed to turning out already registered voters who did not vote in presidential elections,” the study said. “Large portions of the RAE are unregistered to vote. Registration efforts should be made, as it will boost their turnout, which can have real impacts on election results.”Nonprofits should really take heed of these numbers and this recommendation, especially as we can expect increased voter suppression efforts. No doubt, political hopefuls that rely on non-RAE voters are also aware of these trends and preparing as well.—Cyndi SuarezShare99Tweet30Share4Email133 Shareslast_img read more

The majority of ad markets will see revenues rise

first_imgThe majority of ad markets will see revenues rise this year, according to market research company Warc’s latest International Advertising Forecast, with TV expected to drive much of the growth.Warc said ad spend rose by an estimated 3.6% in 2011, and should grow by a further 4.5% this year. The BRIC markets are expected to grow most rapidly, with ad revenues in Russia up 16.5%, India up by 14%, China rising by 11.5% and Brazil up 8.5%.The news is less positive for Europe, where Italy’s ad market is expected to contract by 0.8%, while France and Germany are likely to see just 1% growth.The UK, buoyed by the Olympic Games in London, should see ad spend up 4.2%.“Without the support from the presidential election and major sports tournaments, the outlook would have been even worse. But there are some bright spots with the data, with TV’s performance looking particularly encouraging,” said Suzy Young, Warc’s data editor.last_img read more

Cyfrowy Polsat is offering free VOD content from o

first_imgCyfrowy Polsat is offering free VOD content from online video service Ipla via its set-top boxes.Subscribers connecting the HD5000 receiver to the internet will have access to movies and TV series from channels including Polsat, Polsat News, TV Biznes, Superstacja, Polsat Cafe, WeddingTV, Polsat Play, MTV, iTV, TV4, TV Puls, Polsat Sport and Polsat Sport Extra. Ipla will be available via the MINI HD 2000 receiver shortly, Polsat said.“The introduction of internet television via our set-top boxes is aimed primarily at expanding our offering and increasing subscriber satisfaction with our services. We believe that free access to a rich database of titles will gain us many fans, especially among those who like cutting edge technology,” said Dominik Libicki, president of Cyfrowy Polsat.last_img read more

Broadband satellite system provider Hughes Network

first_imgBroadband satellite system provider Hughes Network Systems has installed four broadband gateways and a network control centre to enable Abu Dhabi-based satellite operator Yahsat to expand services in the Middle East and Africa.Hughes completed the gateway and service delivery system implementation project for Yahsat’s YahClick, a new Ka-band broadband service.“We look forward to bringing satellite broadband internet to consumers and businesses across the Middle East, south west Asia and Africa, who have previously had limited or no access to the internet, providing them with reliable, wide reaching and high-speed Internet connectivity,” said Yahsat CEO Tareq Abdul Raheem Al Hosani.last_img

Cloudbased TV operator Magine has launched in bet

first_imgCloud-based TV operator Magine has launched in beta in Germany, its first European expansion since debuting in Sweden in March.Magine is a subscription service that combines live linear TV, catch-up and on-demand programming, delivered from the cloud to TV screens, smartphones, tablets or computers.Viewers in Germany can sign up now for the beta trial, with Magine promising deployments in “several other European territories” by the end of the year.“Germany is a vital territory for us and we are looking forward to working with the country’s top content providers,” said Magine’s Chairman Michael Werner.In Sweden, Magine hosts national Swedish broadcasters, SVT and TV4, as well as  international channels and studios including CNN International, BBC, Eurosport, National Geographic, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network.last_img read more

Ugandas communications regulator is to oblige pay

first_imgUganda’s communications regulator is to oblige pay TV operators to distribute local TV channels without levying a monthly subscription charge, according to local reports.The Uganda Communications Commission (UGC) plans to change the terms of pay TV operators licences to oblige them to make free-to-air services available to subscribers without a monthly charge after users’ current subscription periods have ended.The move is reportedly in response to confusion about the type of equipment Ugandan viewers need to buy to continue watching TV channels after the country’s planned digital migration in July.The UGC has licensed five firms to distribute free-to-air decoders in the country ahead of the switchover date.last_img

Polish service provider Netia is adding Disney Jun

first_imgPolish service provider Netia is adding Disney Junior to its programming line-up.The channel will be part of Netia’s Młodsze Dzieci pack aimed at younger children. As a promotional offer, Netia will make Disney Junior, along with Disney Channel and Disney XD, available free-of-charge to all subscribers for two weeks from November 12.The addition of Disney Junior takes the number of channels in the pack, aimed at two-to-seven year-olds, to eight: Disney Junior, BabyTV, CBeebies, Duck TV, MiniMini+, Nick Jr, JimJam and Boomerang. Netia also offers a separate package aimed at slightly older children with five channels: Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, Disney XD, Nickelodeon and Teletoon+. Each package costs PLN5 (€1.20) a month to customers with a minimum TV subscription of PLN35.last_img read more

