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first_img by Mesfin Fekadu, The Associated Press Posted Nov 26, 2018 9:08 am PDT Mick Jagger on new Stones tour, Aretha, acting and Grammys NEW YORK — Mick Jagger likes a buzz. A natural buzz.The Rolling Stones frontman, who will tour America next spring with his iconic band, says live shows give him a rush that can’t be matched and is the reason that at 75, he still loves touring.“When you go out in front of all those people you get an enormous rush of chemicals in your body — your own chemicals, not chemicals you’ve put in,” he said laughing.“Let’s face it, it is a huge buzz. Must be like playing football or something,” he said.Jagger should feel like a football player — since he’ll be playing the same stadiums as NFL stars when the Stones’ No Filter tour launches in Miami on April 20, 2019.Tickets go on sale Friday and the 13 shows will hit Florida, Texas, Arizona, California, Washington, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Illinois and Washington, D.C.“Basically your life’s attuned to doing those few hours onstage and everything else is a build up to that. Of course, you get to enjoy yourself at other times, but really you’re thinking about the next show or the show you’re doing that night,” said Jagger, who will be joined onstage with Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood and Charlie Watts. “A lot of prep time goes into that — keeping yourself (together) so you can get through the whole thing without screwing up physically and mentally and keeping yourself really sharp. But I really enjoy it.”In an interview Monday with The Associated Press, Jagger talked about the tour, only having three Grammys and appearing in the new-but-old Aretha Franklin concert documentary, “Amazing Grace,” filmed at a Los Angeles church in 1972.___AP: What can fans expect from the U.S. shows?Jagger: A good night out! A good night out for all. We did a kind of similar tour in Europe this summer, so it’s got a lot of fun. …It’s pretty high energy and it’s a good a show, I think. I’m into it.AP: Is it different performing in the U.S. compared to other territories?Jagger: Well, I don’t have to speak foreign languages normally, so that’s a big difference. When you tour Europe it’s a lot of languages, so I try to do them all and that takes up some time, so (in the U.S.) I can concentrate on some other things. There’s lots of regional differences, say between Houston and New York, so you’ve got to tune yourself to that a little bit. It’s slightly about adjusting your set and attitude. Its different. It’s nice that it’s different, you don’t want it to be completely homogenous. But it’s great to be going around so many different areas, different states and so on.AP: How’s the new music you’re writing coming along?Jagger: It’s going good. I’ve got lots of stuff. I’m doing some more writing this week. And I’m always, like, messing around. I enjoy the writing process a lot. I mean, you always think the last thing you wrote is really wonderful and sometimes they’re really not (laughs). But it’s really fun doing it and it’s really enjoyable doing new things.AP: You don’t even need to release music because of the band’s catalogue…Jagger: Yeah, and we haven’t released that much and I think it’s a shame we haven’t released more new music. So, I would hope we’re going to release some music. We do have a huge catalogue. The thing about the catalogue is when we come up to doing a tour like this, I try and go back and find some stuff that we haven’t done ever or we haven’t done very much and try to mix it in, so it isn’t always the same show. But when you’re playing a really big show, there’s a certain amount of songs people want to hear — you don’t have to play them — but there’s a certain percentage of the songs that people will want to hear and if you don’t do them, they’ll go, “Wish he’d done that one.”AP: Were you happy with the success of the band’s blues album, which won a Grammy this year?Jagger: That was good. We weren’t really setting out to do that. It just happened. It was a fun thing to do. It was … stuff we’d known for years since we were kids and played in like clubs and we knew it all pretty well. I really thought it was great and the response was really surprising, and I thought that was really wonderful. And I just hope we’re going to come up with some new stuff as well.AP: I’m surprised the Stones only have three Grammys, when other acts have 10 or 20. Does that bother you?Jagger: No, I don’t really care about Grammys very much. I’m not saying it’s not not nice to have, it’s lovely to have. But it’s not going to break my heart if I don’t get Grammys and if my Grammys count is not as big as other peoples. But it’s very nice to get a Grammy. I appreciate it.AP: I saw you in the new Aretha documentary…Jagger: I didn’t even see it yet! …It was like an amazing event. It was so delayed and long and I don’t think Aretha wanted it to come out for whatever reasons and there were so many technical problems with the sound, but I’m glad it’s out and I can’t wait to see