Discoveryowned sports network Eurosport has launc

first_imgDiscovery-owned sports network Eurosport has launched an Apple Watch app, which will give live scores, updates and player data from the French Open. The app went live at the weekend and will be available until the close of the tennis tournament on June 7.“Eurosport prides itself on being at the forefront of cutting edge technology, providing the best entertainment solutions to sport fans. We are excited to launch this app for the Apple Watch, which supports our digital strategy, spearheaded by Eurosport.com, which hosts over 20 million unique users per month,” said Arnaud Maillard, vice-president of digital media, Discovery Networks International and Eurosport.Tennis fans are able to set up tailored push notifications on the app to get a personalised experience, and can follow the action in nine languages, according to Eurosport.last_img read more

New Yorkbased Afrotainment Family of Channels is

first_imgNew York-based Afrotainment Family of Channels is to launch its Oui TV channel with StarTimes in Africa.Oui TV is a 24-hour French language channel airing African TV series and movies, including Nollywood content, with around 20 different episodes and six movies airing each day.The channel is now available in StarTimes’ basic package on DTH and digital-terrestrial TV.Afrotainment Family of channels senior vice-president of business development Eric Noue said that the company planned further rinternational launches, with channel launches planned in the near future in the US, Africa, Europe and the Caribbean.Afrotainment offers a portfolio of nine channels in the US and Canada – Afro, Afrotainment, Afrotainment Music, Afro Sports, Abo, Oui TV, TV9JA, Haiti HD and Otown Television. The company’s offerings are available on the Dish DTH platform, Optimum Cablevision and Bell in Canada as well as on Roku and Amazon Fire TV, with a launch on Verizon FiOS planned soon.“We are delighted to have concluded this strategic partnership with StarTimes Media. Africa’s transition to digital broadcasting has improved both the quantity and quality of television programs available on the continent. This has reinvigorated the African Cultural Renaissance, which in turn should help further Africanize content broadcasted to African viewers,” said Yves Bollanga, CEO of Afrotainment.“The addition of Oui TV to StarTimes platform assists us in delivering on our promise of bringing high quality, affordable digital TV to our diverse subscribers in Africa.  With the addition of Oui TV, our French speaking viewers now have more choice of their favorite series and movies,  broadcasted in their home language,” said Mike Dearham, managing director of media department and VP, StarTimes Group.last_img read more

Tony Emerson Reaching totally new audiences was

first_imgTony EmersonReaching “totally new audiences” was one of the top five media and OTT strategies and business models outlined by Microsoft executive Tony Emerson at the OTT TV World Summit in London this morning.Offering a number of case studies for successful OTT deployments, Emerson, who is managing director, worldwide media and cable for Microsoft, said Fuji TV was an example of a non-European company that had reached new, younger audiences by harnessing the power of the cloud.Unlocking new niche markets was Emerson’s second cores strategy, which he said has been exemplified by NGSN, which has bought the US streaming rights to non-top tier international soccer leagues and is offering it to viewers on an over-the top basis.Number three, according to Emerson, was enhancing and growing existing broadcast or linear revenues, as NBCU did by offering streamed coverage of the Sochi Olympics.“Create a better viewing experience” was the fourth strategy, while number five was “create a closer connection to your audience / fans.”Emerson said Real Madrid was a good example of the latter. Microsoft partnered with Real Madrid earlier this year to launch an app for the football club, to help it reach and get more information about the football club’s global fanbase.He said that 95% of Spanish team’s total fanbase turned out to be outside Spain, with Indonesia a particularly large fan market.last_img read more

Samsung is set to introduce new smart TV services

first_imgSamsung is set to introduce new smart TV services at CES this week, in a bid to offer personalised content to viewers based on their preferences.The services, named Sports and Music, will be offered through Samsung’s Smart Hub platform.The Smart TV Sports service will provide customised sports information – including fixture and score information for a user’s favourite team – from a single navigation page.The Samsung ‘Music’ service will allow smart TV customers to search for and identify songs from TV programs and will recommend new music to users.The service will be available starting in France, Germany, Italy, South Korea, Spain, the United Kingdom and the US, offering content from eight music app partners – including Spotify, Napster and Deezer.At the same time, Samsung is expanding its TV Plus service, which offers IP-based channels through a new smart electronic program guide. Samsung first launched TV Plus in South East Asia, it is now also available in the US, and is due to launch in Europe in April 2017.Samsung said it will partner with Fandango and Rakuten to provide premium transactional video-on-demand content in the US and Europe respectively, and with Funke to offer ad-supported VOD content in Germany.“At Samsung, one of our top priorities is ensuring that we are closely in tune with what consumers want and need from their smart devices and electronics,” said Won Jin Lee, executive vice president of Samsung Electronics’ visual display business.“With that in mind, we continue to innovate our Smart TV offering in order to provide the content experiences that our customers have come to know and expect from Samsung.”last_img read more