it. …It was quite a lot of preaching. Did they leave the preaching in?AP: They did.Jagger: I remember that very well.AP: What else do you remember about that day?Jagger: I remember it really well. It was just a wonderful event. It was quite mesmerizing from start to finish really. I think I went with Charlie (Watts) and I think Billy Preston quite possibly, but I don’t know if you see him there. It was really an amazing, really fantastic day in church really, which I haven’t had for a while.AP: What do you remember about working with filmmaker Nicolas Roeg, who died a couple days ago and directed you in 1970’s “Performance”?Jagger: He was a wonderful filmmaker and I only worked with him that one time, and he was co-directing. And he’s a wonderful cinematographer and did some great movies, and he was very quirky and all his films were very different, one to the other. He did some great work and he had a long life and I’m sad he passed away, but I always remember working with him; a wonderful guy to work with.AP: I know you’ve produced a lot lately, from TV shows to documentaries, but do you want to do more acting?Jagger: I just actually finished doing a cameo part in a movie which is kind of a twisted thriller, which is called “The Burnt Orange Heresy.” I just finished doing that in Italy. I did a couple weeks on that, so it’ll be out next year. It was only a small part, but fun to do.___Online: Fekadu, The Associated Presscenter_img AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Emaillast_img read more

Instead of Throwing Graduation Party Teen Throws

first_img Instead of Throwing Graduation Party, Teen Throws Pizza Party for the Homeless By Isabel van Brugen June 4, 2019 Updated: June 4, 2019 Instead of throwing a typical graduation party, a Houston high school senior decided to treat around 200 homeless women and children to a pizza party.Waltrip High School senior Leanne Carrasco and her family and friends ordered 95 pizzas for women and children at a homeless shelter in Houston, Texas as a way to give back to the community and make a difference.“Not a lot of people have the same options as me. It’s not fair,” she told CNN. “There are a lot of people who need help. So I give it.” Houston teen celebrates graduation with pizza party for homeless women and kids— ABC13 Houston (@abc13houston) June 3, 2019 Around 200 Star of Hope residents stood up to give Carrasco and her friends a standing ovation—and then they lined up to give her a hug.The high school senior told her parents earlier this year she wanted to do something different than a typical graduation party, which she said would cost a lot of money and could be quickly forgotten.The family then decided to get in touch with Star of Hope to begin planning for the event.“Parties, they don’t last that long, only a couple of hours. Probably, I won’t even remember it. But being able to give to these people, it means a lot,” Carrasco told Fox26. Scott Arthur, a spokesman for the shelter, said the Star of Hope residents realize others care for their wellbeing after their interaction with Carrasco and her friends.“They [the teens] had respect for these people. They saw them as peers,” Arthur told CNN. “The residents saw this as a validation that people do care.””It was a very magical day,” he said, continuing: “It gives you a hope for the youth of today. They [the high schoolers] were able to think of other people.”“I told her this was her final exam, and she got an A plus,” Arthur said.  LINKEDINPINTERESTREDDITTUMBLRSTUMBLEUPON   Carrasco had previously volunteered at Star of Hope Family Development Center, but this time she wanted to make an extra-special impact to the lives of its residents.“I just want to be a blessing and show these beautiful women and children that no matter what, someone does care,” she told Fox26. “It’s very fulfilling to know that I’m able to help others instead of just helping myself,” Carrasco told Komo News. “It feels so amazing.”Together with her family and friends, Carrasco spent around a month collecting products such as toothpaste, soap, toothbrushes, and toothpaste, and turned them into over 400 hygiene-bags to hand out as gifts for the residents at the pizza-party.The group put on their blue aprons and got to work. Leanne Carrasco (R) and a friend at the Star of Hope Family Development Center in Houston. (Courtesy of Leanne Carrasco via CNN) center_img This fall, Carassco plans to continue her education, studying nursing at Briar Cliff University in Iowa.The graduating senior urged people to appreciate what they have, and to always give back to others when possible.“I think you should always know you’re lucky to have what you have,” she told CNN. “Don’t take that for granted and continue to give.” Texas Share Instead of a graduation party, Waltrip HS Senior Leanne Carrasco asked family and friends to throw a pizza party for the homeless women and children @StarOfHope. They provided and served 95 pizzas and made and distributed 400 “toiletry bags”.— Scott Arthur (@ScottCArthur) June 3, 2019 Share this article Show Discussionlast_img read more